What to Wear with a Black Maxi Skirt in Summer

How to wear a back maxi skirt and look stylish
Wondering what to wear with a black maxi skirt in summer? Here are some ideas for all occasions and body types, and how to best rock the look.

Black maxi skirts are now a bonafide wardrobe staple. Yet what to wear with a black maxi skirt is still the most common question in my inbox.

Well, the simple answer to that is a crop top, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways to style a black maxi skirt, and we will look at the best right here.

But before that, it’s crucial to figure out what style of black maxi skirt you have and what looks good on your body. Considering the occasion also counts because a crop top will not do in church or when visiting your mother-in-law.

Best Black Maxi Skirt Styles

The skirt style you choose greatly determines what you can wear with it. Some common options include;

Pencil maxi skirt

A black pencil maxi skirt is great if you want to slim down your lower part. It hugs your hips nicely and makes you look taller. Generally, you want to avoid this style if you have an inverted triangle body type.

The skirt is straight, so a top with some frills and fun elements will be good though simple tops will do just as well.

 A-line skirt

An A-line maxi skirt also known as fit and flare maxi is flattering for any body type. It creates an illusion of balance and a cinch in your waist. However, because the skirt is so voluminous, you want to wear it with a well-fitting and simple top.

Pleated skirt

If you want to look taller and more sophisticated, a black pleated maxi skirt is the way to go. It looks great paired with a bright fitted top or shirt, and heels, but sneakers work too.

Flowy skirt

A flowy skirt is comfy, airy, and flexible. It also makes you look taller and cinches in your waist. Like the a-line skirt above, wear this with a fitted top with as little fabric as possible to create balance. Open shoes are also the best option for this style because it has a lot of coverage.

Tops to Wear with a Black Maxi Skirt in Summer

From crop tops to t-shirts, here’s what you should wear with a black maxi skirt in summer.

Crop top

Yes, there is no better combination than a black maxi skirt and a crop top. Maybe it’s the little exposed skin around the tummy or the outfit balance, but this combo makes for quite the sexy ensemble. And it helps that a crop top looks good with any maxi skirt, no matter the style.

The obvious choice here is to wear a white crop top with short sleeves, but you’d be surprised that black looks even better. My favorite is a lacy black short-sleeve crop top over a flowy or A-line skirt and heels. The more skin you show the better if you choose to go with this monochromatic look.

Tank top

But if a crop top is too much skin for you, try a white tank top instead. The contrast in colors and a bit of skin on your arms and neck make for a really sexy outfit. You can tuck in the tank top, belt up and even layer with a cool jacket or scarf when it gets chilly later on.

That said, feel free to wear a dark-colored tank top as well, especially if you are heavily accessorizing or throwing on a bright jacket over it.


Style doesn’t get any more classic than a t-shirt on a maxi skirt. For a black skirt, wear a white tee or a graphic print tee for an edgier look.

A well-sized t-shirt goes perfectly with any maxi skirt style, so how you wear the two and your shoes will determine the outfit’s look. For a casual look, I like to tie a knot on the front part of the t-shirt right above the skirt’s waistband. This makes the tee look like a crop top but more classic.

Alternatively, tuck in the t-shirt and accessorize accordingly to pull off a semi-formal look. This really works on pleated and flowy maxi skirts, and you can then throw on a denim jacket or a scarf to complete the look.

Button-down shirt

A button-down shirt is the ultimate trick to turn a black maxi skirt into a somewhat formal outfit. My choice for this would be a crisp white shirt tucked in a flowy or A-line skirt, and then you fold up the sleeves just a little bit. This look matched with a pair of nice heels and accessories, will open office doors for you.

But a button-up shirt can also be casual. Instead of tucking it in, tie the lapels into a knot right above your navel. A white shirt is obviously the best choice, but I also love chambray or striped black and white shirts. Interestingly, a black shirt worn this way makes for the most beautiful monochromatic look ever.

Sleeved camisole

A camisole is an undergarment made of satin or silk, and worn underneath other clothing. If you haven’t tried a sleeved camisole tucked in a skirt, you are missing out big time. The fabric is very light and airy, and it looks really elegant.

This is always my best choice when I want to stay cool and breezy in summer without exposing too much skin or looking too casual. It’s an elegant enough look for any occasion, and you will have no trouble throwing on a blazer or jacket if it gets cold later on.

For a black maxi skirt, I prefer bold colors like emerald green or blue instead of light colors. This somehow brings out the elegance of the satin fabric and makes you look slimmer and taller.

Airy blouse

Like the camisole, a breezy blouse will take a simple black maxi skirt from casual to classy in seconds. Go with light, feminine fabrics like chiffon, silk, lace and satin, and also consider patterns, florals and frills. Ideally, the blouse should be tucked in or meet the skirt right at the waistband to create balance.

For formal occasions, an A-line or pleated maxi skirt paired with a peplum or vintage blouse and heels is the perfect ensemble. However, any simple chiffon or satin blouse will work as long as the colors go well with the black skirt.

As a rule, only wear a well-fitting blouse if you are petite and tuck it in. too much fabric can overwhelm your silhouette and make you look flabby.


Last but definitely not least is swimwear, preferably a modest matching set. You can wear a black maxi skirt as a cover-up when going to the beach or a pool party. Your entire upper body will be exposed, save for the part that’s covered by the bikini top or bralette, so the skirt should be flowy and light as well. A straight black skirt with slits is a perfect choice, but so is a sheer one.

Outerwear to Wear with a Black Maxi Skirt in Summer

What looks better than a denim jacket on a black maxi dress? The same look but with a skirt instead. A denim jacket works so well with a black maxi skirt because of its proportions and color combinations. Something about denim also makes it possible to wear in summer because it doesn’t make you feel hot or sweaty.

Now, if you can find a denim vest instead of a full jacket, even better for casual occasions.

But if you want to wear the skirt to work, a meeting, or a formal event, get a simple blazer that stops right above or along your hips. The length really matters because any longer than that and the blazer will cut off your legs and shorten your body. And because it’s summer, choose a color that reflects light and heat, not absorbing it.

Shoes to Wear with a Black Maxi Skirt in Summer

It’s summer, and open shoes are the obvious choice to wear with a maxi skirt. Go with stiletto heels or strappy sandals for formal outfits, and flat sandals or wedges for casual wear.

That said, one of the best looks in a black maxi skirt is when paired with white sneakers or doll flats. It’s casual, comfy and simple.

What jacket do you wear with a black maxi skirt in summer?

A denim jacket is the best outerwear for a black maxi skirt in summer. Denim is a cooling fabric, and the jacket’s structure creates a fantastic casual look when paired with the right top.

How do you accessorize a black maxi skirt in summer?

A wicker sunhat, sunnies, and a brown belt should be your go-to accessories in summer. Be sure also to choose a purse that matches the occasion and the outfit and then add simple jewelry. For formal occasions, a gold or black clutch or tote bag, simple sunnies, and dainty gold jewelry will suffice.

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