What Hairstyle Looks Good With Gown?

What Hairstyle Looks Good With Gown?
A gown maxi dress makes you feel beautiful and lush. Find a hairstyle to compliment your look and finish it off with luxury and poise.

Among all women’s clothing, gowns are the epitome of glamour. There is not a woman anywhere who would not look breathtaking in the right gown. You only need the right hair and makeup to tie the look together.

Fairy tales heavily influence the hairstyles that work with a gown, where you either have long, flowing curls or some type of updo. And like with maxi dresses, there are many simple hairstyles you could create for your gown. However, many more options exist, regardless of hair type or length. So let us look at some gorgeous hairstyles that look great with gowns.


Braiding is a common and sometimes easy way to style your hair for a casual look. There are many types of braids, such as Dutch braids, French braids, rope twist braids, three-strand braids, reverse braids, fishtail braids, and pull-through braids. Depending on your skill level, you can wear these braids every day to school or work.

But for a formal event where you’re wearing a gown, you need to create something more intricate and detailed. Adding accessories to your braids or combining a few of these types of braids can create elaborate styles that will certainly be show-stoppers at any formal event. So let’s look at some ways to elevate your braids.

Elaborate Braided Hairstyles

Complex braided hairstyles are perfect for gowns and give them a whimsical look. They are especially popular with all the fantasy films and TV shows displaying these braided styles. This particular style looks like a variation of pull-through braids with interwoven loops and plaits. These elaborate braids are show stoppers and have as much impact on your final look as the gown itself. 

Viking Hairstyles

Popular in period dramas and fantasy films, Viking hairstyles are also quite popular. They add a certain edge to your overall look creating a warrior princess style with the right gown. The Viking hairstyle has many variations, and it is most suited to long hair. They incorporate three-strand, pull-through, and even some rope twist braids. If you want to take your look even further, consider coloring your hair platinum blonde or red.

Braided Up-Do With Ribbons

Another way to elevate your braids is to add ribbons. Now, you could just attach the ribbons to the ends of your braids but to create something really interesting, consider braiding in the ribbon as you make your braids. Double-dutch braids gathered into an updo with an interwoven ribbon and a few flowers are perfect for a simple yet elegant look for that formal event.

Flowery Braids

Adding live flowers to your hair will certainly add to the beauty of your gown. It is quite popular among Indian brides and is a beautiful way to add a bit of delicate femininity to any gown. Popular flower options include baby’s breath, Stephanotis, wax flower, spray rose, and Asiatic lily. You could install any of these and even add a few leaves to create something like a bouquet in your hair.

To keep the flowers fresh while in your hair, keep them in a refrigerator until you are ready to use them. Also, remember to use your hairspray for the last time before putting in the flowers since the alcohol in the hairspray can damage your delicate blossoms. Finally, consult a florist to get the most resilient flowers and avoid flowers that should not be near your skin.

Pixie Cut Hairstyles For Gowns

Pixie cuts are quite edgy and tend to be androgynous, so you can look feminine or more masculine, depending on how you style it. A gown in a formal event works best with a feminine-looking pixie cut and there are a few ways to achieve that look.

Finger Waves

Finger waves are the picture of old-Hollywood glamour, reminiscent of days gone by. They were created in the 1920s to add some femininity to the popular bob cut of the time. Bette Davis and Josephine Baker popularized the look, and it made a comeback in the 1990s among female rappers.

Finger waves require a lot of patience and practice to create, so you may have to find a friend or stylist to do it for, especially at the back of your head. For this look, you will need several products: gel, mousse, a rat-tail comb, and a hair dryer. They can work for curly and straight hair and are a great way to change your pixie cut into a lovely formal look for your gown.

Jewelry Headband

Another way to elevate your pixie cut is to add a jewelry headband. You can add curls and volume to your pixie cut before putting on the headband to complete the look. Headbands are great for any hair length and come in many different styles, so you can choose what works with your gown. Then, get some matching earrings, and you are ready to go.

Braided Bang With Flowers

Depending on your hair length, you can make a three-strand braid using the bangs of your pixie cut. It is a great way of getting the hair away from your face and changing the overall look. You could also add flowers to your braid to make it look more delicate and feminine. A flowery braided bang will make your pixie cut look fantastic with your gorgeous gown.

African Hairstyles For Gowns

There are many ways to style African hair for formal events. You can wear your hair in an afro, a complex braided style, or add extensions to create any number of hairstyles. So let’s look at a few hairstyle ideas for gowns.

Faux-Hawk With Marley Hair

Fauxhawks are basically Mohawks created using extensions made from Marley hair, which often matches African hair textures and curl patterns. They are created by making sections tied up to the top of the head like a Mohawk to which the Marley hair is attached to create an intricate design. You can then add a brooch or hair flower to the sides to elevate your final look. The faux hawk is a favorite for formal events because of how regal and elegant it looks on any black woman.

Fulani Inspired Braids

Historically, Africans created the most elaborate hairstyles rich with meaning. Some hairstyles identified their native tribes, others indicated their status in society, and other styles even worked as maps. While these meanings may have faded over centuries, these hairstyles still exist in modern culture. The Fulani braids, for example, have several variations, which you can decorate with beads, shells, and metal clasps to add that African princess look. They are so versatile that you can wear them to a class or even with a gown to a red carpet event.

Side Swept Curly Locs

Whether you have sisterlocks, faux locs, or dreadlocks, there are many styling options available to you for a formal event. One such option is a side-swept curly look with a hair brooch or flower attached. It is effortless glamour that will create a beautiful final look with your gown. You could also color your locs and add some cuffs, twine, or beads for extra decoration.

There are as many hairstyles as there are gown designs, so you will be spoilt for choice as you decide on the right hairstyle for your gown. Take into account your face shape, hair length, and hair texture as you choose your hairstyle, along with the style of your gown. The great thing about hair is that you can add extensions with different colors and lengths to create whatever look you want. Think outside the box and create an amazing hairstyle to go with your favorite gown.

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