5 Best Websites for Maxi Dress with Pockets in 2023

Websites with the best maxi dresses with pockets

Not so long ago, shopping for any dress meant hours at your local department store, sifting through tens of racks and sections. But thanks to the internet, shopping can now be a 5-minute affair from the comfort of your couch. Convenience is not the only thing the internet offers though; you also get more variety of trendy and quality dresses at a fraction of the cost you were getting at Target and Wayfair.

As you know, however, the internet is big, and there are hundreds if not thousands of clothing retailers and makers to choose from. Even scarier is that the internet is full of scammers with legit-looking websites, exquisite dress images, and fake locations.

Take it from someone who is always online looking for the latest trends in maxi dresses- not everything is how it looks. Thankfully for you, we’ve done the hard part of testing and reviewing many of the popular websites that sell maxi dresses with pockets and narrowed the choices to five.

Regardless of your budget, occasion, personal style, and size, here are the best sites to buy a maxi dress with pockets in 2023.

Monkees have the best maxi dresses with pockets

Best Overall: Monkees

Prices: $ | Shipping: $5 flat fee and Free on orders over $200 | Return Policy: Shipping within 10 days

If you live around Texas and California, you are probably familiar with Monkees, the luxurious, high-end boutique that sells women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories from various designers and brands. This award-winning franchise also sells online and has managed to maintain its spotless reputation there as well.

As a North Carolina resident, Monkees Mount Pleasant branch is closest to us, though we have also checked out other branches around the country. They are serene, well-stocked and the customer service is unmatched. Their selection of casual and playful maxi dresses with pockets is huge, so you will be spoilt for choice, as we were.

The best part is that this store has no straight, boring dresses. Everything has exciting patterns, frills, pleats, and slits to give you that summer vibe. Since the stores are based in the U.S, you can expect fast delivery, correct sizing, and very high-quality clothing. We love that there’s an option to return the dresses in person to the store and get the right one in case there’s an issue.

Best One-Stop Store: NewChic

NewChic has some of the best maxi dresses with pockets

Prices: $14-40 | Shipping: Standard fee| Return Policy: Returns within 30 days

Unlike the other four, our last option is not an American company. NewChic is an online store based in Hong Kong and sells clothes, shoes, accessories, household goods, and other items globally. Despite their outrageously low prices and discounts, this retailer has maintained a near flawless reputation with a very high rating on review sites.

Where Chinese companies are concerned, you can trust NewChic to send what you ordered and accept returns without many issues. That said, it is still a Chinese retailer, so the sizes are not always congruent with American sizes, and neither is the quality. The distance from Hongkong to the USA also means your delivery will take a while. If you can keep those three in mind and lower your expectations slightly, NewChic is bound to leave a good impression on you.

NewChic sells flowy, elegant maxi dresses with pockets at the lowest price we have seen so far. Their dresses feature neutral colors, mature designs, and comfort. If you want crazy designs, vivid colors, and summery vibes, this site may disappoint you because their collection is for a classier, elegant woman. We loved that most of the maxi dresses have pockets, and you can buy everything else at the same store to go with the dress since they have very affordable shoes and accessories.

If ever there was a time to shop online, it’s today. It’s easy, fast, and cheap because companies are competing at a higher level than before. However, shopping online is risky, and you should do your due diligence before committing your hard-earned money to buy something. As you can see, 4 of the 5 websites we have listed are American based and owned by individuals.

This makes them a little more trustworthy, and at least you know where to return the item in case of any problems. If you decide to shop at Chinese-based retailers, which are very common today, do enough research to ensure the company is legit, and the customer reviews are real.

Dressbarn maxi dresses with pockets
Sydneys closet has the best maxi dresses for plus sized women

Best for Older Women: Dressbarn

Prices: $30-150 | Shipping: Free on orders over $99 | Return Policy: Return within 30 days

As you can imagine, older women love maxi dresses with pockets even more. As a 40-plus-year-old woman, the convenience of having a dress with pockets to put my essentials in is amazing. Unfortunately, most online stores today are so busy running after trendy and upcoming fashion that they forget their older customers.

While Dressbarn is slowly and surely joining the rest in providing trendy clothing for the young and hip generation, they have retained their taste for older women, who have been the backbone of this store since it opened sixty years ago. If you haven’t heard yet, Dressbarn is now completely online following the closure of all its physical stores during the COVID-19 era.

The store offers elegant and classy maxi dresses with pockets that you can wear to any occasion. And if you love a side slit on your maxi dress, this is the store to visit. Their dresses have toned down colors and prints, and the prices are out of this world affordable.

Best for Special Occasions: Sydney’s Closet

Prices: $200-800 | Shipping: Standard shipping rate | Return Policy: Free return shipping within 10 days

Like Monkees, Sydney’s Closet has a personal story behind it. A mother founded the online store after watching her daughters struggle to find a good prom dress in her size. Sydney’s Closet designs, makes and sells plus-size special occasion dresses for prom, homecoming, weddings, parties and dinners. They specialize in couture-looking dresses for sizes 14-40 because over half of American women are this size.

What we loved most about Sydney’s closet, besides the story behind it, is the personalization of each dress. While you can simply pick a dress on their website and check it out, you also have the option to talk to them and custom order something special. For example, you can request to add pockets to a dress that doesn’t originally have them. The company’s customer service team is quite helpful and efficient, and you will feel supported and heard until your dress reaches you.

If online shopping scares you, Sydney’s Closet has authorized retailers everywhere, so you don’t have to order online if you don’t want to. The benefit of a physical retailer is that you can go check out the dresses in person or make the order in person, fit, and buy on the spot.

Maxi dresses with pockets you can find on Mirth

Best for Caftans: Mirth

Prices: $160-300 | Shipping: Free| Return Policy: Returns within 21 days

There are very few things quite as comfortable and elegant as caftans. These are straight-cut, free-flowing maxi dresses with decorative items on the bust area and sometimes side slits on both sides. They were originally worn by Indians, Muslims, and women in the UAE, but they have become popular among all women, thanks to their beauty and comfort.

Mirth was started by sisters Erin Breen and Katie Mclure after taking a trip to India for inspiration. Since then, the company has grown from beautiful caftans to bikini cover-ups, pajamas, and beach shorts. You can order a caftan maxi dress straight from the Mirth website or visit one of their partner boutiques across the country, including Goop, Soleamour, Saint Cloud, and Brooke Feather.

Mirth shipping across the United States is absolutely free, but charges apply to other countries. Like Sydney’s Closet and Monkees, this site has a spotless reputation, so you can trust that you will receive exactly what you ordered.

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