How To Style A Tiered Maxi Dress

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Tiered maxi dresses are stylish and a favorite during the warm seasons. Find out how to style this dress and the best occasions to wear it.

A tiered dress has a series of overlapping layers extending down from the bodice to the hem. The number of overlapping layers varies depending on the dress design; they may even come in different colors. Tiered dresses may date back to the Victorian era, but they have always been in style. Their overlapping layers have featured on everything from wedding dresses and gorgeous evening gowns to office wear and fun summer outfits. 

Who Does Tiered Dress Fit?

Tiered dresses are flattering on anyone, depending, of course, on the specific dress design. Tiered maxi dresses, in particular, are flattering on virtually any body type. The loose silhouette and long flared skirt make for a comfortable dress that, when styled right, looks great on anyone.

What To Wear With A Tiered Dress?

As with most maxi dresses, tiered ones are especially popular in the warmer seasons. However, you can still get more out of your dress just before the cold really sets in by layering it with jackets, scarves, and shirts. These dresses are a true fashion investment, never going out of style and giving you that gorgeously feminine look. We will take a closer look at what to wear with a tiered maxi dress as we see where to wear it.

What Events And Occasions Can I Wear It To?

There are many places and ways to wear a tiered maxi dress, and we will look at some of them so you can see how to style your dress for that next event.

Long Sleeves For The Office

If you are heading to the office or a business meeting, it is best to choose a tiered maxi dress with long sleeves. Although commonly regarded as a casual outfit, you can style maxis for the office or business meetings. It is especially easier if the tiered maxis come with long sleeves rather than straps. Ensure that there is waist definition either in the cut of the dress or by adding a belt to complete the formal look.

It is best to keep things toned down when attending a formal meeting. Style the dress with a simple bag and open heels to keep things professional. A black or dark-colored dress with minimal detail is also a good option. Accessorize with some simple jewelry like a single-string pearl necklace and matching earrings. 

Go Casual With Monochrome

A monochromatic tiered maxi is a perfect choice for a casual look. For a day out running errands, add a pretty pair of comfortable sports shoes and a sling bag. Slides, open wedges, or sandals with a wide-brimmed hat and your monochromatic tiered maxi create a great, easy look for brunch with your girls. 

If you like that extra pop of color, you can add it through your accessories. For example, you can choose a contrasting color for your shoes, bag, or belt or add a bold-colored statement jewelry piece. For colder days, a denim or leather jacket and a good pair of ankle boots can add some layering and a pop of color. Finally, complete the cool casual look with a fanny pack and a beanie, and you are good to go.

Fancy Off-Shoulder 

Tiered maxis are usually a casual option, but they can certainly work in more fancy settings. An off-shoulder tiered maxi, for instance, is a beautiful choice for a wedding or dinner date. A gentle, pastel-colored dress with a statement clutch and the right pair of heels (preferably an open wedge heel) is especially perfect for weddings. You could even choose and style a floral maxi to add that extra touch of femininity. That way, you will definitely stand out without upstaging the bride.

Choose a bold color off-shoulder tiered maxi for your dinner date that compliments your skin tone and personality. Then, put on a pair of strappy heels with a clutch bag to complete that unforgettable look. You could also carry a shawl in case the night gets cold and as a subtle accessory to the overall look.

Multicolored Tiers

Multicolored tiered maxis can either have completely different colors on each tier or have variations of the same color in increasing intensity. Differently colored (color-blocked) tiered maxi is a great casual option for family gatherings, birthday parties, or backyard barbeques with friends. It is a festive and fun option if you love color. 

Choose understated accessories for this colorful dress. For instance, monochromatic bags, shoes, and jewelry are best to maintain focus on the dress.

The ‘gradient’ colored maxi is not too colorful, so it can work for semi-formal events like a church service as well as casual gatherings. This tiered dress is a great option if you are thinking of gradually adding color to your wardrobe. Of course, your accessory colors will depend on the color of your dress, but they should be minimal so as not to take away from it.

Vintage Prints

Tiered maxis are a classic, and there have been many iconic prints over the decades that the dress has been around. One such print is the Gingham print, a classic checkered print dating back to the 1600s. It gained fashion popularity when it appeared in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie and has maintained its place in fashion trends to date. 

The Gingham print tiered maxi is perfect if you are a throwback queen. Accessorize with a pair of vintage cat eye or Windsor glasses, open wedge, and pearl jewelry to complete the retro look. Plenty of other vintage fabric prints from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s make for beautiful tiered maxi dresses. Just pick your preferred era and accessorize it to create the perfect throwback look. You could even pick current accessories to update the vintage print and give it a more modern look.

Favorite Fabric

Your choice of fabric for your tiered maxi will determine how the dress lays on your body and moves. It will also determine where to wear the dress and how to access it. Thankfully, there are many different fabrics for maxi dresses from which to choose. For instance, you can casually wear a denim, tiered maxi on colder days with boots, a jacket, a scarf, and a beanie or hat to add extra layers for warmth. Alternatively, cotton or cotton blend tiered maxis are perfect for balmy summer days paired with wide-brimmed hats and sandals to help you stay cool.

Tiered maxi dresses are beautifully versatile, easily taking you from the boardroom to the beach. They are gorgeous on their own, but different accessories can create your preferred look. Having a few of these dresses in your closet is definitely a worthwhile fashion investment.

Can I Wear a Belt With A Tiered Dress?

You can wear a belt with most tiered dresses. The trick is to find the right placement of the belt among the overlapping layers of the dress.

Are Tiered Maxi Dresses Flattering?

Yes, tiered maxi dresses are universally flattering. Women of all sizes and body types can look beautiful and elegant in the right-tiered maxi dress. The dress has an A-line shape which, coupled with the tiers, works for any body shape. Tiered maxis are even better than other lengths of tiered dresses because the added length adds tiers, making the dress even more beautiful.

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