How to Style a Maxi Dress for New Year’s Eve

Different maxi dresses you can wear on new year

Whether you are staying in this year or attending a new year’s party somewhere, you still want to look festive. After all, we have a lot to be thankful for after surviving a whole pandemic. Personally, I plan to dress the part, even if it will just be me and a few friends watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Casual New Year’s outfits are my favorite, but this is the one day in a year you have an excuse to wear sparkle and look like an A-lister on Oscars Night. That’s why I recommend maxi dresses. You can dress them down for a casual, comfortable look, or pull off an ensemble worthy of a celeb.

But before we style a maxi dress for New Year’s Eve, here are some rules to follow.

  • Do not overdo the sparkle. Satin, glitter, and sparkle seem to represent New Year’s Eve, just like fireworks. Be careful, though as there’s such a thing as too much sparkle. Ideally, you should pick one item of clothing to be sparkly or maybe an accessory.
  • Be warm. December 31st falls right in the middle of winter in the U.S and other parts of the world. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure to stay warm, especially if you are going outside.
  • Be unique. New Year’s Eve is a lot like St. Patrick’s day- people tend to wear the same things and colors, specifically silver satin and sequin outfits. Be different and wear a color that’s not so common. Emerald green and blue, for instance, are appropriate colors with so much meaning, and you can transform them with sparkly jewelry and shoes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. When that clock hits midnight, there will be jumping and dancing. The last thing you want is stiletto heels in the middle of that chaos. Wear a pair of shoes you can dance and run in comfortably.

Ready to sample some real outfits now? Here’s how I would wear and style a maxi dress to different New Year’s Eve events.

Indoors Outfit

Just because you have decided to spend New Year’s Eve indoors doesn’t mean you stay in pajamas. A full-length satin dress is easy enough that you won’t feel like you are dressed up. In fact, it feels like you are wearing a nightgown.

For warmth, throw on a chunky sweater over the maxi dress and some fluffy house shoes or flip-flops. And since we are dressing up, a nice silver bracelet and matching earrings will bring the outfit together. With this, you can drink all the wine you want, dance the night away, and jump up when the clock hits the New Year.

If you decide to step out, wear a pair of mules or even sneakers for warmth and comfort. You can also do a long cardigan instead of the chunky sweater, and it will still be a great New Year’s Eve outfit.

Masquerade New Year’s Eve Party outfit

New Year’s Eve masquerade parties are great precisely because of the fashion. But you don’t have to wear a heavy ball gown on New Year’s Eve. Instead, a simple satin dress matched with a chunky heel and elegant jewelry will take the night.

The ideal color choice would be silver, but as I said, you can be unique. Try olive green, navy blue, or brownish orange. And because this is a masquerade party where a sweater or jacket just won’t do, throw on a shawl or drape a wool jacket over your shoulders. Remember how Anna Gray wore the silver satin dress on Fifty Shade of Gray?

And like her, you can do a silver or gold clutch and a matching mask. Lastly, keep your jewelry simple because the outfit itself is already too loud.

Relaxed Semi-formal Outfit

Before COVID happened, I used to spend New Year’s Eve in church. My Christian friends will agree that rocking a warm maxi dress to church is the ultimate plug. My favorite look of all time is a pleated long-sleeve maxi dress paired with open-back shoes or heels and a trench coat. Carry an animal print clutch bag and don some gold or silver jewelry, and you are good to go.

Another favorite is doing a velvet, wool or knit maxi dress with slits on the side and pair that with knee-length boots or sneakers and a coat. Throw a sling bag over your shoulders, a warm hat and a dainty pair of earrings for good measure. It’s the ultimate comfort wear that will leave you looking cool and feeling warm.

Club the Night Away Outfit

And for my clubbing ladies, a shirt maxi dress cinched at the waist with a slim belt and paired with a pair of cool boots is the perfect New Year’s Eve attire. You can do a turtleneck underneath the shirt dress and then hang a sling bag on your shoulder. This is a pretty simple outfit, so feel free to kick it up with some diamond earrings or gold jewelry.

And if knee-length boots aren’t your thing, wearing a trouser under the shirt dress is a great alternative. I am thinking black leather pants here or tight jeans paired with a comfortable pair of heels or mules. Throw a trench coat over the outfit or drape it over your shoulders, so it’s easy to take off when it gets hot in the club.

Bring the Sequin

Sequin is to New Year’s Eve what butter is to bread, so I understand the need to embrace it. But instead of doing a little sequin dress, try a ruffled or stair-flair sequin maxi dress. Throw on a fur coat over it, comfortable silver, gold or white shoes, and dainty jewelry.

The dress already has too much sparkle, so keep the shiny effect to a minimum by avoiding statement jewelry. A classy clutch bag is also a perfect combo for this outfit.

Can you wear a maxi dress on New Year’s Eve?

As New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration and dancing, wearing a comfortable maxi dress makes the most sense. If you want to stay on theme, wear a sequin or satin maxi dress or choose colors that mean something on that day. Do not forget to style the maxi dress with suitable jewelry, shoes and outerwear.

What type of maxi dress do I wear to a home party on New Year’s Eve?

The best outfit for a house party should be comfortable, casual and presentable. Choose a floral maxi dress and pair it with a leather jacket and Chelsea boots or sneakers. You can also wear a velvet maxi and pointed-toe heels and throw a jacket over it or a long cardigan.

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