How to Wear Black Maxi Skirt in Summer

A woman wearing a black maxi skirt walking towards the ocean.
Black maxi dresses are a great summer staple if you know how to style it. These tips will steer you to the right direction. Read on to find out.

Can you wear a black maxi dress in summer?

Yes, a black maxi skirt may seem like an unlikely fit for summer, but it’s perfect for several reasons. One, black is chic and brings out the mysterious, sexy side of every woman. Black is also very versatile in that it goes well with almost every top in your closet, and you can wear it to different occasions, not just the beach like white skirts.

But doesn’t black absorb heat and make you sweat?

Well, that’s why you have to choose breathable, light, and comfortable fabrics. For summer and spring, go with lightweight jersey, linen, cotton, and sheer. This is not the season for leather, nylon, knit, and other heavy materials.

You also want a breezy skirt that allows plenty of air to get to you, so tight maxi skirts are out too.

With that out, here are some tips on how to wear a black maxi skirt in summer.

Try a Popping Top

White is the perfect combo for a black maxi skirt, whether it’s a t-shirt, blouse, button-down shirt, or even a crop top. 

Interestingly though, I find that other popping colors like emerald green, mustard, red-orange, teal blue and red look rather mesmerizing on black. A light blouse or top in these colors will take a black skirt from boring to summer vibes in seconds, especially if you match it with popping shoes or a purse.

Another great option you can try is printed tops. A simple black and white polka dot blouse, striped crop top, or floral t-shirt top are all great examples. Feel free to inject some colors, flowers, and even sparkle into your outfit.  This sparkly top and flowy maxi dress was a great wedding combo, and people couldn’t stop admiring it.

Show some Skin

There are two reasons for this. One, a black maxi skirt can be too much fabric which can look overwhelming. Wearing a crop top, a sleeveless top, or an off-shoulder top counteracts that by showing some skin and balancing the outfit. Even a light short sleeve blouse with a V-neck or buttons will do.

Reason number two is that you want to stay cool in summer. A top or blouse that doesn’t cover so much will allow some breeze to hit your upper body, so you don’t sweat too much. Again, go for light and breathable fabrics like cotton, chambray, linen, and even lace.

Offset the Black with Neutral Shoes

The last thing you want in summer is to look like you are going to a funeral. A bright top will neutralize the black a great deal, but it’s not enough. I also like to wear neutral or colorful accessories to balance things out.

First things first, choose a neutral or colorful pair of shoes. Pleated maxi skirts look particularly good in neutral pump heels, but you can also do blue, green, red, or sparkle. As for stilettos, which I recommend for floor-length maxi skirts, go with black, gold, or a color that matches your top. This applies to sandals too and wedges because they are the best option during hot weather.

That said, few things look better than a pair of white sneakers underneath a straight, slitted maxi skirt and white top. The white really neutralizes the look, and it’s great for casual wear.

Wear a Brown Belt

After shoes, I like to consider whether a belt would add some pizzazz to the black outfit. This works better if the skirt is not a high waist and you want to draw attention to your waist. A brown woven belt is always the number one choice for casual wear. Something about combining black, brown, and another color always seems perfect.

That said, I choose a black belt for semi-formal ensembles. The belt must have some embellishments on the front, so it stands out from the skirt. Look for a belt with some gold/silver decorations, or try something as simple as a Gucci belt.

Consider Woven Accessories

Woven accessories in light brown or off-white colors look amazing next to a black outfit. I like to add touches of woven stuff like sandals, a handbag, and even a straw or leather hat.

Speaking of handbags, try to carry a small one to balance the overwhelming effect of a black maxi skirt. For casual wear, a small Chanel sling bag or something alike will do, while a classy clutch works best for formal or semi-formal occasions. It’s okay to induce some color on your purse too since it’s an accessory.

Add Fun Jewelry

We wear black maxi skirts with long coats or sweaters in cold weather. This isn’t the case with summer because you have a lot of exposed skin and available surface for jewelry. Feel free to fill that surface with fun, colorful pieces that will brighten the outfit like the sun.

I’ve always been a fan of a good arm stack of gold or silver bangles or natural bracelets made of beads or shells. An anklet on your leg is also a great addition, and so are rings on your hands. If you like, paint your nails a bright color too, so they pop more and add to the excitement.

For more serious occasions though, a classy watch, matching necklace, and dainty earrings will suffice. You only want to add some color to your skin with jewelry without looking tacky.

All said and done, though, wearing a black maxi skirt is all about attitude. I like a skirt with pockets because it’s easier to look cool and carefree when your hands are tucked inside the pockets. Try to wear a happy, radiant attitude, unless you are heading to a funeral, and let your smile be an accessory too.

What can I wear with a black maxi skirt in summer?

A bright, well-fitting top is the best partner for a black skirt. Check out your skirt and determine if it looks best in a t-shirt, blouse, crop top, or even a shirt. Try to pair this with a neutral pair of shoes, fun and colorful accessories, and a small purse.

What shoes do you wear with a black skirt in summer?

Open, neutral-colored shoes are the best option. If the skirt is ankle length, go with sandals or sneakers. If it’s longer, a pair of stilettos, strappy sandals, or pumps will do. Ensure the shoes are comfortable to wear in hot weather.

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