How to Style an Orange Maxi Skirt

How to Style an Orange Maxi Skirt
Make a bold fashion statement with our ultimate guide on how to style an orange maxi skirt. Discover stunning outfit ideas and unleash your vibrant style.

As women, we know how an outfit can change our mood. That is why we wear black for solemn events and bright or white for weddings.

Bright, vibrant colors can make you feel young, energetic and happy. Orange is one such color, and the others are white, yellow and red. 

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But as I asked my friend when she suggested I buy a certain orange pleated maxi skirt, how do you style this?

It’s not hard, as I have learned since then. Orange is a versatile color in terms of what you can pair with it and the occasions you can wear it to. And depending on the shade, you can rock an orange maxi skirt from summer to winter.

But before we look at specific outfits, here are some tips for styling an orange maxi skirt;

  • Wear bright shades of orange in summer and spring, and dark shades in the cold months.
  • Don’t overpower the skirt by pairing it with other screaming colors.
  • Keep your footwear neutral.
  • If you are scared of orange, try it with a black or white top and neutral shoes.

What to Wear with an Orange Maxi Skirt

With a Tiny Top

We can all agree that an orange maxi skirt is a lot for the eyes. One way to balance that is to pair it with a tiny top, preferably a white or black one. Think of a crop top, sleeveless top, camisole, one-shoulder trendy top and a fitting t-shirt knotted at the waist.

These kinds of tops balance proportions and tone down the orange. Depending on the occasion, you can wear anything from flats, stilettos, boots and wedges in black or other neutral colors.

As a Monochromatic Outfit

While we are still on tiny tops, let’s also discuss tiny orange tops. I have seen many monochromatic looks, but none looks better than an orange set. It’s okay if the top touches the skirt, but I prefer an orange crop top because of that small space in the belly.

Pair this with white or gold sandals, layered jewelry and a nice clutch bag. You can also add statement sunglasses and orange nails just to take it to the next level.

With a Blouse

An orange maxi skirt is very feminine and chic. I have found that adding an even more feminine piece like a blouse makes you look and feel better.

Something about feeling soft and feminine brings your sensuality to another level. You walk like a lady, talk like a lady and allow your true essence to come through. Combine this with open sandals or stilettos, layered jewelry and a nice purse, and the look is complete.

As for the color of the blouse, I like to go with white or neutral chiffon blouses. A light blue or something floral also looks great. I would do black for cooler months because it goes so well with orange.

With a Sweater or Jacket

How do you style an orange maxi skirt for winter? With a chunky sweater. If the sweater is too long, tuck the front in the skirt and wear a belt to structure the waist.

Sometimes though, a light sweater is best. I wear a light sweater and a warm coat on top in the morning. When the day gets warmer, you simply take off the coat. Pair this with brown boots and a scarf, and you will be fashion-forward even in winter.

On regular days however, a trendy jacket will do. Think denim, leather and mojo jackets for that cool, young vibe. Don’t limit yourself to black and blue jackets though- brown and white also work very well with orange.

With Fun Prints

Surprisingly, orange is a sucker for prints. Everything from florals, stripes and even animal prints looks fantastic next to orange. Perhaps it’s because the patterns take away from the drama of orange and create balance.

If you decide on a print top however, keep the shoes very neutral. White, black, brown or a color that is on the top. I love how Gracie has added more colors like blue and gold to the outfit, but it can be too much sometimes.

With a Denim Shirt

Like blouses, button-down shirts make a maxi skirt look more feminine but in a professional way. White, in particular, is a fantastic match for an orange skirt you want to wear to work or a formal meeting if you pair it with black pumps.

For casual wear however, I prefer a denim shirt. Orange and denim blue blend well together, and the blue tones down the brightness enough for cooler months. Wear a white top and leave the shirt open, tuck in the shirt or make a knot at the waist- the choice is yours.

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Again, you can do pumps with this outfit or sandals if the occasion is casual and easy. I find that you rarely need jewelry when wearing a button-down shirt except maybe dainty earrings and a watch.

With a Graphic Tee

The last look I want to introduce involves a floral orange maxi skirt. While you can wear it with everything else we have talked about, a graphic t-shirt is the perfect partner. A gray, white, black and even jungle green t-shirt will work, paired with sneakers or flats for a nice summer or spring day.

This style works with any floral maxi skirt, but even better if the skirt has a unique design like asymmetry, slits and frills.

What colored top do you wear with an orange maxi skirt?

Orange being a warm color goes with almost all other colors, especially the neutrals. You can also try burgundy, blue, green and pink. These are also colors you can introduce in shoes instead of the top when wearing an orange maxi skirt.

Can you wear an orange maxi skirt in winter?

There is no better time to wear an orange maxi skirt than in winter. The vibrant color lifts your mood at a time when you need it most and helps you stand out from everyone else wearing dark colors. However, you may want to pick a darker shade of orange, not the bright ones.

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