About MaxiPockets & about me

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Hi! It’s nice to meet you.

I am Lior. I was born in 1991, first child (and grandchild).

One of my first memories is of 21 months old me trying to wear a dress I wore to a family event a few days before. I got stuck in it, unable to wear it or take it off, so I went to my parents’ room and woke them up for help.

I have always loved functional clothing. I don’t own heels, and the last time I wore makeup was for my wedding.

To my dressmaker’s discontent, I insisted my wedding dress would have pockets. I got what I wanted and had a beautiful dress with huge pockets that made me the happiest bride.


Other than fashion blogging, I’m an SEO expert, create financial education content and have a newspaper column in my country. In my column, I interview people about their jobs: what they do, how they got it, what they like and don’t like about it, etc. This is the column 20 years old I needed to read.

The common ground of what I do is helping people find the information they need, whether they knew they needed it or didn’t.

I hope MaxiPockets will add to this collection by helping people find the specific maxi dress with pockets they had in mind.

This is me, showing off the pockets in my wedding dress:


Feminist Fashion Blog

Our Agenda

Society has an opinion about the purchases we make. Purchases associated with femininity, such as fashion, are devalued and looked down on. They are perceived as unnecessary or shallow and tend to be underappreciated.

The love of beauty – fashion, colors, combinations, textures, and compositions, is part of many women’s self-definition. Devaluing that – is a problem. Instead, let’s celebrate it. It doesn’t have to be by shopping, but by the best use of what we already own.

Women who look “too” feminine are perceived as less professional and smart. It took us as a culture too long to stop portraying the stupid characters as beautiful and the cool, independent ones as more masculine.

This blog’s agenda is that there is no reason not to own your love for dresses. It won’t affect your wisdom or professionality. There is not an ounce of contradiction there.

I don’t like shopping for the sake of owning things – but I won’t judge my readers if they like shopping, or own many dresses. What matters to me is:

  1. That you can afford that (I’m a financial nerd)
  2. That you have a place for your dresses and they don’t clutter your home
  3. That you are happy and feel good about yourself

Our Staff

This blog is not run only be me. There is an all-women staff behind the scenes. There are also freelance writers helping me with the content and Pinterest account. 

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