10 Best Amazon Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses with Pockets You’ll Want to Wear All the Time

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
Are you looking for the best long sleeve maxi dress with pockets that you can dress up or down at any season? Check out these 10.

A long sleeve maxi dress with pockets is a woman’s closet staple. And I’ll tell you why.

Not only does a maxi dress offer you the warmth of pants, but it also gives you the comfort and fun of a dress. Simply put, it’s the best of both worlds.

Further, maxi dresses are versatile. You can wear them to the office, baby shower, a dinner date, a wedding, church, or a pet store. Plus, they’re perfect for all seasons.

They are also easy to accessorize. It’s easy to pair the dress with a cropped blazer, flats, wedges, heels, a scarf, or necklace. 

Warning: Accessories or no accessories, you’re going to turn heads and get tons of compliments.

Let’s look at the best long sleeve maxi dresses with pockets and why tens of thousands of shoppers fall head over heels with them.

Which Is the Best Long Sleeve Maxi Dress with Pockets?

SiteBest For
VISHOW Empire Waist Long Dress with PocketsBest overall
DEARCASE Loose Maxi DressBest for all seasons
LILBETTER Deep V Neck Casual DressBest V-neck
AUSELILY Plain Maxi DressBest for accessorizing
BISHUIGE L-6XL Long Sleeve Maxi DressBest plus-size
Amoretu Casual Off Shoulder Maxi DressBest off-the-shoulder
GRECERELLE Casual Long Maxi DressBest comfy material
LONGYUAN Plus Size Maxi DressBest stylish pockets
MEROKEETY Empire Plaid Maxi DressBest solid-plaid color
DB MOON Casual Empire Waist DressBest expensive-looking

1. VISHOW Empire Waist Long Dress with Pockets

When it comes to maxi dresses, VISHOW gets right all the time. This long casual dress has garnered 19,900+ ratings from happy users. It’s made from Rayon and Spandex, with a round neck.

The dress is wrinkle-free and easy to wear; it’ll save your time at the dressing table.

You can wear it for any event, from weddings and church sessions to running errands. One shopper says, “It’s perfectly modest.” 

Pair it with wedges and a necklace; you’ll turn not only heads but also get many compliments.

Do you feel like staying in PJs the whole day? Wear this empire waist dress and experience the comfort on your skin.

It’s super soft, lightweight, and stretchy, which is why you can wear it while pregnant or gift it to a pregnant loved one. You’ll enjoy the sidearm pockets, too – great for posing for a selfie at a party. Add on tinted eyeglasses for an iconic look.

Further, VISHOW has a size chart to help you choose a dress that fits you. The dresses come in different exciting colors too.

2. DEARCASE Loose Maxi Dress

The long dress from DEARCASE fits perfectly and is super comfy. It has a round neck, has a floor-length, two side pockets, and is elastic at the waist. It comes in all U.S. Standard Sizes, including S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Do you like solid colors like dark green, purple, wine red, or royal blue? This dress is available in such colors, but you can also find it in floral print colors, like the mixed blue flower, flower light blue, and brown floral black.

The dress isn’t see-through, making it suitable for public settings like a wedding or office environment. It’s also super soft and comfortable; you can wear it the entire day without problems. It’s also fit for all seasons: summer, winter, fall, or spring.

Like the VISHOW dress, it’s made of 95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. The material is cool to touch, breathable, and stretchy – ideal whether you’re pregnant or not. 

If you like wearing scarves and necklaces, this dress looks stunning with those. But it looks perfect, even without accessories.

3. LILBETTER Deep V Neck Casual Dress

The deep V neck on this dress reveals the neckline, making you look attractive and approachable.

It’s remarkable and sexy and comes in floral and solid colors.

It’s a blend of Rayon and Spandex, which makes it stretchy, soft, and lightweight. It’s also super comfortable to the skin. You can wear it when going for a date, party, wedding, work, or date. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers will enjoy it too.

It looks fashionable with a cardigan or coat for the winter or fall. You can accessorize it with beautiful earrings, a cute necklace, or a handbag to give you that sweet look. 

One customer wore it with flats when attending a night wedding, and she goes ahead to say, “I got so many compliments on it (the dress) all night.”

What shoes can you pair the dress with? Well, that depends on the occasion. If attending a formal event, dress up with your sexy heels. But if going to a party or other casual events, you may want to dress it down with comfy sneakers or adorable sandals.

4. AUSELILY Plain Maxi Dress

If there’s a company that’s confident in their product quality is AUSELILY. They offer a 30-day wear test such that if you don’t experience comfort in this dress for that duration, you get your money back.

But even before the 30 days are over, you’d have received many compliments for wearing this long sleeve maxi dress with pockets like some customers are testifying. 

Whether you are at the beach, party, wedding, or on holiday, you can wear this loose dress the whole day without experiencing any discomfort. You’ll find it breathable, comfortable, and super soft to the skin.

It features a flattering elastic waist. Simply put, the waist isn’t too tight but still shows your figure line modestly.

Not only is this dress a fashion statement, but it’s also versatile. You can wear it in winter, spring or autumn. Show all of this dress’s fashion elements by pairing it with flat shoes or boots.

Want to make the long sleeve dress even more eye-catching? Wear it with a belt, a shawl, or other small accessories, such as a necklace.

5.  BISHUIGE L-6XL Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a plus-size loose maxi dress with pockets, BISHUIGE has got you covered. The dress is a blend of Rayon and Spandex, stretchy, soft, and has a floor-length.

