Guest posts for fashion blog

Hi there, dear bloggers and SEOs.

No blog is an island. I’m always glad to accept guest posts for MaxiPockets. This blog focuses on maxi dresses, and we love most posts about maxi dresses with pockets.


  • Posts should be at least 650 words, at least one h2 subheading, and a featured image.
  • Up to two backlinks per article
  • Yes, you can add embeds from your social media: Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. It won’t replace images, but we totally accept them.


Here are some ideas for posts we would love to accept. If your idea is not there, try us anyway. What do you have to lose?

  1. How to: “how-to” articles about maxi dresses. Please make sure first we don’t have an article about that topic before sending one.
  2. Where can one find maxi dresses with pockets where you live: best shops to buy maxi dresses with pockets in your area of residence or a place you visited. If possible, original photos would be best. You can use the Shopping in Istanbul article as a template. 
  3. Fashion education: educate us and tell us something we don’t know about maxi dresses, and/or pockets. 


Still not sure? Check out our agenda.


The guest post can either be free as a part of a link exchange deal; or $35 via PayPal.


How to send the posts

You can attach written posts or you can just contact us via this form.

You can also email us directly at

What we give to authors publishing on MaxiPockets

1. We support your social media. In the fashion industry, visual matters. You can share relevant social posts and pins, to help you drive traffic to your social.

2. MaxiPockets is a growing fashion blog. We add content and build links all the time, and our DR is rising by the week.