How to style a maxi dress if you are short?

How to style a maxi dress if you are short
Are you short? Find expert style tips to flaunt your figure in a maxi dress: choice of colors, waistline and the dress length, the right fabric and cut.

If you are short and not confident about how to don maxi dresses to look your best, this post is for you. Maxi dresses are making quite the headlines this season. Short or tall, slim or curvy – maxi dresses look good on every body type – you just have to pick the right one. If you are short or petite and want to try the incredibly fashionable maxi dress trend, here we have the most important tips to keep in mind.

But first, let’s clear out some common doubts like what exactly we mean by a petite figure. In the fashion world, petite denotes a small and dainty woman who is 5’3” tall or under. A petite woman can have any body shape and size. A petite figure will look incredibly stylish (and even taller) in certain maxi dress styles – and not their best in some others. So, read on before you pick your maxi dresses. We have also included some useful accessorizing tips.

How to wear maxi dresses if you are petite – the simple rules:

1.   Solid maxi dresses are a good pick

Dresses in solid colors make you look slimmer, adding an illusion of more height to your figure and giving you a more stylish look. On plus-size petite figures, maxi dresses in dark solid colors look best. If you have a small or medium-petite body, both light and darker solid shades will look good on you. On shorter women, monochromatic maxi dresses will always look better than patterns. Maxi dresses with abstract patterns in multiple colors are often not a good choice for you.

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2.   Pick the prints with caution

Printed maxi dresses, particularly the floral ones, carry the perfect spring-summer vibe and you should not think of staying away from them because you are petite. However, you need to put some extra care in choosing the right prints to make sure that they reveal your charm perfectly. If you are short, you can pick maxi dresses with small prints. They will look good on your figure. Avoid large prints completely, they do not sit well with a petite frame.

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3.   All color block patterns are not for you

If you are not tall, it is best to stay away from most of the color block maxi dresses – particularly the ones with horizontal blocking. The horizontal color blocks will divide your frame and make you look shorter. If you are willing to try something in this style, go for maxi dresses with vertical color blocking. They will bring an elongated look to your frame and make you appear slimmer. Check out some of the color block styles that will suit your frame.

4.   Get only the right Stripes

Maxi dresses with vertical stripes are a great match for short figures. They create an elongated illusion, making the petite frame look trim and taller. When you are getting maxi dresses, stay away from horizontal stripes. They will make you look shorter and are absolutely not suitable for your body type.

5.   Pick the right fit

Maxi dresses that are cut closer to the body go typically well with petite frames. Straight-cut maxi dresses in soft and body-hugging materials like silk, satin, or georgette are the best pick for you. Do not opt for frilly maxi dresses with layers – they will add to the width of your figure and make you look shorter.      

6.   Get the length right

Getting the length right is one of the most crucial points to making it look flattering on a petite frame. If you are short, you should not opt for short-length maxi dresses, rather go for the floor-length ones. A maxi dress with a fall between the heel and the top of the foot will go well with your short stature. Again, do not opt for the extremely long ones that will graze the floor and you will have to pick up the skirt to walk comfortably. Stay away from the calf-length dresses completely. However, you can always choose maxi dresses with high/low hems. They look great on petite figures too.

7.   Go for maxi dresses with slits

If you own maxi dresses with side or front slits, you already know how flattering they look on a petite figure. Maxi dresses with slits make your legs look longer, giving a taller appearance. They also look extremely cool and are perfect for special events as well as a casual day out.

8.   Wrap maxi dresses are always a great buy

Have you tried the wrap maxi dresses yet? If not, it’s time you give it a shot. They are a real boon for short ladies in love with maxi dresses. The wrap-style exposes your legs at the front, adding height to your appearance. A wrap-style maxi dress with an elevated waistline is what you need to flatter your best features.

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9.   Pick the right neckline

The neckline of your dress plays a vital role in how you look. You should pick a neckline that elongates your entire frame. V-cut necklines look excellent on shorter frames. Stay away from round or boxy neck cuts. Even stylish boat necks are not the best pick for you. Long halter necks create a V-shape and highlight your neckline perfectly, giving you a taller look. They work pretty well even if you are a plus-size petite.    

10.   High waist styles are perfect for you

If you are petite, maxi dresses with a high-waisted style are to be your best pick. In this cut, the waistline of the dress sits above your actual waist and makes your legs appear longer, giving an illusion of more height. High-waisted maxi dresses with a V-neckline in a solid color are ideal to flatter a shorter figure.

11.   Pick the right pair of shoes

For shorter women, it is best to pair a high-heel strappy sandal with a maxi dress. Your maxi dress will cover most of your body, picking a more open footwear style will highlight the foot and give a more elongated appearance. Pumps or sneakers are not the best choices to pair with a maxi dress if you are short.

12.   Get your accessories right

If you are not a fan of jewelry and want to keep it simple, you can always go without accessories when you are wearing a maxi dress. However, if you love trinkets or you are attending a special event that requires some added bling, choose sleek jewelry to pair with your maxi dress.  A short chain with a cute pendant that ends close to your neck is a good choice. Stay away from anything broad and chunky. Putting a stylish and sleek watch on your hand or a few slim bangles will look fine. A small and cute clutch is perfect to complete the look.  For petite women, it is best to go without a belt that highlights the true waistline.         

So, if you are short and in love with maxi dresses, now you know how you can style them not only to look your best but also to look taller. Keep visiting our blog section for more useful tips on how to style maxi dresses with pockets. 

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