How To Style a Sequin Maxi Dress

sequin maxi dress
A sequin maxi dress is ingenious. Sparkles accentuate elegance and finesse in an ensemble. This is how to style a sequin maxi dress.

Very few things make a statement like a sequin maxi dress. However, the way to style a sequin maxi dress and accessorize it correctly is the key to rocking a classy look since apparel is as good as its accessories.

The #1 rule to follow is that sequins are bold and crowd-pleasing, so let your dress stand on its own. If you keep the rest of your ensemble low-key, your dress will keep the attention on you!

When is the Best Time to Wear Sequins?

I grew up with the notion that sequin dresses are THE dresses for new year’s eve. When I grew older, I learned that for many people, sequins are Christmas wear.

You can wear them all year long – summer and winter alike.

Sequins are usually worn for events, in the evening. Proms, weddings, dinners, this kind of stuff. You can wear them to a concert and to a clubbing night and they will be just as perfect.

If you want to wear sequins during the day, go for something less shiny, like a dress that combines solid color with a gentle touch of glitter.

In any case, I wouldn’t go out in a sequin maxi dress to run errands (but I will do so in a casual maxi dress).

Tips on Choosing a Sequin Maxi Dress

Wearing a sequin maxi dress is among the most exquisite way to stand out. They easily work for girls’ outings, family holiday parties, holiday events, cocktails, wild nights out, and more. It all depends on the dresses you select and how you style them.

monochromatic sequin maxi dress
This is a great example of a monochromatic sequin maxi dress! | Photo by Al Norfleet

1. Select an all-sequin monochromatic maxi dress.

If you want a maxi dress that is entirely covered in sequins, stick to one hue and one hue only. A sequin maxi dress will attract attention, but a patterned or multi-color sequin dress is unsightly. 

These maxi dresses aren’t limited to metallic tones like gold and silver. They come in various shades; find a hue that complements your skin tone and a color that’s just right for you.

2. Pick a Dress With a Simple Cut

When it comes to the cut, remember that less is more. Keep it basic! There are many styles with a “simple” design, so explore! You may opt for a strapless dress, a basic shift dress, a dress with a simple racer back, a t-shirt dress, or a dress with spaghetti straps.

Opt for a sequin maxi dress that has a pretty ordinary or high neckline. You don’t need an obtrusive neckline or a dramatic silhouette on top of the sequins. Let the sequins make the bold statement.

3. Find a Sequin Maxi Dress That Suits Your Frame

A sequin maxi dress should fit you perfectly. Find a dress that flaunts all the right places and flows seamlessly. If the dress has sleeves, make certain the shoulders fit.

Because all eyes are on you, choose a dress that enhances your frame. It might take a while to find the ideal dress, but it will be worth it.

4. Consider a Maxi Dress With Sequin Details

A sequin dress doesn’t have to be entirely covered in sparkle. Maxi dresses with sequin accents are trendy and often more versatile and “wearable” than a full-sequined number.

For instance, look for maxi dresses with sequined pockets, sequined elbow patches, and sequined waistlines. A dash of sequins goes a long way! Dresses that incorporate sequins through a pattern are also a spectacular option.

5. Separate Day from Night Sequin Maxi Dresses

Pick a sequin maxi dress with minute sequin embellishments to wear during the day. Maxi dresses with a hint of sequins, such as a sequined collar or waistband, have just a pop of sparkle to brighten your day. For a night out, you can wear a fancy party dress covered entirely in sequins.

How to Accessorize Your Sequin Maxi Dress

You can wear a sequin maxi dress year-round. During the fall and winter, wear a long sleeve sequin dress for a cocktail party or go with a floor-length sequin maxi dress for formal occasions. 

During warmer months, you can layer up a sequin maxi dress with a graphic or basic tee to create an illusion of a sequin maxi skirt. No matter the time of year, a sequin maxi dress is always a fabulous choice.

1. Layer Your Sequin Maxi Dress With a Sleek Jacket or Coat

If you simply want to add another layer to your outfit, don’t hesitate to throw something on top of your sequin maxi dress–be sure it’s the right thing! Choose a more structured material rather than a knitted material that will snag on your sequins.

A silk blazer or a trendy leather jacket pairs perfectly with a sequin maxi dress. For a simple, fashionable appearance, you might dress down with a denim jacket and flats. Keep the jacket’s details straightforward. Keep it simple in terms of the detailing on the jacket.

2. Keep Your Footwear Simple

A pair of simple, solid-colored heels or flats work perfectly. When in doubt, wear a simple black pair. Shelve the shoes with an intricate design, because they contrast with your sequined dress.

Avoid a metallic pair that will be shiny overload. There is a time and a place for eye-catching footwear, but it’s not when you’re already rocking a flashy sequined dress.

3. Match With Jewelry

You have enough glitz when you are covered in sequins. If you opt to wear jewelry, keep it basic and opt for a silver chain or a princess-length pearl necklace.

For an elegant look, pair up pearl stud earrings with a pearl necklace. The bright and jazzy nature of a sequin dress negates the need for large statement accessories.

4. Pair Your Sequin Maxi Dress With Solid Colors

Don’t match sparkle with sparkle. Don’t go overboard with the sparkle, and wear your sequin maxi dress with a bejeweled jacket or glistening tights.

Let the sequin maxi dress do all the talking as the rest of the attire complements it. Keep it simple with basic colors, but if uncertain, choose a black jacket or tights.

Wearing Make-up With Your Sequin Maxi Dress

1. Keep Your Palette Neutral

With your bold sequin maxi dress, don’t use any bright or daring colors on your face. Instead, choose a neutral palette to doll up your features. For your lips, stick with nude or soft pink lipstick.

2. Wear Gloss on Your Lips

Add a layer of gloss over your neutral lipstick to get a bit of shine that will beautifully complement your sequin maxi dress. The shimmer from your lips will brighten up your face and add a touch of festivity to your neutral makeup look.

3. Bronze Your Face

Nothing accentuates a sequin maxi dress better than youthful, radiant skin. Add a bit of blush to your cheeks. Then, dust your preferred bronzer on your cheekbones and along the top of your forehead. This will give you a sun-kissed glow, which will complement your vibrant ensemble..

4. Keep Your Hair Simple

  • Tousle short hair with mousse.
  • Beach waves are lovely, either short or long.
  • A messy bun always works.
  • Fishtail braids are better than a ponytail. Don’t add any hair accessories.
What type of shoes pairs up with a sequin maxi dress?

A pair of simple, solid-colored heels or flats work perfectly. When in doubt, wear a simple black pair. Avoid a metallic pair that will be a shiny overload. Put away the shoes with intricate designs because they clash with your sequined gown.

What kind of jewelry goes with a sequin dress?

If the neckline of your sequin maxi dress is high, accessorize it with a strand of rope-length pearls. Put on a princess-length pearl necklace with a V-neck or a strapless sequin maxi dress. Combine it with a basic set of pearl stud earrings to finish the sophisticated look.

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