Introduction to Pocket Squares

pocket square
A pocket square is a small rectangle of fabric that is used to put in your pocket as an accessory. Let's talk some history, modern fashion and the right ways to use it.

This website is about maxi dresses with pockets. therefore meant for women. Nevertheless, every so often I cannot resist and write something about men’s clothing with pockets.

In this case, let’s talk about pocket squares,

What is a pocket square?

A pocket square is a small cloth that is used to cover the front of a shirt or jacket. It is usually worn in the breast pocket and is meant to complement the outfit. A pocket square can be made of any fabric, but it is most often made from silk or cotton. The size of a pocket square is typically 3-inches by 3-inches.

A pocket square is a small piece of cloth that is worn in the breast pocket of a man’s jacket. It is usually made from silk, cotton, or linen. it was originally used as protection for the gentleman’s handkerchief or as decoration to show off their wealth and status.

Nowadays pocket squares made their way into many different outfits, including suits, jackets, and even blazers.

The pocket square has evolved over time to become more than just an accessory that is just given away at weddings or used as decoration; it’s now used to add some flair to your outfit when you’re going out on the town.

Women who love pockets, this one is for you: Pocket squares are traditionally a male accessory. However, some designers have been making them for women as well.

A little bit of history

Pockets squares are an accessory that is oftentimes overlooked. They have a long history and can add a lot to the look of a suit. The pocket square has been around for centuries and it is believed that its origins date back to the 17th century and is believed to have originated in France. Some men wear them as part of their formal attire while others might wear them with a more casual outfit.

The most common use for a pocket square is to simply provide color or texture to an outfit, but they can also be used to help clean up a messy tie knot or provide some warmth on chilly days.

Pocket squares are a classic men’s accessory that can add a touch of personality or elegance to any outfit. It’s up to the individual how they want to use them, but they are most commonly used as a color or texture accent in an outfit. They can also be used to clean up the messy knot on one’s tie. They can also be used as an alternative tie knot.

Pocket square use

A pocket square can be worn to add a bit of color, texture, or pattern to an otherwise plain outfit. It can also be used to bring attention to the front of the suit jacket or to cover part of the shirt when it peeks out from underneath the jacket.

Wearing a pocket square with your tuxedo will not only make you look more put together but will also help you avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume for Halloween.

pocket square
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When should I wear a pocket square?

One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether or not to wear a pocket square is the occasion. There are three main occasions for which men should wear a pocket square: casual, formal, and events.

Pocket squares are generally considered to be a more formal accessory and should only be worn on more formal occasions such as weddings, funerals, and black tie events.

Casual: A man might choose to wear a pocket square casually if he is going out with friends or family members on an informal occasion like brunch on Sunday morning. A man might also choose to wear one casually if he is going out with his girlfriend or wife and they are having dinner at an upscale restaurant where suits are not required.

Formal: When wearing a suit, it’s important to keep in mind that the pocket square is a formal item of clothing. It’s not an optional accessory, so it is not necessary to fold it over or tuck it into one’s suit lapel unless wearing a white shirt or polo shirt.

Wedding: The groom may be wearing a pocket square. A pocket square can also be used as a signal for the groom’s best man at weddings. The groom’s best man will wear the matching color of the groom’s tie while the other groomsmen will wear their own color.

Should the pocket square match your shirt or tie?

The matching colors are usually not necessary but it does make for a nice detail that can be used as an accessory to add some personality to your outfit.

Some do say your pocket square should match the shirt you are wearing. If you have a white shirt, then it is best to wear a white pocket square. This will help you create a more cohesive look by matching the colors of the shirt with the colors of the pocket square. This should be done to create a more cohesive look.

People who disagree say it may not always be necessary. You can also wear different colors together and they will still work well together as long as they don’t clash too much or take away from each other’s appeal. Some people might argue that there are no hard rules on matching colors, but you shouldn’t use two different colors at once.

As for the tie, The color of the tie should also be taken into account when selecting a matching color for the pocket square.

Bow ties and neckties are the most common types of ties that go with pocket squares. Without a tie is also an option.


There are many ways to fold a pocket square. To find the right one for you, you should first consider what kind of occasion it is.

One way to fold a pocket square is the triangle fold. This type of fold is most often used when wearing a suit or tuxedo. The pocket square should be folded diagonally in half and then again in half so that it resembles a triangle shape. It should then be inserted into the breast pocket so that it stands upright and points towards the shirt’s center button on the wearer’s left side.

Another way to fold a pocket square is the accordion fold, also known as “the cocktail napkin”. This type of fold can be used for any occasion, but usually when wearing more casual attire such as jeans or a T-shirt. First, fold in half diagonally to form a triangle. Then, fold the point of one side over the top of the triangle and tuck it into itself, making a second triangle. Fold the other side over this second triangle, and tuck that point into itself as well. The folded edge should look like an accordion.

On YouTube, you will be able to find many fold ideas. This is video is good for beginners:

Final thoughts

Pocket squares are a great way to add personality to your outfit and set your style apart from the rest.

Pocket squares a way for men to make a statement about themselves. It’s also a way for them to show appreciation for the people in their life.

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