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What is a maxi dress?

Most informal yet sophisticated pieces of clothing, maxi dresses are long outfits that reach the ankles or floor.

Its form fits from the top with a loose form or standard flare from the most informal yet sophisticated piece of clothing, the maxi dress is a long outfit that reaches the ankles or floor. Based on fabric, texture, form, and silhouette, maxi dresses can be worn for any occasion – from casual dates to weddings and ball parties. There’s no dearth of patterns and prints when it comes to maxi dresses. It can be as playful as a Bohemian dress or as jaw-dropping as an embroidered, princess gown; it all depends on the design and silhouette.

Why have pockets in your maxi dresses?

What’s the best thing about maxi dresses? Pockets. I know right who would dare say no to a chic maxi dress with pockets. Every time I recall wearing my stunning dress, I can’t let go of the earnest desire to have pockets.

Maxi dresses with pockets to eliminate that constant fear of losing things. We want our brains and hands to breathe too while enjoying a gorgeous dress. Besides, you don’t need to carry a bag. Pockets are your assistant, they can carry anything from money and phone to watches and jewelry.

Top 6 reasons we love maxi dresses

While there are hundreds of reasons to love maxi dresses, let’s first address a basic truth. They are a timeless, flattering piece of apparel staple to every woman’s closet. And why not?

The playful prints, summer-savvy fabrics, free-flowing silhouette, and enchanting embroideries (I love lacey, embroidered dresses), to name a few, entice us to purchase more than we had in mind. Right? However, I’ve only named a few reasons to love maxi dresses and would like to discuss the most practical ones that you’ll find relatable.

1. Maxi dresses are super comfy

Picture this, you want to feel comfortable in your clothes but don’t want to look like a couch potato. So what’s your pick? Are you thinking of cotton PJs, linen trousers, oversized tea with baggy jeans? Yeah, I thought so. But can they match the comfort of a breezy, lightweight maxi dress? I mean who needs long, floppy sleeves to feel comfortable when there are nifty dresses with room for flare.

Repose all day or finish your household chores effortlessly once you slide in a breathable maxi. Or hit the grocery store, no need to change. Because with maxi dresses there’s always room for comfort.

2. Maxi dresses offer a range of styling options

Styling options are endless when it comes to maxi dresses. They are a complete outfit in themselves with a range of possibilities to pair with anything. In addition to this, maxi dresses require minimal styling.

Just grab a pair of sandals and a handbag to hang out with your girlfriend. When traveling, style a Bohemian maxi with a shrug, a watch, a pair of sneakers, and a hat. Going for a movie date? Slide in a sleeveless maxi dress, and add the jewelry with a pair of heels. For formal meetings, layer it with a blazer and suede shoes.

Maxi dresses are also great for casual street looks when going shopping or running errands. Just hop in your flip-flops, add a baby tee underneath or shrug above, and you are good to go. No need to carry a purse since there are stylish maxi dresses with pockets available if you know where to look.

In a nutshell, maxi dresses allow you to effortlessly flee from a social event to hang out with friends by making a few adjustments to the look.

3. Maxi dresses go well with every season

Although there are several options for each occasion from colors to fabrics to patterns and prints, make room for neutral or solid colors too. Solid maxi dresses made in jersey cotton are great for traveling. Maxi dresses are versatile to suit all seasons. A classic silhouette goes beyond the season, just pair it with the right accessories – a hat, sunglasses, boots, or flip flops. Besides, once a season passes all you need to change is layers – a shirt, blazer, crop top, or denim/leather jacket.

4. Maxi dresses boost your confidence

A maxi dress eliminates outfit malfunctions. No worries about button gaps in your blouse, bottom wear riding up as you sit, or an untucked shirt. From neck to toe, these floor-length dresses are like a concealer for your overall look. As a concealer hides spots and dark circles, maxis tuck away your restlessness due to unshaved legs and irregular bulges. Thanks to these comfortable, subtle, long dresses, you can feel confident as they flow gorgeously from neck to toe.

5. Maxi Dresses Are Timeless

Are you a fan of vintage classics – crochet patterns, silky fabrics with lace inserts, tailored empire-waist, and revealing necklines? Then you know how timeless and stunning maxi dresses are. And patterns, polka dots, checked, floral patterns never go out of style. Besides, credits to fashion inspirations (mine, Selena Gomez) who made it a point to own a few ever-gorgeous Bohemian maxis for the street look.

A few decades passed, you can still wear your floral dresses for tropical dates, or revamp your granny’s vintage gowns for evening dresses and make a jaw-dropping entry.

6. Maxi dresses Look Great On All Sizes

Can there be anything more body positive than a snug, flared maxi dress? Size doesn’t matter when a maxi dress enters the room. From skinny to curvy, it comes in an array of designs to complement all body sizes. Layers to feel voluminous, body-hugging silhouettes to accentuate curves or easygoing A-line flares for a feminine touch. In other words, maxi dresses encourage you to celebrate your body and to feel happy in your skin.

Yes, they are. They are still considered fabulous, impressive and the pockets make them comfortable and practical. So yes, maxi dresses with pockets are definitely still in style.

Yes, they totally do. They come at all price tags, from a very few dollars to fancy couture. They are stylish, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Whatever this “it” means – they’re worth it.