How to Style a Teal Maxi Skirt

How to Style a Teal Maxi Skirt
Teal maxi skirts will have you looking fashionable all year round. The secret lies in the styling. This guide shows you how to stand out in teal maxi skirts.

This pleated teal maxi skirt is my favorite piece in the entire closet. Design aside, the color teal combines the calming effect of blue with the invigorating qualities of green. The fabric of the skirt has a bit of shine which really brings out the revitalizing power of the color teal.

This is a skirt I wear when I want to feel like royalty. It’s elegant, classy and downright powerful when combined with gold heels and a clutch. However, you don’t need this type of a power skirt to rock teal. This is a color that looks great even in casual situations, especially when you want an outfit that feels cool and calming.

The question is, how do you style a teal maxi skirt?

From experience, you need to figure out two things;

  • The colors that go with teal.
  • The design of the skirt so you can pick appropriate tops and shoes for it.

What Colors Go with a Teal Maxi Skirt?

Again, teal is a deep combination of blue and green colors. This means it matches well with any color that looks good with either blue or green, especially metallic colors (gold and silver) and neutrals (white, black, and gray).

Teal also looks good combined with other shades of blue, brown, dark yellow tones, pink, bright purple, and maroon. If you have a floral teal skirt, choose any dominant color on it and wear a top in that color. And as with all maxi skirts, you can do a monochrome look with teal on teal as long as there’s some space between the skirt and the top.

What colors don’t go with teal? Red, bright yellow, green, orange, and their respective shades, except maroon. Since teal is a really powerful color, you want to keep the top and the shoes neutral and toned down.

Skirt Designs

Like all maxi skirts out there, teal maxis come in different designs from pleated to A-line to straight and even flowy maxi skirts. The occasion will largely determine how you style the skirt because any of these designs can pass for casual and semi-formal events.

But here’s the bottom line- if the skirt is wide, wear a form-fitting top with as little material as possible to balance proportions. This means crop tops, tucked in sleeveless top or a basic tee tucked in or knotted at the waist.

On the other hand, you have a leeway to wear something a bit wide or exciting if the maxi skirt is straight.

How to Style a Teal Maxi Skirt

1. With a Simple Black or White Top

The best way to style a teal maxi is to keep it simple. A plain black or white top tucked in the skirt and finished with a black or brown belt is all you need. Finish this off with a pair of black stilettos or ankle boots and a clutch bag, and you are good to go.

2. With a Camisole

A sleeveless top of any appropriate color is a great way to style a teal maxi skirt. However, I find that camisoles look more regal and feminine. You can pair this with open heels or sandals and a nice clutch. Feel free to wear dainty metallic jewelry and do your makeup to perfection.

3. With a Crop Top

A crop top and maxi skirt combo makes you look tall and lean like a model even if you are not. White is a great color to brighten you up, especially if it’s lacy but black works too.

 If you have a flat tummy, feel free to show it off with a low cut teal maxi and a pair of heels to elongate those legs even more. But as you can see, flat sandals work just as well if the skirt is ankle length.

I recommend a high-waist skirt with a big waist band if you are not so confident about your midsection. I also love that crop tops allow you to adorn yourself with as much jewelry as you like.

4. Layer it Up

I love to layer up a maxi skirt of any kind just to give it a different look or when it’s cold. As you can see, throwing on a cropped denim blue jacket or a black leather jacket takes the outfit to a whole other level. And depending on the type of skirt you are wearing, you can rock stiletto heels, white sneakers or flat sandals on your feet.

5. Monochrome Look

Teal on teal looks great if you separate them a little. Putting that slight space between the skirt and the top elongates your body and also ensures everybody can see it’s a skirt outfit, not a dress.

It’s a great outfit for dates, weddings and evening outings with the girls. You can rock this with heels and a clutch bag.

6. Go Official with a Long Sleeve Shirt/Blouse

Looking for a more formal but feminine look? Rock any teal maxi skirt with a long sleeve button down shirt or blouse tucked in. you can kick up the formal look with the right shoe and tote handbag or slow it down with some sneakers. Either way, this is a combination that screams serious woman handling her business.

7. Purple/Pink Sleeveless Top

I’ve had this gorgeous asymmetrical skirt in my sights for a while now, and finally it’s in my closet. The problem is, wearing it with white or black tops just didn’t seem to cut it because it’s so out there. Turns out what I needed was some color to bring out the shine in the teal.

Look how these pink and purple tops completely transform the outfit. And because pink and purple are screaming colors, a sleeveless top is better, so you can have less of that color.

8. Cute with Yellowish Trendy Tops

Speaking of trendy skirts and screaming colors, it turns out you can do yellow tones as well. Yellow, mustard, orange, and the whole family of color yellow looks quite good with simple teal skirts. You can do black or white shoes or go crazy and repeat the top color on your shoes or handbag.

9. Light Purple and Teal

If two colors were meant to be together, it would be teal and light purple. The cool, calming tone of light purple seems to affect teal in a way other colors do not. This is a great combination for elegant maxis you wear to weddings or extravagant events.

10. Trendy Tops

There’s something about fun trendy tops, especially off-shoulder ones that maxi skirts look fabulous. Pick a fun teal skirt for this and consider accessorizing to your heart’s content. This is how you style a maxi skirt in summer for parties, brunch, and dates. You can pair it with sandals, heels, or wedges.

11. Metallic colors

This would not be a teal maxi skirt style up without combining it with the best-metallic colors. Gold and silver are the ultimate colors to match with teal, and you can do this on the top, shoes, purse, and accessories. The secret is to choose one color and repeat it sparingly on the entire outfit.

12. With a Blazer

Last but not least, you can rock a teal maxi skirt with a simple top or tee and then throw on a blazer on top. Accessorize according to where you are going and keep everything else simple.

What outfits go well with a teal maxi skirt?

Styling a teal maxi skirt depends on the occasion. You can pair it with a simple tee, crop top, or camisole and sneakers for casual wear, or dress up with a shirt or formal blouse and heels for formal wear.

Can you pair a teal maxi skirt with bright colors?

Yes, teal is a very bold color but it works great with bright colors such as pink, gold, silver, white and yellow. You can also try neutrals such as brown, gray, and black.

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