How to Wear a Maxi Skirt and Denim Shirt

How to Wear a Maxi Skirt and Denim Shirt
Denim shirts are versatile. You can rock it with pants, tights, skirts and dresses. These tips teach you how to style a Demin shirt for any season and time of day.

It’s no secret in these streets that I love denim. I wear denim on denim pants, denim jackets over maxi dresses and skirts, and even tiny denim skirts. My favorite denim of late however has been denim shirts.

If you thought a jean jacket was versatile, you haven’t tried a denim shirt. You can rock it over pants, tights, skirts and dresses of any kind. While I want to show all the ways I have worn a denim shirt, today I will focus on combining this versatile piece with a maxi skirt.

Unlike jean jackets though, your choices for denim shirts are limited to the color blue. Other colors just don’t seem to work as well in my opinion. That said, how you wear a denim shirt depends on the style of the maxi skirt.

Without further ado, here are the top 7 ways to rock a maxi skirt/denim shirt combo to any casual occasion.

Shirt over T-shirt

If I had to choose just one way to wear a denim shirt and a maxi skirt, this would be it. Pick your maxi skirt of choice, preferably a straight or flowy skirt, and pair it with a simple bright t-shirt or top. You can tuck the top in or leave it out depending on how it makes your waist look and the maxi skirt style.

Now go ahead and throw on a denim shirt over the top, slip on some sandals or wedges and accessorize. Because the shirt stays open, a v-shaped lariat necklace looks great, and you can do a matching set on your arms and ears.

Closed Shirt over Skirt

You can achieve this look using the same clothes we have already picked. The difference is that you have to button up the shirt and add sunnies as an accessory. I find this works best if the skirt color doesn’t contrast so much with the blue in your shirt. For example, this wouldn’t look so good if the maxi skirt was red or green.

Knotted at the Waist

While we are still wearing the same outfit and the t-shirt is tucked in, let’s style this in another way. Instead of buttoning the shirt or letting it free, take the ends and make a knot on the front of your waist.

Again, the open shirt will show off the beautiful necklace on your neck and the white top so you will look brighter. Pair this with beautiful sunnies, rings on your fingers, and simple bracelets. I recommend flats, sandals or wedges with this look.

Denim shirt and Pleated Maxi Skirt

Ready to change the outfit? Me too. It would not be a complete style with me if I didn’t mention my classic pleated maxi skirt. For this, I want you to pick a bold, dark colored pleated maxi skirt. I’m talking purple, navy blue, dark green, or even black maxi skirt.

Throw on your denim shirt, buttoned, and tuck it in the skirt. Then, take your favorite brown belt and tie it around your waist to separate the two colors. Because this is a serious professional look, go with pumps or heels instead of flat shoes.

I like to accessorize this simply with dainty jewelry and a brown handbag.

To be clear, this style will look great with any A-line or flowy maxi skirt as well. If pleated skirts are not your thing, try any of those other styles.

Floral Maxi Skirt and Cropped Denim Shirt

I love wide floral maxi skirts for spring and summer. Interestingly, I also struggle to style these gorgeous skirts outside of the simple t-shirt tucked in or a denim jacket. Recently however I saw a lady wearing this dark floral maxi skirt with a denim shirt tied at the waist and I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

Depending on the base color of the skirt, you can wear a white or black tank top underneath the shirt and a nice, beady necklace. Tie the shirt right where the skirt starts and rock heels with this look to weddings, family gatherings or other big events.

I would go with a clutch or classy sling bag for this because it’s a party look. Feel free to also rock exaggerated jewelry on your hands because you need to fold up the sleeves.

Denim on Denim

Yes, denim on denim doesn’t just work on jean trousers. It’s also a great look for skirts, including maxi skirts. The secret is to find a well-fitting classy jean skirt that has a front slit (buttoned or otherwise).

Pair this with a denim shirt of a different shade of blue and tuck it in the skirt. Again, wear a brown belt to separate the two and cinch in your waist. This look works best with white sneakers and a simple bag.

The Cowgirl Look

Lift your hand up if you have never wanted to be a cowgirl just once and do the Texas wedding dance? This particular look is inspired by rustic Texan weddings. You basically pick a white wedding-appropriate maxi skirt, tuck in the denim shirt and belt up.

All you need after that is cowboy boots and a hat. If you must wear jewelry, keep it rustic and minimal. People in this area rarely wear metallic jewelry or carry purses so keep it simple.

There you have it ladies. You now have no excuse not to wear that cool denim shirt with a maxi skirt. With these two pieces, you can be anything from a boho chic to a cowgirl. Learn the right pair for each look and invest in a good brown belt.

Can I wear a denim shirt with a maxi skirt?

You can style a maxi skirt casually with a lot of things including a denim shirt. Button it up and tuck in or make a knot on the waist. You can also leave the buttons open and wear a plain t-shirt underneath.

How do you accessorize a denim top and skirt?

The type of accessories you wear with a denim shirt depend on the type of skirt and the occasion. If the skirt is floral and exciting, balance that with bright accessories. We advise keeping simple looks like denim on denim minimal on accessories.

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