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Maxi dresses you can find on ChickMe modelled by two women
ChicMe has some of the most chic and fashionable maxi dresses with pockets. Find out how to shop and ship dresses the best from ChicMe, including the prices.

Maxi dresses with pockets are a big deal in the fashion world right now. They are classy, convenient, comfortable, and very versatile. It’s no wonder high-quality maxi dresses are so costly locally.

If you are here for the promo code or looking for sales, they have a unique page for sales and discounts.

If you are looking for a maxi dress with pockets on a budget, online retailers like ChicMe are the way to go. ChicMe is a popular online fashion brand and retailer specializing in all things women’s fashion, from clothing to accessories, at very affordable prices. The global online brand offers fashion solutions for every occasion and helps women celebrate their uniqueness and beauty. They showcase different brands and styles and make you feel like you are in a mall.

The one thing that stands out about ChicMe over other online retailers is the wide variety of clothes on the platform. ChicMe carries over 100,000 products with 500 style updates every single day for women of all sizes. And since it’s a one-stop shop for all things fashion, you can dress up your maxi dress from head to toe with shoes, jackets, and accessories all in one place.

The main 6 advantages we found about ChicMe include;

  1. Special designs and trendy outfits you can’t find in any physical store.
  2. Incredibly low prices.
  3. Unbelievable discount codes and sales
  4. Wide variety of clothing.
  5. American sizes
  6. Average quality of clothing

Dresses Found on ChicMe

Another unique thing we found at ChicMe is the style. Unlike other online retailers who basically stock everything fashion brands make, ChicMe specializes in sexy, casual, daring, but elegant clothing. The style through the entire website is very summery with vibrant colors, flowers, and light materials.

Most of the dresses are flowy, free size, and open on top (sleeveless, off-shoulder, and strappy). We were also surprised to find that their sizes are similar to what we use in the west. That means you don’t have to order 3 sizes bigger like we usually do when dealing with other china-based retailers. You will see a table of measurements on the site to compare to your body size so you can get the right fit.

But considering swimwear is their bestseller, we are not surprised that dresses and other clothing items on the platform are summer-appropriate. That is not to say you won’t find anything nice for other seasons but expect the fun, daring vibe all around. So if you want a classy maxi dress with pockets for a beach party, a wedding, an evening out with the girls, or any other casual and fun occasion, ChicMe is your solution.

Some dress types available on ChicMe include;

  • Midi dresses
  • Mini dresses
  • Party dresses
  • Work dresses
  • Wedding guest dresses
  • Shirt dresses and
  • Maxi dresses with and without pockets

You can choose dresses on the platform based on trend, color, length, or occasion to narrow down the options. If you want maxi dresses with pockets, for instance, just click on ‘maxi dress’ and look at the options.

Alternatively, go to Summer Sale, New In, or Trend to get more seasonal or current options. The Summer Sale, for example, is up for grabs with an 80% off on almost every dress and summer product you pick. As we said, however, the catalog at this site is quite vast, so you can make your job easier by using the search tab to look for dresses with pockets specifically.

We are happy to announce though that you will find more than your fair share of maxi dresses with pockets on ChicMe. Interestingly, most of the dresses have obvious pockets, and the models have their hands in their pockets as well, so you can’t miss them.


Product costs vary on ChicMe depending on what you buy and the discounts. For a maxi dress with pockets, expect to spend around $25 before shipping. However, you can apply a discount code, which are always available on the site to lower that cost significantly. That is a price you can’t get even at second-hand shops.

ChicMe’s motto is ‘Best Shopping Deals’, so you can expect to get the most beautiful dresses and accessories at very affordable prices. And since we share their enthusiasm for good deals everywhere, you can use our discount code to buy that maxi dress you have been eyeing on the site.

The platform allows the most common payment modes, including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Going by the reviews we will look at below, we recommend PayPal because it has purchase protection in case your order doesn’t reach you or is defective. This makes refunding easier because you don’t have to deal with bank processes.

Shipping and Returns

Contrary to popular belief, ChicMe is not an American retailer; it’s Chinese based in Hongkong. Though they do ship all over the world, the distance often means more shipping time ranging from a few weeks to a month. The shipping cost will also vary with distance, ranging from $8.99 to ship to the United States and $11.99 to Canada or Australia.

That said, ChicMe offers Standard, Expedited, and Express shipping options, with Standard shipping being free for orders above $99. Of course, you can pay extra to expedite your order if you need it fast. In addition, the retailer has an awesome tracking system that you can easily access to know where your dress is and when it will arrive.

As for returns, you can send back the dress within 30 days if it’s not what you ordered or it’s the wrong size. You must reach out to customer care first and get a return label sent to you before shipping the item back. Once they receive it, your refund will be sent to the same payment method you used to pay. This should take between 7 and 15 days.

That said, online reviews seem to suggest otherwise.

Maxi dresses with pockets found on ChickMe

ChicMe Customer Reviews

Popular review sites such as SiteJabber and Trustpilot have given ChicMe a good rating of 4.5 and 3.5 stars, respectively. This is an indication that many customers are happy with what they received. Many of those reviews praise the dresses for their beauty and elegance, even if delivery takes a long time. The retailer also has a huge following on their social media pages and a robust affiliate marketing program.

However, there also seem to be a lot of customers who are unhappy about their orders and the retailer’s customer service. All of these customers complain of receiving poor quality, flimsy dresses that are nothing like what’s in the pictures. Upon requesting a return, the retailer makes it almost impossible to get a refund with the majority complaining that they never received the refund.

Despite having multiple contact methods, including Live chat, WhatsApp, and phone call, it’s still incredibly hard to reach ChicMe for any inquiry or problem. Your best bet is to go through their social media pages, which seem to be active.

The Bottom Line

Is ChicMe a legit retailer? Should you order a maxi dress with pockets from the site?

Well, ChicMe is definitely legit, and it ships clothes, shoes, and accessories to customers all over the world at unbeatable prices. The website is easy to use, and it has the largest collection of clothes you have ever seen. Going by the many reviews online, however, we can’t promise what you get will be the same quality as what’s displayed on the site. After all, it is a Chinese company, and you should not expect American quality.

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on ChicMe?

ChicMe has a wide variety of trendy clothing, including maxi dresses with pockets. These dresses are affordable, sized to fit, and of high quality. The site updates its catalog daily to show the latest items while also allowing you to scroll down for older products.

Does ChicMe have an affiliate program?

ChicMe has an amazing affiliate program offering 15% commission, free shipping, and a 30-day coupon period. You can enroll in the program through popular affiliate networks like ShareASale or Commission Junction. Bloggers also get select clothing for free and 500 connections when they connect with ChicMe.

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