How to Style A Swan Cloud Maxi Skirt

How to Style A Swan Cloud Maxi Skirt
Swan cloud maxi skirts will have you feeling like a princess, thanks to the dreamy design. Wear these skirts to casual, formal, and high-fashion events.

Maxi skirts epitomize the princess look, but the swan cloud maxi takes it to a new level. The skirts are regal, feathery, and fancier than regular maxi skirts. Even better, you can style the swan cloud maxi for different occasions and seasons, without losing its elegance. It’s truly a fashion masterpiece. 

But if you’re struggling with how to style your swan cloud maxi skirt, don’t worry. Today, I’ll highlight some of my favorite looks, so you can get an idea of how to rock stylish swan cloud maxi skirt outfits.

1. Crop Top and Minimal Accessories

With swan cloud maxis, less is more. That’s why the maxi skirt and crop top combo are one of my favorite looks. It’s simple yet elegant, and you can dress the outfit up or down. Light-colored fitted crop tops are great because you won’t take focus away from the beautiful skirt.

In addition, keep the accessories at a minimum, especially if the skirt is extra-long. You can wear basic earrings and a cute bag (as shown in the picture). To complete the outfit, wear heels, fancy flats, or girly sneakers to complement your skirt.

2. High Heels, Fitted Top, and Earrings

Swan cloud maxi skirts are statement pieces. Therefore, you don’t have to focus too much on accessorizing to stand out. Here, you’ll wear your favorite swan cloud maxi skirt with a fitted dressy top, small chunky earrings, and a pair of high heels.

For a better look, consider wearing thin-strappy stilettos. If you don’t wear stilettos, that’s fine; there’s a wide selection of heels to match your style.

3. Button-Down White Shirt

Yep! A simple button-down shirt and a swan cloud maxi skirt are stylish combinations. The skirt is versatile, allowing you to experiment with different fashion pieces like the white button-down shirt. 

So, how do you pair the maxi skirt with a button-down shirt? You can pull off the boyfriend look by tucking in the shirt and folding up the sleeves or tying a knot above the waistband. This outfit will also look good with stilettos or a pair of sneakers, depending on the occasion. 

4. Matching Set

Selecting a top for your maxi skirt is an important fashion decision. I mean, your top can make or break your entire outfit. Therefore, it is a welcome relief when you find an outfit that comes as a matching set. Or better yet, it is exciting to find a stylish top in the same color as your skirt. 

For this outfit, you’ll pair your swan cloud maxi skirt with a matching bedazzled top. You can throw on a matching scarf or accessories with studs or small earrings, an updo for your hair, and high heels. It is a perfect look for high-fashion events, weddings, or garden parties. 

Remember, you don’t have to pick bright-colored outfits. It’s okay if you prefer subtle tones, but liven up your outfit with contrasting accessories. Read my article on styling black maxi skirts for an idea.

5. Denim Jacket 

As always, denim jackets will revive any outfit, including the beautiful swan cloud maxi skirt. But I’m not talking about oversize denim jackets- you’ll need a small denim jacket that sits above or slightly below your waistband.

Anything longer will make you look frumpy and overdressed because the skirt is already alot. Add a fitted crop top, t-shirt, or tank top under the jacket and you’ll have a casual outfit. 

For shoes, sneakers or heels are perfect, but the outfit is flexible enough to accommodate flats and sandals. Also, you can switch up the denim jacket for a leather jacket if you want the biker-chic look.

6. Fitted Tank Top and Hoop Earrings

You’ll love this style idea if you want to wear a swan cloud maxi skirt to run errands or for a laidback look. It combines fashion with fun casual vibes. Like the beautiful lady pictured above, you’ll wear a fitted tank top, sitting above the skirt waistband, and complete the look with big hoop earrings. 

As always, you don’t have to go overboard when accessorizing the swan cloud maxi skirt. Finish the look with a stunning hairdo, minimal makeup, and your favorite sandals or sneakers. However, wedge heels will also maintain the casual vibe of the outfit.

For a night out or dinner date, simply switch up the sneakers for high heels and throw on a jacket. 

7. An Elegant Top and Tiny Belt

This is a high-fashion look, reserved for weddings, gala dinners, and formal events. It embodies the princess feel of the swan clod maxi skirt, yet you don’t have to go overboard to stand out. You’ll need a long maxi skirt with clear swan cloud detailing.

In addition, select an elegant fitted top that complements your skirt perfectly. I recommend wearing a top that matches the color of your skirt. However, the top can be slightly lighter. 

The belt will cinch your waist beautifully, but it can also add to the Cinderella-like flair of the outfit. 

8. Heels or Sandals and a Boho-Chic Top

This look personifies the perfect boho-chic vibe while maintaining the sophistication of the maxi skirt. It is dreamy, chill, and fashionable. You’ll need a light-colored swan cloud skirt and top, which will be paired with boho-style accessories. 

It is a unique outfit that might not appeal to many people, but you should definitely recreate it if you love boho-inspired looks. Use these boho maxi dress styling ideas because the accessories are quite similar

9. Button-Down Denim Shirt and Cowboy Boots

Believe it or not, swan cloud maxi skirts and cowboy boots produce amazing fashion looks. You’ll pair your button-down denim shirt with a neutral-colored skirt and boots to match. Adding a belt that matches your boots elevates the cowboy outfit, and you can also wear a cowboy hat.

What are the dos and don’ts of styling a swan cloud maxi skirt?

You have a lot of creative room when wearing a swan cloud maxi skirt. However, you should choose skirts that flatter your body and pair them with fitted tops. Swan cloud maxi skirts are also detailed, so you must be careful to maintain minimal accessories and clean makeup.

Can I wear bright-colored swan cloud maxi skirts?

Yes. You can wear bright-colored swan cloud maxi skirts and pull off a stylish outfit for any occasion. However, the skirt is a statement piece, so you should keep it subtle when choosing accessories and the top. 

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