How to Style a Maxi Dress For a Wedding

wedding guest wearing a maxi dress
Maxi dresses are a go-to style for many women and are trendy and elegant. The article will address how to style a maxi dress for a wedding.

Maxi dresses are vibrant and elegant and add a subtle sexy feminine style to your look. They are versatile, and you can wear them to weddings. 

Your maxi dress’s fabric, style, and color should be appropriate for a wedding. A satin and lace maxi dresses are fabulous for a formal, sleeveless for a casual, and flowy for a semi-formal wedding. The dress should also not be too revealing.  

The article will address how to style a maxi dress for different types of weddings. 

It will also cover how to pair your maxi dress in different seasons for the wedding to achieve that edgy vibe.  

Amazing Tips for Styling Maxi Dress for a Wedding 

1. Avoid White and Related Colors

Avoid wearing a white or near-white maxi dress to a wedding. White color is left for the bride as many weddings brides wear white. 

You do not want people to confuse you with the bride or give you that attention.

2. Avoid Maxi Dresses That are Too Revealing

When going to people’s weddings, more coverage is better than less. Maxi dresses with plunging necklines, or backless are also not appropriate.

Try to be more conservative but classy in your dressing. 

3. Choose a Maxi Dress With a Good Fabric

Choose some of the best fabrics for your maxi dress, such as chiffon, silk, or georgette. Cotton or linen fabrics are too casual and may make you look drab or understated. 

Chiffon, silk, or georgette maxi dress will give you that classy look and is your best bet. 

4. Choose Maxi Dresses With Soft Pastel Colors

Soft and pastel hues are appropriate for weddings. They make you look pretty but do not attract unnecessary attention, and they are also easy to pair with accessories. 

You can easily play with accessories such as a statement necklace or an elaborate earring to achieve that stunning look.

5. Do Not Over Accessorize

Keep your accessories to the minimum, do not go for the bohemian look at weddings. Also, avoid those that are too blingy or have outrageous prints. 

The key is to look classy with a few accessories. Minimalist jewelry is all you need to achieve a sophisticated and timeless style. 

6. Wear Lively Prints and Embroideries

Try wearing floral or lacy patterns to have a chic look. However, be careful not to go overboard with bohemian and animal prints. 

The bold animal prints are inappropriate and will not give you the best look. 

7. If you don’t have a fancy dress, dress a casual dress up

There are plenty of ways you can dress up a dress. This article is about how to dress up a black maxi dress, but you can apply it to any dress you have.

Maxi Dress for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a great time to wear your maxi dress style, and weddings are just the best event to rock this dress. There are various ways you can style your maxi dress for a wedding in the summer. Here are some of the styles to wear a maxi dress in summer:

1. Wear it With a Belt

Belts wrap around the waist and create an illusion of an hourglass figure, making your waist look slimmer. They give your body a flattering look that will make all heads turn. Therefore, a belt for your summer wedding dress will add a personal touch to your look, giving you some style and class.

Try a floral or patterned belt with your plain maxi dress. Or try different colors with your plain dress. Always go for neutral color belts. 

2. Add Accessories to the Maxi Dress

Weddings are some of the occasions where you use your best accessories. You do not go overboard by using too much. 

When choosing accessories to wear to a wedding with your maxi dress in summer, choose those that are unique and make you feel great. For example, wear that diamond, silver, or pearl earring to add a statement to your look. You want a smashing look, not a cheap one. 

3. Choose Signature Footwear

Maxi dress goes well with different footwear. Here are some footwear you can wear to a wedding;

  • Sandals 

You can effortlessly look stylish by wearing sandals such as gladiators, ethnic sandals, or beaded sandals. The good thing about sandals at summer weddings is that your feet will breathe, and you can dance all you want, not worried about your feet hurting. 

  • Heels 

You can also wear heels with your maxi dress for that classy look. Heels will elongate your legs and give you that toned look. You can wear pumps, stilettos, or open heels to a wedding with your maxi dress. 

  • Flat shoes

Flats are great for weddings since they are comfortable and easy to wear. When the sun is already scorching hot, all you want is comfort. 

You can choose to wear flats of neutral color or go all bold. They will add color to your dressing, and you can dance all night long without hurting your feet. 

Wearing a Maxi Dress to a Winter Wedding

You can still wear your maxi dress to a winter wedding and look elegant. The secret is in styling it to create that look you want to achieve. Here are some ways you can style your maxi dress for a winter wedding;

1. Pair it With a Scarf

During winter, you would like to add more warmth to your dressing. There is no better way to do this than by using scarves. They come in different colors, designs, and fabrics. Choose a silk, chiffon, or georgette scarves to wear. 

You can wear it around your neck for added warmth. Tie it as a bow tie or coil it around your neck. Alternatively, tie the scarf on your head for that ethnic look.

2. Wear Boots

Boots and a maxi dress are classic looks that are not fading anytime soon. The look is playful and appropriate for a wedding. You can wear flat boots if you want to go all the way with your dancing and still be comfortable. 

Or you can choose to wear high-heeled boots to add height to your look and extra personality. Boots will give you warmth on your feet and still look great. 

Maxi Dress For a Semi-formal Cocktail Wedding

You can pair your maxi dress with boots, a slightly wider belt, or simple pair of heels and jewelry for a sassy look.  

Maxi Dress For a Casual Wedding

A casual wedding might mean you can wear your maxi dress more casually.

Go for something comfortable that you can dance with easily. Preferably, if possible, the dress should have pockets for your phone and keys instead of carrying a handbag at the reception.

The wedding may be held outdoors,, so I’d recommend wearing flat shoes or sandals with the dress. for comfort. You can add boho accessories to look funky and stylish. 

Wrap dresses are a nice option for a wedding because they make pretty much all body shapes look good and they are easy to dance in.

Maxi Dress for a Formal Wedding

For a formal wedding, you want to achieve a classy look with minimum accessories. Therefore, go for that shimmering necklace and earrings. Add an elegant, unique clutch bag. 

Choose a neutral color with a satin fabric maxi dress, but do not go for a color white or anything close to white. 

Jacket to Wear With a Maxi Dress for a Wedding

 Layering your maxi dress with a jacket is another way to add style to your look. There are different jackets you can choose to layer with your maxi dress. They include;

  1. Blazer

Wearing blazers and maxi dresses is the current on-trend. You can wear them to brunch, work, or parties. The blazer’s masculine structure and the maxi dress’s femininity will give a contrasting look and still be elegant. Pick a blazer that is short and perfectly fitting for that edgy look.

  1. Denim

Denim jackets are neutral, timeless, and stylish. You can wear it with any color of a maxi dress and still look great. Pair your maxi dress with a short-fitting denim jacket for that edgy vibe.

  1. Short Jacket

A short jacket with a maxi dress is a great look for weddings. Also, try wearing contrasting colors with your maxi dress for that funky look. Or go neutral for a stylish look. However, do not go too bold, as you can quickly look drab in a jacket and a maxi dress. 

What jacket can you wear with a maxi dress to a wedding?

When going to a wedding with a maxi dress, you can wear a short jacket, a blazer, or denim for that amazing look and classy look. 

Can you wear a maxi dress for a semi-formal wedding? 

Yes, you can wear a maxi dress to a semi-formal wedding. Get the right footwear and accessories for that chic style and elegant look. 


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