How to Wear Maxi Dress in the Summer

Mai dresses you can wear in the summer to be comfortable
Summer fashion doesn’t get better than maxi dresses. Here’s how you wear and style a maxi dress in hot weather to you are comfortable ad fashionable.

They are breezy, comfy, and super versatile- which is why maxi dresses are the ultimate summer outfit. With the weather getting hotter every day, you want to let your legs free of pants and tight things. Maxi dresses are my favorite way to achieve this while staying chic and elegant, no matter the occasion.

Going out for dinner? Hanging out with pals or attending a work function? A maxi dress will be perfect. Plus, they are super easy to wear. You only need to slip on one item of clothing, pick an appropriate shoe, and you are out of the door in mere minutes.

And did I mention they give you that relaxed summer vibe? A flowy floral or white maxi dress makes me feel like I am on vacation, even while working. It’s really a gift that never runs short.

But there’s a method to rocking a maxi dress in summer. You want a maxi dress that will keep you cool and breezy without making you look like you are on the beach.


Here are 6 fabulous tricks to wearing a maxi dress in summer.

1. Choose Breathable Fabrics

It goes without saying that summer is hot as all get out. You need to wear items that keep you cool, allow ample airflow, and absorb moisture, which makes them great fabrics for maxi dresses. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and chambray are breathable enough to allow heat to escape and absorb moisture. These fabrics are also hypoallergenic and won’t stick to your skin when you sweat.

2. Go for Dresses that Allow Maximum Comfort

Fabric aside, maxi dresses have other features that promote coolness and comfort in the summer heat. Sleeveless dresses, for example, will allow your skin and armpits to breathe. You can also go for slits, cut-outs, and open-back designs. The more skin wind can blow on directly, the better for you.

Speaking of airflow, you also want a flowy and airy dress. Clingy and budging fits may bring out your figure, but they don’t make a pretty sight when it’s 80 degrees out, and you are sweating profusely. If you can, avoid heavy fabrics or any dress with heavy beading or embellishments. The summer heat is uncomfortable enough on its own; you don’t need a dress that weighs you down as well.

3. Wear Lighter Shades and Floral Patterns

This tip is two-dimensional. One, lighter shades reflect light instead of absorbing it, and this helps you remain cool. Second, light-colored and floral dresses bring out the happy summery person in you. Summer is a time to be jolly, free, and relaxed, even if you are still going to work. And for that, you should leave darker shades for winter.

4. Let the Feet Breathe

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the summer season is hot, and you should let everything breathe, especially your feet. Open shoes like sandals and flip-flops are the best on hot summer days to the beach, shopping, or lunch dates. Feel free to go wild with the kind of sandals you choose, from gladiator sandals to those embellished metallic ones. In the evening, however, you can elevate the look with a classic pair of stiletto heels.

5. Add Summery Accessories to Complement the Dress

Summer accessories should serve two purposes; protection from sunlight and styling the maxi dress. The two accessories I recommend you never leave behind are sunglasses and a hat. These two will protect your eyes and face from harmful sun rays, keep your face cool, and bring out your stylish side.

I also recommend carrying a lightweight handbag which won’t make you tired. Something like a cross-body bag or a jute bag will be perfect for a summer maxi dress. A neutral-toned bag such as rattan is also perfect, thanks to the timeless, rustic feel.

When choosing these accessories, consider the colors of the dress. You may not want to match the dress with the accessories, but they should at least be in the same color spectrum.

6. Throw on a Cropped Jacket

While summer days are always scorching hot, the evening can get a little chilly. Throwing on a brightly colored cropped jacket over the maxi dress is a great way to add some warmth without killing the summer vibe. A white, beige, or yellow leather/jean jacket work amazingly well to transition from day to night. Make sure the jacket has some unique details like buttons or zippers to complement the dress.

If you are wondering, there’s a reason I have not mentioned jewelry. Contrary to what other stylists tell you, I find jewelry extremely uncomfortable on sweaty arms and neck. Instead, I don a cotton bandana on the neck or forehead to absorb the sweat and keep the skin cool. The only jewelry I wear during summer is earrings and maybe an anklet, but everything else waits until it’s a little cool.

What’s the best maxi dress for summer?

The best maxi dress for summer should be comfortable, light and cooling. This means choosing breathable and absorbent fabrics like cotton and linen and opting for a more flowy silhouette. In addition, the dress design should allow as much airflow as possible without being inappropriate.

How do you style a maxi dress for summer?

Styling a maxi dress for summer is simple because the dress does all the work for you. Dress it up with sun-protecting accessories like a hat and sunglasses and wear comfortable, open shoes like sandals or open heels. A lightweight, bright-colored handbag is also a plus.

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