It comes with a round neck, leaving space for a matching necklace or even scarf.

You can wear this dress and hang around the house or even go out to run errands. But that’s not all. You could make your night out charming by pairing it with your favorite belt. And when you go out, expect to receive so many compliments.

Its soft material is ideal for all seasons; you can wear it with sandals and a floppy hat for a gorgeous summer look or add leggings and a jacket for fall.

You’ll enjoy the two pockets on either side for a practical and relaxed look.

Besides, the BISHUIGE long sleeve maxi dress with pockets is comfortable and lightweight. Make it your favorite wear during engagement and pregnancy.

As for garment care, use hand-wash, machine wash, and hand dry.

6. Amoretu Casual Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

The Amoretu long sleeve maxi dress with pockets is made from Cotton and Spandex, which is why it’s breathable, comfortable, and soft to wear.

The off-the-shoulder style doesn’t slip off the arms when moving. If you’d like to reveal that charming tattoo on the shoulder at the party, this is the dress to wear.

Want to make it your favorite summer wear? No problem, and it works fine in all seasons too. For example, during winter, you can style it over a turtleneck and leggings. You can wear it at the beach, office, wedding, club, or on holiday and enjoy the comfort. 

One customer says, “It hugs the arm comfortably.” And that’s because it fits well and doesn’t ride whenever you lift your hands. The pockets are decent, too; you can put your phone inside them while attending to the baby.

7. GRECERELLE Casual Long Maxi Dress

GRECERELLE is known for providing soft, comfortable, and uniquely designed dresses. They aim to let every woman show charm and confidence.

This long sleeve plain casual maxi dress comes in a unique style to make you fashionable, beautiful, elegant, and sexy.

You can wear the dress for most occasions, including a party, summer beach, wedding, night out, holiday, and even around the home. It comes in a broad range of colors, so you can find one that suits your occasion requirement. 

As a cherry on the cake, it has stylish pockets that customers seem to love. “I wish more dresses had pockets,” says one.

The long sleeve dress has an elastic waist that makes you appear slim. But it’s fit, comfortable, and with a curved hemline. 

The dress is made from Rayon and Spandex – a combination that makes it stretchy and comfortable. That’s why it flatters anybody’s body type. Most shoppers say they received a lot of compliments when wearing this outfit. 

Sure, it’s floor-length, but with heels or wedges, you’ll enjoy the look. It’s available in U.S. sizes, including 2XL, XL, L, M, and S.

8. LONGYUAN Plus Size Maxi Dress

This dress comes with everything you need in a high-quality dress: beautiful, classy, soft, and stretchy.

It’s versatile so that you can wear it during weddings, family get-togethers, homestays, holidays, and shopping.

If the weather is a little chilly, you can still wear the dress, but add a casual or denim coat on top to keep you warm and offer a classy look.

Can you accessorize it too? Absolutely! Wear your best earrings or necklace and tie a belt around the waist. You’ll look not only gentle but also sweet.

The shoes that go well with the dress include comfy sneakers, cute sandals, and sexy heels.

Most customers praise the dress for being fitting, with one saying, “It fits better than expected.” Just be sure to use the available size chart before placing an order.

LONGYUAN features the dress in many solid and floral colors. If your favorite color isn’t listed, simply add it to your wish list, and they’ll update a new color each week.

9. MEROKEETY Empire Plaid Maxi Dress

If you’re looking for a uniquely designed full-length dress with pockets, MEROKEETY has you covered. The top is a solid color, while the bottom is plaid, resulting in a swing fit. 

The clothing material is polyester and Spandex, making the dress soft, stretchy, and comfortable.

Pair it with your best heels or booties, and you’ll feel and look fabulous. Furthermore, you’d look amazing by pairing this dress with a long necklace, scarf, or fur vest.

You can wear it on a casual occasion, such as a date night or dance ball. But it’s still a good fit for formal occasions like tea with in-laws, church sessions, or fancy baby showers. It’s perfect for the Christmas season too!

Who has the time for dry cleaning these days? This machine wash dress saves your time. Throw it in the washing machine with mild, gentle soap and low-temperature water, and it’ll turn out just fine.

10. DB MOON Casual Empire Waist Dress

Here’s another long sleeve maxi dress with pockets from DB MOON. It’s light, casual, and with an elastic waist.

The Rayon + Spandex fabric material is so soft, stretchy, and vibrant. One shopper says the material “looks and feels more expensive than it’s.” 

Despite the dress being a modest cut, it can still show a few of your curves. Most customers praise it for fitting comfortably despite ordering a smaller or bigger size than their actual size. There’s a size chart to help you choose the appropriate size before ordering.

You can dress up for formal functions or even keep it casual. In other words, you may wear it while going to a party, shopping, or work. It’d look fantastic paired with boots, a scarf, or a crop leather jacket.

When you wear it, people will want to know where you got it from and at how much. One of the customers says, “I bought the dress because I saw my coworker wearing it.”

Final Word

Long sleeve maxi dresses aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. They have immense staying power due to their insane variety of styles, patterns, fabrics, and colors. Plus, they cost less but are of high quality.

They are also versatile: you can wear them all year round and for all kinds of occasions. Pair the dress with a scarf, necklace, or earrings for a refreshing and alluring look.

Most of the customers who bought each of the above dresses swear to order more colors of the same dress. Don’t be left behind.

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