The Full Guide to Style A Grey Maxi Dress

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Grey is a neutral color which makes it fairly easy to style. With the right tips, you can easily make your grey maxi dress look fabulous without much effort.

Did you know there are 136 shades of color grey? They range from a dark shade known as charcoal grey to lighter shades such as cloud grey and even silver. But that’s the least impressive thing about this color.

Because of its neutral tone, grey looks great on almost anything, especially maxi dresses. You can rock a grey maxi all year long without worrying about looking out of season. And the best part is, grey dresses are easy to style because they go well with so many colors.

Grey provides the perfect background for any rainbow color, and you can dress it up for formal occasions or down when you want something more relaxed and light. My favorite color to wear with a grey maxi has to be light or baby pink, be it a wrap, a handbag, a sweater, or even jewelry. Other bright colors that go well with grey include light yellow, purple and white.

Black is, however, the ultimate partner for grey if you don’t want a bright ensemble. You can throw on a black outer garment, shoes, and a handbag and then choose silver jewelry to bring some spark to the look.

But what you don’t match with grey is just as important. I would recommend staying away from brown, luminous green, gold, blue and maroon. The shade of grey your dress is also determines which colors go well with it.

For more on how to style and accessorize a grey maxi dress, here are some simple tips.

1. A Belt and Matching Purse

On days when I want to feel more feminine and highlight my features, I’ll pair my grey maxi with a belt and matching purse. It’s usually a clutch purse because the dress is a statement on its own, and I don’t want to look overdressed. A statement belt also adds some pop besides cinching in the waist.

You can go for thick or thin belts, depending on your taste. I prefer thin belts because they look more simple yet elegant. My go-to color is black because it blends well with the color grey. However, sometimes I experiment with other colors, such as red, mustard, and blue.

The belt and matching purse combo will work perfectly for weddings, dinners, and formal events. What’s more, you add black high heels to complete the look.

2. Boots, Boots, and More Boots

Booties are perfect for grey maxis because they spruce up your look from plain Jane to vava voom. In fact, you should invest in high heel boots, ankle boots, and knee-high booties. All these boots add flair to your outfit, especially if you’re styling your maxi dress for winter or fall.

I love how grey maxi dresses blend well with different boot colors. From black, brown, blue, white, and floral booties, the selection is endless. The best part is you don’t need to accessories heavily. A simple pendant necklace, earrings, cute jacket, and bag are enough to finish the look.

3. Layer It with a Jacket

Whether denim jacket, blazer, or leather jacket, I’m always down for layering my maxi dresses. I love how the jackets make the outfit look more proportionate and flatter my body. Ideally, the jacket for maxi dresses fall right around your waist area, giving the illusion of a cinched waist.

Grey maxi dresses are amazing because they go well with most colors. However, denim and black leather jackets look exceptionally regal when paired with grey maxis.

Depending on the weather, you can also choose to add a scarf for warmth or as an accessory. But don’t forget to adhere to layering rules using a scarf. For example, floral or print scarfs go well with plain grey maxis and vice versa.

4. A Cowboy Hat and Wedges

Cowboy hats go well with most outfits, and your grey maxi dress is no exception. Pair the maxi dress with a good hat and wedges to match, and you’ll be ready for a day at the races. You can include a medium-length or long pendant to accessorize the outfit further.

Alternatively, you can switch the wedge heels for boots and a warm jacket during the winter. Lucky for us, we can wear the hat in any color without watering down our elegance.

5. Up Your Sneaker Game

I love to pair my grey maxi dress with white sneakers for a casual look. White sneakers break the elegance of the maxi dress, offering a nice blend of sportswear chic. I also love the aspect of comfort all the way around; I can run errands, stroll in the park, or attend a concert without worrying about my feet.

I like how white sneakers compliment grey maxi dresses, but you can always alternate with other bright colors, depending on your preference. In fact, if you want to take sportswear chic a notch higher, you can add a cap.

During cold seasons I pair my grey maxi dresses with sneakers, fitted jackets, and a scarf. The best part is the color grey works for any weather, so I never look out of place as long as I layer properly.

6. Make a Statement Using Jewelry

Grey maxi dresses are elegant, but you can spruce them with statement jewelry. Every once in a while, I pair my favorite maxi with a chunky silver necklace and ear studs, or I’ll choose a statement earring and simple necklace. 

There’s a lot to learn about wearing statement jewelry. But, when you do it right, the jewelry will accentuate your features and bring your outfit to life. 

7. Long Pendant Necklace and Sandals

Maxi dresses are truly a must-have because they pair perfectly with any shoe, including sandals. I love to pair my flowy dresses with open toes sandals, a long pendant necklace, and a few bangles. The outfit always exudes a sexy yet relaxed look and simple elegance.

You can wear your hair up or down, depending on your preference. Similarly, you can pair the outfit with a simple clutch or sling bag to complete the look. What’s more, you don’t need to cinch the maxi dress at the waist because it looks stunning as a flowy outfit.

8. Keep It Simple

The grey maxi dress is gorgeous by itself, so why not keep it simple? To pull off the simple look, recognize your body shape and find a grey maxi that complements your shape. Additionally, find the right material, neckline, print, and length. When I go for the simple look, I pick grey maxis that are very feminine and sexy.

Can you layer a grey maxi dress with a t-shirt?

Absolutely! You can layer your grey maxi dress with a shirt or t-shirt to spice up the look. When you layer with a t-shirt, you can wear it under a maxi dress with spaghetti straps. You can also wear the t-shirt on top and tie a knot around the waist.

Do grey maxi dresses look good for the summer?

Yes, you can style your grey maxi dress for the summer. You only need to accessorize properly, find breathable fabrics, and go for floral prints and light-colored materials. Remember, summer is all about flowy dresses, comfort, and relaxed looks.  

Lior Shapiro

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