The best shoes to style with your maxi dress 

The right footwear choice is vital to complete your look and add perfection to your style.  When it comes to super-versatile maxi dresses, the good thing is you can choose from a wide list of footwear styles.

Yet, there are a few factors you should keep in mind while making your pick so that you don’t go wrong with your choice.  We want to look stylish, but not at the expense of our savings. So, knowing what footwear will look best with your maxi before putting your money on it, is only wise.  

In this post, we will discuss a thorough guideline on the different shoe styles that will perfectly complete your season’s hottest maxi dress look. Before we jump to the best shoes to style with your maxi dresses with pockets, first let us go through the rules that you should keep in mind while making your footwear choice.

Thumb rules to choosing the right shoes to pair with your maxi dress

Consider your height: Your shoes can easily add a few extra inches to your height which irrespective of your figure type will add to the overall look. So, if you are petite, picking a shoe that gives you some extra height is always a good choice. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try out flats when you feel like it. The right flats will look great when paired with a maxi dress even on petite frames.   

Take account of the hem length and style: Another important factor to consider when choosing your shoes is the hem length and style of the maxi dress with which you will pair it. If the hem is long enough to graze the floor and the dress is without slits, an ankle boot will be hardly a good option. Rather a strappy stiletto will look nice with the dress. Always have some leg-peek to make it work.

Consider the occasion and season: High heels give a formal look to your outfit and are perfect for the office to the ballroom. However, if you are looking for a more casual touch, flats will do wonders. Gladiators and even sneakers can give your outfit the perfect casual look at any time. Also, keep the season in mind.  A high ankle boot can be the perfect pair for winter while an open sandal will always look better with a floral, summer-special maxi dress.

Now that you have the thumb rules for choosing the right footwear to pair with your maxi dresses, let’s dive into the best shoes to style with these versatile, trendy, and comfy outfits.


To add a cool and casual look to your maxi dress style, a sandal is always a good choice. They are totally comfortable, outright stylish, and look great with mostly all styles of maxi dresses. Moreover, sandals save you from the ankle pain that you might get from wearing heels all day long – without compromising your style quotient. In fact, sandals are the best pick for pairing with your breezy maxi dresses during summer times. Not only the taller beauties, but the open and strappy sandals also look great even on petite figures when teamed with a maxi dress.


If you are going to the beach in your sunny maxi dress nothing can be better than putting on those airy and lightweight flip-flops. Flipflops come in unique designs and give your style a casual touch, perfect for holidays and vacations. You can pair flip-flops with your maxi dresses anytime when the weather is warmer, and you want to don a casual and comfy look.


Gladiators – flats or heels – both look equally stylish with maxi dresses. If you have a petite frame, pick gladiators that don’t cover more than two inches above your ankle. Women with taller frames might settle for gladiators with a bit more height. However, always consider your maxi dress style and hem length to decide the perfect height of the footwear.


There’s nothing better than a stiletto when you are trying to don a formal look in your favorite maxi dress. Irrespective of your figure type, height, or style, it’s difficult to go wrong when it comes to pairing stilettos with maxis. Office to ballroom – stilettos are an all-time favorite to team with maxi dresses. They come in a wide array of styles and look. Choose one according to your maxi dress style. If the dress is long and more covering in style – a peep-toe stiletto or the ones that show more feet will look best.


Are your stilettos causing foot pain? Try out the wedges. They won’t look any less stylish with your maxi dresses. Wedges in different styles and types can make a good footwear choice for everyday wear as well as parties. They are certainly a more comfortable option for long office wear. Get the height of the wedge according to the hem length of your maxi dress. 


Pumps with their low-cut front make a great pair for your maxi dress. You can choose a style with a buckle or some form of ostensible fastening if you like. They come in various heel styles and heights so that you can choose as per your preferences. When paired with a maxi dress, pumps work great for formal occasions as well as casual getaways.      


Espadrilles make a stylish and comfy companion for your maxi dresses. They typically feature rubber soles, canvas, or cotton uppers with braided jute side trims. However, multiple variations of espadrilles are now available, and you can find them in different styles. Espadrilles are generally flat, but there are some high heeled variations too. They are best to pair with maxi dresses with some leg-peek.

Ballet shoes

Another popular footwear style that goes well with different maxi dresses is ballets. These flat shoes give a classy and elegant touch to the style. They are comfy for long day wear and work for office to casual day outs.


Maxi dresses look extremely stylish when paired with the right pair of boots. Ankle boots, knee-height boots, and even cowboy boots make an excellent choice to flaunt your maxi dresses. Just keep the thumb rules in mind to make sure that the boot you pick looks best with your dress. Typically, cowboy boots and knee-height ones look well on taller figures. Pair them with a slitted maxi dress to make your style statement. The ankle boots, on the other hand, look perfect on petite frames too.

Sneakers and trainers

Don’t want to compromise on comfort for style? Team up your maxi dress with your favorite pair of trainers or sneakers. Trust us, you won’t look out of place, rather it will add a fresh and unique touch to your style. Make sure to pick the right color of footwear that works with your dress.

Now you know the best shoes to pair with your maxi dress and how to pick the footwear that will look perfect with your body type and dress style. Keep the guidelines and suggestions in mind and you will never go wrong while picking the right shoe for your maxi dresses.    

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