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Full review on the dresses (maxi dresses with pockets, and other dresses) you can find on Modlily: customer reviews, dress styles, pricing.

The shopping experience has changed drastically in the last five years, especially clothes shopping. Instead of ransacking malls and major stores, people are now shopping online. Good thing is, the latest trends only cost a fraction of the cost. This is thanks to a myriad of online retailers from China and Asia offering what we normally get at the store at highly discounted prices.

If you like finding new styles at discounted rates, you’ve probably heard about Modlily. It’s a popular online boutique offering thousands of women’s apparel on their site at crazy low prices. The platform is advertised heavily on social media, and their clothing leave many women wanting more. For example, the same maxi dresses with pockets you can find on other sites or stores at $400 are available on Modlily at $20-$40.

But is this Modlily legit? Where are they located, and what else can you get from there?

About Modlily

Modlily is a worldwide online retailer that sells a variety of women’s clothing to resellers and individual shoppers. It has existed since 2009 and has quickly become a preferred online fast-fashion brand for global consumers. Their catalog includes dresses, swimwear, jumpsuits, tops, plus-size clothing, bottoms, and jewelry.

The company is based in Shanghai, but they ship to over 200 countries across the globe. You can still get your dresses if you are in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. They also have warehouses in different cities where clothes are dispatched for distribution. This also helps with returns in case of any issues. From our research, the time it takes to receive your item depends on which warehouse it ships from. Usually, different locations stock different items.

Modlily prides itself in offering only high-quality products, an easy shopping experience, and light-speed delivery. Whether this is true or not varies from customer to customer as we will see below. What we know for sure is that Modlily drops a great number of new items each week and the prices are quite competitive.

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Modlily Dresses and Design Styles

Again, Modlily deals with a wide variety of clothing, including bottoms, swimwear, and jewelry. However, the site is mostly known for its out-of-this-world dress designs. The dresses represent today’s fashion-forward woman who wants to have it all.

Casual Dresses

Most of the clothes are designed for a bohemian-like woman who wants to stand out, feel sexy and be free in her femininity. You will notice a lot of prints, patterns, and flowers in the dresses, bold exciting colors, and flowy dresses.

They also have straight fits, straps instead of sleeves, and plenty of decorative parts like lace, buttons, and pockets. In this line, you can choose short or long casual dresses for parties, brunch, hanging out at home or strolling on the beach. Most of them have pockets because it’s not casual enough without them.

Elegant and Sheath Dresses

However, the retailer also offers items for the classy, elegant lady who has work events on weekends, weddings, and dinner meetings. In this category, you will find a line of really elegant dresses made of materials like chiffon and lace or straight cotton dresses with embellishments.

If you are a stylish feminine woman who doesn’t like wearing suits to work, Modlily has the best selection of sheath dresses for you. The category features most of the bold-colored dresses on the site, but there are a lot of patterns and flowers as well. Also, if you want an elegant dress with pockets, you can have your pick since many of them do have pockets.

Plus size Dresses

Modlily has a lot to offer plus-size ladies, from dresses to swimwear and bottoms. They are all available in similar styles to the rest, so you will find them as maxi dresses, sheath dresses, casual dresses, and others. Make sure you get the size right because China sizes are very different from American sizes.

Maxi Dresses

Our favorite category at Modlily is maxi dresses, thanks to their wide selection of classy, bohemian, and casual fits. Their maxi dresses are gorgeous, flowy, full of patterns and colors, and they have pockets. If you have tried buying a maxi dress with pockets at Zara or any other physical store, you can testify they don’t come cheap, and there isn’t a whole lot of them out there. However, you will have trouble choosing a couple at Modlily because they are so many and the prices are so good.

Maxi Dresses with Pockets You Can Find on Modlily
You can find all types of maxi dresses with pockets at Modlily easily.

How to Order Maxi Dresses with Pockets at Modlily

Like every other online store, you have to sign up or register an account at After that, go to their catalog and find the maxi dress of your dreams. Add to Bag and check it out with your preferred payment method. You can add as many dresses as you want to the shopping bag and select your address for shipping purposes.

Shipping, Delivery, and Returns

Once you make your order, an order confirmation email with a summary of everything will be sent to you, along with shipping and billing details. After that, the company will start preparing the item for shipping immediately, and this can take anywhere from 2-to 10 days, depending on the item’s availability.

For orders over US $69, you’ll enjoy free standard shipping to your doorstep. Orders will reach their recipient within 10days to a few weeks, again depending on the availability of the item and distance from the warehouse. Modlily suggests waiting up to 2 months before panicking because orders can take that long to be delivered. You will receive a dispatch number you can use to follow up on the order until it gets to you.

What about returns? Well, you have 30 days to return an item if it’s not what you ordered or the sizing is wrong. Modlily will offer a refund upon approval of the return or an exchange, especially if size was the only issue.

To request a return, log in to your Modlily account, submit a ticket and give the customer service the reason for returning. Note however that shipping the item back is your cost, and the entire process can take a long time as well.

Customer Reviews

Modlily has been around for over ten years now, so as you can imagine, the internet is full of reviews about them. Overall, the site does not have the best ratings, despite being legit, affordable, and trustworthy.

For instance, their overall rating on Sitejabber is 3.89 stars from almost 3,000 reviewers. While 88.4 of those reviews are positive, the other 12% has left horrible comments about the retailer. The highlighting complaint is that it’s virtually impossible to make a return because the site has terrible customer service, and all replies on their chats seem to be automated.

Product Review gives Modlily 2 stars from 92 customers, and only 10% of them had anything good to say about the site. Besides the long shipping period and poor customer service, customers here also complain about clothing items being too small or poorly done.

Finally, the Better Business Bureau gives the site a sad 1.18-star rating but for only 12 reviews. Ten of those reviewers gave Modlily 1 star thanks to the frustrating return process, poor customer support, and poor cloth sizing.

That said, it’s important to remember that every online retailer has a whole host of unsatisfied customers, not just Modlily. Also, happy customers rarely go back to review sites to give the company a 5-star review, making the negative reviews stand out.

Final Verdict

So, is Modlily a legit online retailer? YES. The site is, without a doubt, legit, reputable, and reliable. Despite the many negative reviews online, many people order clothes and jewelry from the site and get exactly what they ordered. If you can deal with the prolonged shipping period, it’s usually worth it to buy from Modlily because their outfits are beautiful, trendy, and quite affordable.

Modlily FAQ

What do you think of Modily?

The site is legit, reputable, and reliable. Despite the many negative reviews online, many people order clothes and jewelry from the site and get exactly what they ordered. If you can deal with the prolonged shipping period, it’s usually worth it to buy from Modlily because their outfits are beautiful, trendy, and quite affordable.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the website?

Yes, Modlily stocks a huge selection of maxi dresses with pockets in casual and maxi dress sections. Click on any maxi dress you see on the site and read the description to see if it has pockets. The pictures also give away this information.

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