How to Wear Empire Waist Maxi Dress

empire waist maxi dress
An empire waist maxi dress is a timeless piece, and you can dress it up for various events. Learn how to wear an empire waist maxi dress here.

An empire waist maxi dress is a must-have attire for every fashionable woman. Why? Because it is attractive, lightweight, and comfortable. 

Empire waist maxi dresses are also perfect for all body types. Whether you are petite, medium-sized, or have a tummy, you can rock an empire waist maxi dress and still look good! 

This maxi dress is quite versatile. You can go from a busy day at the office to after-hour cocktails with your girls with an empire waist maxi dress. You just have to wear and accessorize it right! 

Here is a guide on how to wear an empire waist maxi dress and look elegant, polished, and sophisticated.

What is an Empire Waist Maxi Dress

If you do not already own one, you may wonder what an empire waist maxi dress is. 

An empire waist maxi dress, also known as empire line or empire silhouette, is a style that gathers or cinches at the narrow point under your bust line instead of the natural waistline. The rest of the garment falls loosely under the bust to the floor or ankles. 

The Empire waist maxi dress is suitable for all body types. For ladies with a wider lower body, an empire waist dress draws attention to the narrow upper body and makes the bust look curvier. The raised waistline also gives shorter women the illusion of added height. 

4 Tips for Wearing Empire Waist Maxi Dress

Anyone can look stunning in an empire waist maxi dress. However, pulling off the look can be daunting. 

Below are tips for wearing an empire waist maxi dress.

1. Opt for Deep Necklines

To make your outfit more flattering, consider picking deep necklines. This includes sweetheart, deep scoop, and v-necklines. 

An empire waist maxi dress with a deep neckline adds length to your neckline, making you appear slimmer and taller. However, consider your body type and occasion when choosing an empire waist maxi dress with a deep neckline.

If you are a busty woman, a deep neckline could put your boobs front and center, which can be embarrassing and awkward, especially in a formal or corporate event. Consider pairing the dress with a lacy camisole, among other undergarments, for a conservative vibe.

2. Stay Clear of Billowy Fabrics or Gathered Material

One of the most significant things to keep in mind when dressing up a flattering empire waist maxi dress is to avoid gathered or billowy materials. 

Billowing fabrics often hide your natural curves, while pleated or gathered materials give the illusion of additional pounds around your belly. Choose a more body-hugging empire maxi dress to appear elegant and sophisticated. 

3. Do not Wear Voluminous Bottoms

Empire waist maxi dresses often highlight the slimmest part of your body, making your curves appear wider. For this reason, you should avoid any bottoms that add volume. This includes wide-leg trousers. 

If you want to wear pants or leggings under your dress, consider choosing straight-leg or skinny styles to create a balanced proportion.

4. Consider your Body Type

An empire waist maxi dress is suitable for most body types. However, you should pick a dress that fits well with your natural waistline and bust to look elegant.

For an apple-shaped woman, opt for an empire waist maxi dress with a loose, flowing top and a fitted bottom.

Ladies with a pear-shaped body type should look for an empire waist maxi dress with a flared bottom and a fitted waist. 

5. Choose an A-line or Sheath Cut

Be sure to choose empire waist maxi dresses with a sheath or A-line cut. These dress cuts highlight your curves and the narrowest part of the body instead of hiding them completely.

How to Accessorize an Empire Waist Maxi Dress

Like other maxi dress options, your empire waist maxi dress looks attractive as is. However, you could incorporate a few accessories into your outfit to add style, femininity, and freshness.

Let’s look at how you can accessorize your maxi dress

1. Add a Straw Hat

Create the perfect getaway look by swapping hair accessories with a wide-brimmed straw hat. A straw hat will not only add style to your outfit. It will also protect your eyes from direct sunlight in summer. 

2. Pick the Right Shoes

What shoes go well with an empire waist maxi dress? 

You can rock your empire waist maxi dress with various footwear designs depending on the occasion you intend to attend. A pair of stilettos or heels are more appropriate for a formal event like a date night or wedding. 

You could also wear metallic sandals when you want to achieve a simple, casual vibe. Alternatively, add instant drama or edge to your outfit with boots. 

3. Layer Your Empire Waist Maxi Dress

You do not have to avoid wearing your empire maxi dress in winter or spring when the weather forecast is not solely sunshine and blue skies. Consider pairing your outfit with other clothes for warmth. 

You could add a long coat, blazer, or a scarf. However, ensure the layers complement your empire maxi dress’ fabric and color. For a velvet maxi dress with pockets, consider rocking a cotton or chiffon scarf.

4. Add Jewelry

Pair your empire maxi dress with jewelry pieces to elevate your look. However, keep the event you want to attend in mind when choosing appropriate jewelry pieces.

For a formal event, stick to minimalist jewelry. Choose statement necklaces, earrings, layered bracelets, and bangles for a casual look. 

How do you take an empire waist maxi dress?

To take an empire waist maxi dress, you should first find your empire waistline, the narrow point under your bust line. Next, pull the gown from the bottom until it reaches your empire waistline. You should then leave the empire maxi dress as is or tie it in the back.

Are empire waist maxi dresses flattering?

Yes, empire waist maxi dresses are universally flattering. They are fitted around your bodice and fall loosely under your bust. They are also some of the most super-comfy, non-restrictive dress designs, giving the illusion of height to the petite structure. An empire waist maxi dress accentuates taller frames.

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