How are the Maxi Dresses You’ll Find on PinkQueen and MelodicDay?

pinkqueen maxi dress
Looking to shop for the maxi dresses on PinkQueen and MelodicDay. Here is a complete review of maxi dresses in both stores.

PinkQueen and MelodicDay are online stores selling women’s apparel, accessories, and costumes. Even though they are two different brands, they products are similar, and the website design is pretty much the same.

They two stores stock lingerie, sexy swimsuits, printed leggings, and dresses suitable for different occasions. 

The stores pride themselves on producing high-quality, comfortable, and trendy outfits. They allow clients to drop-ship their products at affordable prices. 

MelodicDay was established in 2012 and belongs to Xiamen Jinduoxia Network Technology. The company strives to become one of the best women’s brands in the market. 

PinkQueen was established in 2008 “to provide fashion-conscious women with fabulous outfits” as they say about themselves.

Here are all the shopping details you may want to know about PinkQueen and MelodicDay stores:

Dresses Found on PinkQueen and MelodicDay

PinkQueen and MelodicDay sell their customers a wide range of trendy dresses at affordable prices. Their dresses are of excellent quality and elegant, and you are sure of a stunning look! 

Maxi Dresses at PinkQueen and MelodicDay

The two stores also sell numerous maxi dresses for various occasions. Here are some details of the type of maxi dresses you will get in the two stores. 

1. Pricing

Both stores sell their maxi dress at affordable prices. The maxi dresses at PinkQueen range from $20 to $130, while MelodicDay prices range between $15 to $50.

You will get a 10% discount on your purchases in both stores if you are a new user and free shipping if you spend more than $69.

pinkqueen maxi dresses
pinkqueen maxi dresses

2. Quality

Both stores sell maxi dresses of exceptional quality from various fabrics such as sequin, chiffon, cotton, polyester, and velvet. 

They strive to provide their customers with quality dresses. The outcome is class and elegance without straining your budget. 

3.  Are the Maxi Dresses Solid Color or Patterned?

Unfortunately, you cannot filter the dresses by color or pattern, only scroll until you find what you desire or use the search bar if you want something specific.

By browsing both websites, you will realize that they sell solid-colored and patterned maxi dresses. They also have beautiful floral dresses. 

The dresses are designed for a wide range of customers – from slim ladies to plus-size ones. 

melodicday maxi dress
melodicday maxi dress

4. In What Events Can You Wear the Maxi Dresses? 

The maxi dresses being sold in both stores fits various occasions.

You could buy a simple and affordable floral sleeveless maxi dress for everyday dressing. You can wear it for a barbeque meet-up with friends, a time-out with kids, or a weekend with your squad. 

For work, you can buy a maroon-colored maxi dress and pair it with a nice blazer and heels. You can also add a unique stud to complete your look. 

Lastly, both stores have numerous dresses fit for weddings, whether it is a casual, formal, or semi-formal wedding. A beautiful floral maxi dress paired with sunglasses and a hat will give you a smashing look for a casual wedding.

For a semi-formal wedding, you can buy a patterned maxi dress, pair it with a belt and a clutch bag, and complete the look with high heels.

And for a formal wedding, a sequin maxi dress with diamond studs and unique stilettos will give you an expensive vibe. 

pink queen white maxi dresses
pink queen white maxi dresses

Can Older Women Wear the Maxi Dresses in these Stores? 

Yes, older women can comfortably wear some maxi dresses from the two stores. 

Older women prefer more decent, less-revealing, high-quality clothes, which are numerous in the stores. Whether flowing or fitting, you’ll find an excellent maxi dress for senior citizens.  

Shopping at PinkQueen and MelodicDay

Shopping at the 2 stores has been made simple with their easy-to-navigate website. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to shop at PinkQueen and MelodicDay.

1. Register Your Details and Sign In

After opening the official pages, register with your details since adding your details will give you an easy time tracking your order.  However, it is not a must for you to add your personal details.

2.  Place Your Order

If you want to buy a maxi dress, click on the dresses section, then click on the maxi dress category. You can now browse through the numerous and choose the dress you like. Decide on the size and color, then add it to the cart.

 If you want to continue shopping, identify more items and add them to your cart. 

3. Recheck the Cart

You should recheck the cart to be sure you have selected the right item and the right size and color. You can also delete or add more items to the cart at this point, then click on the checkout.

4. Fill in Your Shipping Details

After checking out, you will be prompted to fill in your shipping details, such as an address, postcode, email, phone number, and full name.

5. Make Payment

Choose your preferred payment method. The system can accept debit/ credit cards or PayPal.  

If using Paypal, add your PayPal email and click on make payment. Your account should have the required amount to complete the payment. 

 If using a debit/ credit card, click on the visa or MasterCard icon in the checkout area, and you will be directed to the checkout area to add the card details. If the credit card needs verification, add the verification details needed, then complete your payment.

6. Wait for Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation of the order after you have completed making payment on your email and on the account you created on the website. 

Shipping, Returns, and Cancellation

Both stores are committed to ensuring you receive your orders as soon as possible. All tracking information will be sent to your email. 


Depending on the item’s availability, it will take approximately 5-10 days to process and dispatch your orders. Afterwards, it will take approximately 15 -20 for shipping outside the US and 10- 15 days for customers in the US. The store uses express shipping, which is a bit expensive but faster, and standard shipping, which is cheaper but takes longer. 

For express shipping, customers will get free shipping if they purchase items for more than $129 and 5-7 days orders. Standard customers are eligible for free shipping if they spend more than $69, which may take 15 -20 days, depending on the destination. 

Both stores ship orders to the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada. They also ship to other parts of Europe. 


The store accepts returns within 30 days of receiving your order. The items should be new with original tags in their package and sent with the return form.  


You will be refunded if you cancel your order within 24 hours of placing the order. However, the store will charge you a 15% cancellation fee if it is 24 hours after ordering. 

Customer Reviews

Melodicday has a star rating of 3 at Trust Pilot, with many customers loving their outfits. However, there are a few complaints about robes and shoe quality. And Scam Adviser gave the store website a score of 46%. 

Pink queen has a score of 3.5 on Site Jabber, meaning most PinkQueen customers are satisfied with their orders, and a 2.5 score on Trust Pilot, with most complaints on the shipping delay.  

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Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the PinkQueen and MelodicDay websites?

Several lovely pieces of maxi dresses in the store have pockets. Maxi dresses with pockets are great pieces that give women additional comfort by allowing them to rest their hands in their pockets. Or even carry small stuff such as keys without much hustle. 

What is your overall impression of PinkQueen and MelodicDay website?

Both websites are easy to navigate and make orders. The sold items are grouped into different categories, making it easy to find what you are looking for. 

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