How are the Maxi Dresses You’ll Find on Faeriesty?

Faeriesty is an online store specializing in manufacturing and selling ladies' wear. How are the maxi dresses you'll find at Faeriesty?

Faeriesty is a fashion brand store that specializes in creating the newest styles of women’s apparel that meet a range of needs for women in terms of attire and style. It has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, and serves as a manufacturer and a platform for direct sales. 

The store enjoys the benefit of manufacturing its products, which gives it an advantage over its competitors. Their outfits’ quality is never compromised thanks to the controlled production, and the human-factor psychology they use. 

Faeriesty sells various type of maxi dresses that suits every occasion.

Dresses Found on Faeriesty

Faeriesty’s website lists several clothing categories. These categories of apparel come in various sizes, fashions, and trends, you’ll be spoiled for choice with lots of beautiful outfits to choose from. 

The order list identifies each item and includes a photograph of it. Additionally, a sizing guide lists the sizes offered and aids you in precisely determining your size.

The dresses are categorized according to color, occasion, style, size, fabric, and trend. When shopping by color, you will find white, silver, black, red, burgundy, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green, pink, and champagne colors.

In size, you can find, maxi dresses, Midi dresses, and mini dresses. The store has some of the best quality dresses at affordable prices. 

This is a screenshot of their dresses section, to show you the variety of dresses you’ll find:

Maxi Dresses at Faeriesty

When looking to refresh your wardrobe with some maxi dresses Faeriesty would be a great option. The store has some of the most beautiful maxi dresses that fit every occasion. They also come in different sizes, colors, and trends.

The store has simplified customer experience by categorizing their dress. If looking for a maxi dress, click on the dresses option on the top of the site and then go to the category by sizes, then click on the maxi dresses. You can also choose to search by color, and see the various types of maxi dresses in that color. 

They also have different types of maxi dresses to choose from; You can find: 

  • Off-shoulder
  • One-shoulder
  • Sleeveless
  • Strapless
  • Round neck

Furthermore, the maxi dresses come in different fabrics such as sequin, chiffon, satin, lace, glitter, velvet, and crêpe. Most of them are plain colors, but they also have some with different prints and patterns.

You can get a budget maxi dress for as low as $60 or as much as $300 for a more fancy dress. It all depends on your pocket and the occasion. 

Maxi Dresses with Pockets

Maxi dresses with pockets are great pieces that come in handy when you do not want to carry a clutch bag but still want your hands to breathe. You can safely place your car keys or phone in your pockets and enjoy the comfort of the dress. 

Unfortunately, Faeriesty has majored in maxi dresses with no pockets. I only saw a few pieces with pockets. 

Shopping at Faeriesty

Visit Faeriesty’s official website for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. You can shop with or without registering your details. If you choose to register your details, click on the right corner, and you will be prompted to fill in your email and create a password. 

After filling in your details, you can go to the home page and choose the category you want to check. The outfits are categorized into various groups, from new arrivals, bestsellers, dresses, plus size, jumpsuits, sequin dresses, and maternity wear. Every category is also arranged in different colors and sizes to simplify your shopping experience.

When you have selected the dress you want to buy, there are options for viewing. Therefore, you can view your dresses from different angles and see if they are what you want. 

The models’ size is also mentioned to make it easier for the customer to estimate if the length is what they want. The categorization of outfits helps you narrow down exactly what you would like to buy instead of going through all the clothes on the website, which are so many. 

After that, add all your purchases to the cart and recheck if they are the ones you want to buy in size and color. Then click on the checkout and follow all the prompts. 

Shipping and Returns at Faeriesty

Faeriesty values its customers, and its top priority is ensuring that ordered items arrive to the customer in the shortest time possible and in good condition. 

Customers within the US will receive their orders within 8-15 business days for standard shipping and 5 to 10 business days for express shipping. The business days exclude Saturdays and Sundays or any US holiday. 

Standard shipping within the US is $9.99 for orders less than $89 and free for orders exceeding $89. Express shipping is 21.99 for orders less than $89 and $12.99 for orders that exceed that amount. 

Once you are done with the shopping and have made the payment, a confirmation email will be sent to your account once they have authorized and verified the order. You should know that you cannot cancel or change your order after verifying payment.

Therefore, verify and ensure that you like what you are buying. After the verification, it will take 1 to 2 days to process the order and begin shipping. 

The store also ships to international countries. You can order items from the website if you live in Canada, Australia, Europe, and other countries. Shipment to Canada, Australia, and Europe will take approximately 8 to 15 days at the cost of $10- 23. 

Shipping prices may vary depending on the items’ weight and shipping method. 

Faeriesty Customer Reviews

The store has some good and bad reviews in equal share. Reviews bird has given the store an overall star rating of 2, while Trustpilot has given the site a 3.8 rating. 

Some customers have had a great experience shopping at the store. Their satisfaction comes from the affordability of the outfits, quick delivery, and dresses exceeding their expectations in terms of quality. 

However, customers that have had bad experiences complain about delayed delivery, which the store is working to improve.

About Faeriesty Discount Code and Rewards Points

You can redeem your reward points and shop with them. You can also apply your discount or credit code when checking your order. 

After entering the discount code, click the apply button, and the price will automatically adjust to the total amount less the discount. If you do not click ‘apply,’ the total discount will not be deducted from the total amount.

Does Faeriesty issue Refunds?

Yes, you will get your refund anytime an order is cancelled through your original payment method. You would get a refund if you ordered an item that is out of stock and the store cannot replenish it in time. 

Refunds will take 2-5 days to clear and 7 -10 business days to reflect in your account. 

And if you use your points, your points will be refunded to your reward point system immediately. 

Final Thoughts

Faeriesty is new in the fashion industry but does immensely well in the quality of products they sell to customers. They offer high-quality outfits and strive to maintain excellent customer service. 

When shopping at their website, double-check on the outfit size and style to get a dress that will fit you well.

What Payment Methods Does Faeriesty Accept?

Faeriesty accepts various payment methods when you are purchasing your outfit. They include; Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, Apple Pay, Discover, and QuadPay.

Can I use my Faeriesty Gift Card?

Faeriesty does not have gift cards; instead, the store has discount codes that customers can use to get discounts for their orders. Every customer who has created an account is eligible for discounts and rewards. 

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