How To Wear a Maxi Dress When You’re Over 50

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Maxi dresses are a girl's favorite weekend outfit. They are also appropriate for all ages. Here are some tips on how to wear a maxi dress when you are over 50.

A maxi dress is a classic piece that never goes out of style. It can be worn differently in all seasons by women of all ages, from young girls to senior citizens. In summer, wear them with sandals and in winter add leggings underneath them for extra warmth. They are versatile enough to wear to work or on a day off at home. 

Unfortunately, some people may find it difficult to wear a maxi dress when over 50. The key is finding maxi dress pieces with fabrics, designs, and colors that match your personality.  

Here are some tips on how to wear a maxi dress when you are over 50 years old:

1. Choose a Maxi Dress With the Proper Length

When choosing a maxi dress, be aware of its length and the length of your legs and torso. It should just be long enough but not brush the floor to trip you. At 50, you want to look classy and confident, but not confused in a dress that can cause an accident anytime. 

However, this does not rule out floor-hugging maxi dresses completely. You can still choose the floor-hugging ones, but wear them with raised shoes to extenuate your legs and give you that classy look. 

2. Wear A Maxi Dress With A Slim Fit

If you want your body to look slimmer, you should choose an outfit with a slim fit. Loose fit maxi dress will make you look bigger than you are. 

3. Add a Belt to Your Maxi Dress

Adding a belt to your maxi dress will give you a body-flattering look. It wraps around your waist and creates an illusion of you having an hourglass figure. You can also use belts and straps around your waist to make your waistline look slimmer and thinner. A belt on your maxi dress will add a personal touch to the look, giving you more style and class. 

Wear a plain belt with a floral maxi dress or a floral one with a plain dress. You can also try belts and dresses of different plain colors. Fashion is about experimenting. However, if in doubt, always choose a black belt. It will match any color. 

 4. Add Accessories to Your Dress

Accessorize such as bangles, jewels, watches, and necklaces add beauty to your look. When selecting these fashion pieces to add to your outfit, choose those that are functional, unique, look great, and make sense. 

The right ones will add the needed finishing touch to your outfit. Choose those that will give you a unique signature look. 

 Here are tips on how to accessorize your maxi dress when you are in your 50s;

 5. Wear a Signature Accessory

A signature accessory will make you feel unique and remarkable. It can be that piece of earring, bangles, or necklace that no one around you has, and it goes well with your maxi dress.

 6. Consider the Accessories’ Color and Pattern

 Neutral colors will always look chic and elegant, and they are timeless wear. Try vibrant colors and animal prints if you want to bring more life to your maxi dress. 

wear over 50

7. Transform Your Look

The power of accessorizing is its ability to transform any look from drab to stunning. Therefore, take time to look yourself in the mirror and evaluate if there is any transformation. If you do not like what you see, you can always try to experiment with other accessories until you get that sparkle. 

 8. Match Your Accessories 

It is one of the easiest ways to accessorize your dress. Choosing a color close to or similar to your dress will make your look more balanced and well put together. When wearing a patterned or floral dress, you can choose one of the colors and accessorize it with a bag of the same color. Wear it with matching accessories so that you look great. Add a belt, shoes, and jewelry to complete your look.

9. Wear a Maxi Dress That Goes Well With Your Skin Tone

Choose colors that match your skin tone and hair color. Dark blue or black looks great on most women as it goes well with all skin tones. If you have fair skin, try wearing light colors like pastel pink or green which will make you look young again.

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10. Wear Contrasting Colors

Wear contrasting colors if you want to stand out from the crowd. Wear red shoes with a dark-colored dress or black accessories with a white top or pants.  Contrasting your maxi dress with your accessories will give you a stunning playful look. 

10. Wear A Stunning Footwear

An outfit is complete when you add some great shoes to it. You can wear heels, sandals, gladiators, platforms, sandals with beaded decoration, or sneakers with your maxi dress. The key is to get those pairs that will give you that edgy look. Sandals are great for a leisurely weekend at the beach or if you are going for some errands. For that distinctive look, you can also try heels when attending a wedding or event.

 Wearing boots with your maxi dress will give you a stylish bohemian look. They are also great for adding height and extra personality to your look. At 50, you can still rock some high-heeled boots. 

If high heels are no longer your thing, try flat boots and enjoy that stylish bohemian look in your 50s. Maxi dresses are pretty versatile and go with most types of shoes. It only depends on how adventurous you are. 

10. Layer Your Maxi Dress With a Jacket 

If wondering how to layer your maxi dress when over 50, try adding a denim jacket.  The jackets are stylish and neutral. You can wear them with any color of dress and any skin type. 

 You can try this look when going to hang out with friends or an ordinary day doing errands. Denim jackets will add some sophistication to your look. 

11. Add a Scarf to your Look

Scarves are a great way to add sparkle to your look. They are pretty versatile. Add a scarf around your neck with your maxi dress, or tie it around your head for an ethnic look. Look for scarves that have fun prints and colors. Throw the scarves around your neck, or mix it up.  You can style your dress in various ways to get a distinctive look. 

 How can an over-year-old wear a maxi dress? 

You can wear a maxi dress when you are over 50 by keeping it simple, getting the right footwear, and choosing the appropriate fabric. 

Can I wear a maxi dress when I’m over 50?

Yes and I cannot stress this enough! Being over 50 does not mean you stop dressing up. Take that maxi dress you like, and accessorize it with this guide to get that edgy look.

What tops can you wear with a maxi dress? 

A jacket or a scarf will go well with a maxi dress. For older women, you should also ensure the maxi dress isn’t too long to cause accidents as you walk. 

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