The Benefits of Maxi Dress from Organic Cotton

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Cotton is a popular fabric fox maxi dress. But what makes organic cotton supreme and is it worth spending so much money on a cotton maxi dress?

When we looked at the best fabrics for maxi dresses, cotton featured a lot in those choices. Organic cotton has been praised for its softness, strength, and hypoallergenic nature. This is why it’s recommended for baby clothes, bedding, and underwear.

To much delight, we are also seeing more and more organic cotton on summer attire, more so on maxi dresses and shorts. I say to much delight because there are few things quite as uncomfortable as wearing a synthetic maxi dress when it’s hot and humid. It sticks on you, stinks around the armpits, and makes you feel like you are suffocating in there.

But doesn’t regular cotton solve these problems? Well, not quite, and there’s a reason why organic cotton outfits are more costly.

So, what makes this fiber supreme, and is it worth spending so much money on a cotton maxi dress?

What is Organic Cotton?

Cotton comes in two forms; organic and regular cotton. The main difference is in how they are grown, but the harvesting and processing aspects also come into play.

The lifecycle of organic cotton begins with a non-GMO seed, and it is planted and cultivated using natural organic farming methods. This means the farmers use no pesticides, fertilizer, or other harmful chemicals.

Ready organic cotton is then carefully hand-picked and processed without any chemicals before it’s moved to factories to make garments. Finally, organic cotton only uses natural dyes and colors, so it is chemical-free to the last point of its journey. And the cherry on top is that this fiber is biodegradable and won’t be ruining the environment for years to come.

In contrast, regular cotton starts with genetically modified seeds and is farmed using more pesticides and fertilizers than any other plant in the world. It is then machine-picked and processed using more harmful chemicals and then dyes (8,000 synthetic chemicals), effectively making the fiber extremely toxic.

Benefits of Wearing an Organic Cotton Maxi Dress

Making the switch to organic cotton can seem expensive, but it’s a decision you won’t regret in the long run. Still in doubt? Here are 5 reasons why organic cotton makes better maxi dresses.

Organic Cotton is Better for the Environment

Regular cotton is an environmental nightmare, from the excessive use of harmful chemicals to the head-spinning usage of water and, finally, the high energy use in harvesting and processing. To put this into perspective, it takes 713 gallons of water to produce one regular cotton shirt in a world that’s already suffering water shortage.

And the water we have left is then contaminated by all the fertilizers and pesticides used to grow this beloved fiber. Cotton farming and processing is also a huge contributor to greenhouse gases and global warming.

By choosing organic cotton, you contribute less to environmental damage and support folks trying their best to save the planet using more sustainable farming methods.

Organic Cotton is Safer

Yes, organic cotton has almost zero traces of harmful chemicals or toxic dyes. This is what makes it safe for baby clothes and underwear. In addition, the fiber is hypoallergenic, making it the best option for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

And even if you don’t suffer from any skin allergies, it’s still important to wear clothes that don’t expose you to toxic chemicals and fumes. Your respiratory and nervous systems will thank you for wearing safe clothing.

Organic Cotton is Softer and more Comfortable

Again, think about how soft, and comfortable baby clothes feel. Wouldn’t you like to feel the same softness on your skin? I sure would.

The reason organic cotton is so soft compared to regular cotton is because of the harvesting and processing methods. Organic cotton is hand-picked and processed using gentle methods, leaving the fibers long and strong. The longer the fiber is, the smoother and softer it feels.

Organic cotton is also quite breathable and cool. This is the material you want on your body when the weather outside is scorching, and your skin is perspiring. An organic cotton maxi feels comfortable and cool on your body, no matter the weather, because the fiber releases heat and moisture immediately.

With an organic cotton maxi, you don’t have to worry about smelling bad or clothes sticking to you. Interestingly, this material is also the best when it’s cold. Organic cotton adjusts to your body temperature, so it will keep you warm in cold weather and keep you cool when it’s hot.

Organic Cotton is more Durable

When I buy a maxi dress for my capsule wardrobe, I want it to last me a long while. This is hard to achieve with these synthetic fibers, and regular cotton doesn’t last more than a couple of years either.

Due to being hand-picked and gently processed, organic cotton fibers remain long, strong, and durable. They are not roughed up or cut into pieces like regular cotton, so you can expect more than a few years of good wear.

The best thing about organic cotton is that it doesn’t pill. Pills are pesky balls of fiber that pop up on your clothes when the fabric rubs against other materials or itself during a wash or storage. I also love that you don’t have to wash an organic cotton maxi dress after every wear since it doesn’t hold onto sweat or stink.

Like every fiber out there, organic cotton has its benefits and drawbacks. Besides being more costly than many other materials out there, organic cotton is also easy to crease, and it’s still hard to get real organic cotton out there. Most clothes termed organic cotton are not really organic, though they are close. Getting the organic mark from GOTS and OCS is a difficult and expensive endeavor, which means few companies get to have it.

Where to Get Organic Cotton Maxi Dresses

If you want an organic cotton maxi dress, you have to step outside the box because most regular stores don’t sell them. Socially responsible brands like PACT, Groceries Apparel, KNOWN SUPPLY, and The Good Tee are good places to start. The dresses here may be more costly than what you are used to but remember they last longer, are healthier, and are good for the planet.

Is Organic cotton better than regular cotton?

Yes. Organic cotton is grown organically without harmful pesticides and fertilizers and processed without chemicals. This makes it safer to wear, better for the environment, and more durable.

Why should you wear an organic cotton maxi dress?

An organic cotton maxi dress is breathable, cool, soft, and long-lasting, making it more comfortable to wear in all climates. The fabric also contains no toxic chemicals, so it’s safer for your skin and respiratory system.

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