Chicloth – full website review&its maxi dresses with pockets!

Different types of maxi dresses you can buy on Chicloth
Chicloth has some of the most affordable yet stylish clothes. The same goes for their Maxi dresses with pockets that come in different styles.

Every woman needs some maxi dresses. They are light and airy, easy to put on, and stylish in every climate or occasion. At the very least, you need a simple maxi dress to hang out at home or with friends, another one for the beach or holidays, and definitely one you can wear to cocktail evenings or even a date. Maxi dresses are the ultimate wardrobe staple, especially if you can find them in different designs, colors, and themes.

But while these dresses are a complete package, finding one with pockets is the dream. Pockets are crazy convenient for stashing your phone, lip balm, credit card, and door key. When you put on this dress, you only need sunglasses on your head, and you are good to go. And who doesn’t like the look of a lady standing with her hands inside the dress pockets? It’s the ultimate photo pause.

The question is, where do you get such dresses?

Giiirrrl, we have the scoop just for you.

Recently we discovered a website known as Chicloth. It is a one-stop online shopping store for all women’s fashion apparel and accessories. According to their website, every woman deserves to have clothes of the highest quality and fit perfectly while being very light on her pockets.

About Chicloth

Just to introduce them-Chicloth is an international e-commerce company originally registered in Hong Kong and the UK where their headquarters and offices are located. After much success in those two countries, the company expanded and launched warehouses in the United States, Australia, and Norway.

Chicloth is on a mission to offer the most sought-after styles and trends in women’s fashion and accessories. They work with designers from Milan, New York, and Paris to find the best fashion trends and create unique pieces. Each item has been hand-picked by their fashion experts and made with the highest quality material and workmanship.

Maxi dresses from Chicloth

A Look at Chicloth Dresses and Design Style

Though Chicloth offers other items like shoes, jackets, and accessories, dresses is where they shine most. The brand has a wide selection of dresses from vintage to retro styles, hipster fashion, and even luxury dinner dresses.

What we like most about Chicloth is that its design style is for a woman who wants to stand out in her femininity and feel sexy. The brand name Chicloth really says it all because they only sell chic, statement-making, and boho-inspired attires.

The entire catalog features dresses with bold, solid colors with touches of lace, frills, and flare to keep everything glam and fabulous. You will also notice a lot of straps instead of sleeves, backless designs, and flashy attires made for the modern sexy woman or a boho princess.

If you are willing to look, there is a dress for you in this line-up and one that will satiate your every desire. The dresses you will find on this site include;

Wedding Dresses

Chicloth has a branch of wedding dresses featuring both traditional and unconventional designs. As the bride-to-be, you will find any design you can think of here at a very affordable price. Their best seller is the Spaghetti Straps Mermaid dress, perfect for summer or spring outdoor weddings and young brides. Though most of the wedding gowns are white in color, you will also find your dream dress in ivory, blush pink, red, and champagne.

Chicloth also takes care of the bride’s maids with a wide selection of short and long dresses in different colors. So whatever your wedding theme is, you can find bridesmaid dresses to match it. All they have to do is fill in the sizing tab and dresses will be delivered in their size.

Chicloth designers are among the few who are adding sewn-in pockets to their breath-taking gowns because every bride needs convenience. You can also specify that you want pockets on all bridesmaids’ dresses or select a design that has them already.

Prom Dresses

Have a senior who is preparing for their biggest night in high school? Chicloth has the perfect prom dress for her. The wide selection of styles, designs, and colors is impressive, and you will have trouble choosing just one dress. This line has a lot of dresses with pockets because students don’t carry purses to prom dance.

In this section, ladies can also find an evening dress or a party dress designed according to their specifications. If you have an evening event, red carpet, or a classy party that calls for a classic gown, Chicloth will sort you out without taking all your savings.

Casual Dresses

When Chicloth was first established, its first launch was a line of trendy casual dresses for different occasions. All the pieces are comfortable and minimalist options inspired by worldwide trends. They will allow you to look fashionable no matter the occasion and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. The casual line comprises of loungewear, short party dresses, and maxi dresses with pockets, most of which are quite multi-purpose and can seamlessly go from day to night.

The casual dresses in this line-up are appropriate for beach, parties, going to the in-law’s house, church, and even brunch with friends and family. You can also wear one to hang out at home because they are light and breathable.

Plus size Dresses

Chicloth is nothing if not inclusive and this is clearly demonstrated in their selection of plus-size dresses. They have stocked everything from party dresses, wedding gowns, maxi dresses, and everyday glam wear for plus-size women. If you want a dress with pockets, you won’t have any trouble finding one here.

Dresses with Pockets

Do all Chicloth dresses have pockets? No, but many of them do. Chicloth is a boho-inspired line which means a lot of their designs are laid back, functional, and include pockets. Most of the casual dresses, for example, do have pockets, especially the maxi dresses.

The good thing about Chicloth is that you can custom order a dress and tell them to add pockets to your outfit. When you are filling out the sizing chart and specifying what colors and designs you want, be sure to include pockets in that so the tailors can put them for you.

That said, you will have a lot of options to choose from on this site if you want a ready-made dress with pockets.

Different types of maxi dresses you can buy on Chicloth

Where to Buy Chicloth Maxi Dresses

To buy Chicloth apparel and accessories, you have to first sign up or register for a shopping account at the site. It’s a 3-minutes process that makes you part of the Chicloth community, so you have access to all their stylish pieces and discounts.

From there, go to any section and select the dress that you want and then make an order. There are tailors on standby to make the dress after you place the order to ensure it is done according to specifications. Again, select your size, color, design, and any addition you want before clicking place order and paying.

You can also reach the company via email, phone, and social channels which include Facebook and Instagram.

Speaking of payment, Chicloth has various modes of payment depending on where you are.

Shipping, Delivery, and Returns

Chicloth delivers all their items through Global Express within 3-6 days after an order. However, if you order a custom fit that needs to be made from scratch, expect a 1-15 days processing time before shipping. Orders go to all states in the USA, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The company also offers free shipping for specific items depending on price.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 3 days after delivery to apply for a return. Make sure you include the reason for the return and pictures so they can verify and approve it before you send the item back. If all is well, you should get a refund within 10-15 days.

Women wearing different types of clothes from Chicloth

Chicloth Review from Customers

There are a lot of Chicloth reviews on individual websites and the brands website as well. From the comments left, most customers were well satisfied with their orders and they got exactly what they wanted. The fabric quality, color, and design matched what was in the picture.

For example, Sitejabber gives Chicloth a 4.8/5 stars for quality and reliability. However, there are a few complaints of not receiving the order, when orders were done online.

Final Verdict

The question we’ve seen a lot on Instagram is whether Chicloth is legit? This is following a few reviews online that claim they never received their orders. However, we can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that the brand is 100% legit and quite reputable when it comes to high-quality affordable women’s clothing. Their apparel is stylish, unique, and well-tailored so customers can look their best at all times.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the website?

Yes, there are plenty of maxi dresses with pockets on the Chicloth site. These dresses range from $40 to $200, depending on whether you want a maxi dress or a special wear dress for prom, dinner, or red carpet.

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