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NewChic has vintage, print, vintage, and plus-size maxi dresses. Best of all, the dresses have pockets. But, is NewChic a great place to shop?

If you love a good discount on clothing, makeup, and household goods, then the $2.99 and 70% off NewChic banners all over the internet have probably caught your eye, as it did ours. NewChic is a B2C online store based in Hong Kong, offering everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and even household goods.

The retailer has been around since 2015 and is one of the well-known online shopping destinations for fast, affordable clothing. As we said, our interest in the store was sorely based on the crazy discounts and offers, which as we found out, were actually legit. We took advantage of the 70% off on shoes and the 20% off Promo codes on all clothing to get a few items on the website.

This is our first-hand, unsolicited and unbiased review.

About NewChic Website

The first impressive thing about this retailer is the website ( It’s well organized, and you will clearly see what they sell on the homepage because it’s categorized into sections. There’s a section for clothing, shoes, bags, beauty, home & Gardens, and Accessories. Click on any of them, and you will be redirected to subsections showing you clothing types and shoes.

Besides being easy to navigate, we found that each item is available in multiple images, so you can see it from different angles and colors. As China-made items, their sizes are not American standard, so NewChic offers a sizing chart, directions for measuring your body, and reviews on fit accuracy for most items. The pricing did not disappoint either as most things are quite affordable even without the discounts.

It will be unfair not to mention the company’s record shipping time because it’s the fastest we have seen so far. Considering your items are shipping from China, receiving them in two weeks or less is quite impressive.

So, what kind of fashion does this online retailer sell?

Maxi dresses with pockets found on Newchic

NewChic Style

The name NewChic actually says everything you need to know about what the company stands for. In their own words, they provide high-quality, new fashion trends with unique designs and styles. The company’s three main towers are;

  • Unique design style
  • Casual and comfortable fashion
  • Independent designers who combine art and fashion to meet the first point.

As for specific style, NewChic prides itself in providing simple, elegant, and flowy clothing items that showcase class and uniqueness. About 90% of their items are flowy, but in an elegant, complimentary way instead of those tight and uncomfortable crop tops, body suits, and body cons. Most of the clothes here also have pockets, which adds to the style and elegance of the outfits.

The company favors neutral colors over complex patterns, flowers, and bright colors, making their clothing favorable to the eye. In other words, their style represents men and women who are elegant, mature, stylish, and looking to stand out and still be comfortable.

Everything from the blouses, shirts, bottoms, and dresses can be worn to important occasions and events like casual meetings, weddings, dates, and even a visit to the in-laws. Their items don’t show too much skin or scream in terms of color and patterns.

Are they of the same quality as American-made items? Close enough. NewChic sells only high-quality clothing and other items, but it would be crazy to expect American quality standards from a Chinese fast-fashion company. Perhaps the pricing should be a clear indication of this but they are competing with the likes of Zara and TopShop in terms of quality.

Speaking of prices, NewChic has outdone themselves where affordability is concerned. For instance, dresses go from $14 to $39, before discount. The most expensive shoes on the site are $95 for some cowboy boots, but most of their shoes are within the $30-$40 range.

Dresses on NewChic

Again, NewChic styles a woman who is elegant, stylish, and self-aware. For this reason, they don’t just stock any dresses. In fact, you will only find four types of dresses on the site.

Vintage Dresses

This came as a shock considering NewChic is a fast-fashion retailer. However, the company acknowledges that vintage clothing are more durable, the style and designs are timeless, and saving the environment is important right now. These dresses are not 100% vintage, but they do possess the styles and materials used in vintage clothing.

Print Dresses

If you want flowers, patterns, stripes, checked and even dots, the print dresses section will leave you in awe. I love that they stay true to their neutral colors tradition because while the dresses have prints, they are very muted and elegantly done. The fact that all these dresses are flowy and elegant makes the prints look great, especially on maxi dresses.

Casual Dresses

This section has beautiful simple pieces you can wear to hang out at home, go to the beach, run errands, and even do brunch. They are casual, neutral, and girlish. You can also find a cool little dress for date nights or a club night out here.

Plus Size Dresses

Finally, NewChic has a whole category for plus-size ladies. They have a wide selection of dresses, tops, and sweaters for different occasions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a plus-size woman selected them because most of them are not plus-size.

Maxi dresses in a store

Do NewChic Dresses have Pockets?

Yes, among our favorite things about the dresses we ordered was that they had pockets. More specifically, it seems all maxi dresses, casual and vintage have pockets. Besides making the outfit look cool, pockets come in handy when you don’t want to carry a purse. Simply throw your phone, lip gloss, and keys there, and you can go anywhere you want.

Note however that all the other clothing items on the site have pockets too. For example, the pants, sweaters, rompers, jumpsuits, and hoodies all have pockets, so it’s not just the dresses.

NewChic Customer Reviews

The best way to know whether an online shop is legit or not is to check out customer reviews online. That was the first thing we did after seeing the unbelievable deals just to confirm everything before making an order.

Our first stop as usual was Sitejabber, and we were shocked to see a 4.5 star for 71,250 reviews. This indicates that most customers were satisfied with their purchase, and the glowing compliments on NewChic’s customer service team were great to see.

The rating at Trustpilot was a bit lower at 3.5, but the complaints were not that serious. This site has featured a lot of complaints about wrong sizes and poor quality fabric. However, many customers said they were happy with their orders and will be shopping at NewChic again.

Finally, gave the retailer a 3.5, and 65% of customers here recommended NewChic. There are many negative comments about the quality, wrong size, long delivery time, and poor customer service when you need to return an item or get a refund.

Having checked out reviews for other online retailers, I have to say NewChic didn’t have it so bad. A lot of customers were happy, and there will always be orders that don’t show up perfectly. That said, we were impressed to see NewChic customer service reply to every email on these review sites. They seemed understanding and their instructions for problem-solving were helpful.

Shipping and Returns

NewChic ships their products internationally from China, but you can confirm if they ship to your country first before ordering. According to the website, delivery should take 10-30 days, with most people receiving their orders in less than 15 days.

If the item you got isn’t what you ordered (it’s defective, wrong size, wrong item, color), you can send it back within 30 days, if they approve the return. Note, however, that returning items is not customer-friendly because you have to pay the shipping fee to and fro if you want to get the right item. They also specify that shapewear, underwear, pajamas, and swimwear are not eligible for return for hygiene reasons.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to love about NewChic, especially the clothes and shoes. Prices are good, items are of high quality (at least the ones we got), and shipping was fast. So if you are asking if the site is legit and reliable, yes it is. However, we are not oblivious of the fact that many customers have received the wrong or poor-quality items, and you may be one of them. This happens with every international fast-fashion site, and it’s the price people pay for wanting cheap, readily available clothing.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the NewChic website?

If you are looking for maxi dresses with pockets, the NewChic website is one of the easiest places to get them. Type on the search tab to get see the options available easily or go through the entire maxi dresses page.

Do all dresses on the NewChic Website have pockets?

No, while there are plenty of dresses on the site with pockets, especially maxi dresses, many of them do not. You have the option to choose one with or without pockets depending on preference and style.

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