Tips to style maxi dress with pockets

how style maxi dresses with pockets
You can style a maxi dress with pockets in several ways to bring out the diva in you. We handpicked tips to style your favorite maxi dresses with pockets in the most fashionable way.

Maxi dresses are the rage of the season and if you love maxi dresses with pockets, there’s nothing better than it. Kendall Jenner to Meghan Markle – celebrities to royalties have passionately hopped on the maxi dress trend. Apart from being timeless, comfy, and outright stylish the coolest thing about maxi dresses is their versatility. 

For a girls’ day out or an evening party – a chic maxi dress is always the perfect pick. A diamante red maxi dress with pockets will make a great choice for an evening occasion while a floral chiffon maxi dress is the all-time favorite for a date. 

You can style a maxi dress with pockets in several ways to bring out the diva in you. Style it according to the season or occasion and you have the perfect dress for every day and every event. In this blog, you will find handpicked tips to style your favorite maxi dresses with pockets in the most fashionable way. Check them out – 

Layer it 

Layering is a treasured gem of the fashion world and when it comes to styling your maxi dresses with pockets, layering can take the game to a whole new level. Layering always keeps it casual without compromising on style or comfort, which makes it ideal for every style. You can layer your maxi dresses with any of the following choices to create your own style statement.  

Style your maxi dress with a button-up shirt 

Teaming up your maxi dress with a loose-fit button-up shirt is a simple way to level up your style game. Tie up the shirt in a knot at the front to balance the loose fit and you are ready to go. Pick a shirt that contrasts the shade of your dress to add more definition. If your dress is gorgeous, a plain shirt is a good option. A solid white or denim shirt works well with most of the colors. You can easily go for a cotton, linen, or silk shirt according to the occasion. Roll up the shirt sleeves for a casual look. Shirts look great when layered over a cropped sleeve or sleeveless maxi dress. 

Style your maxi dress with a t-shirt 

If you want to add a cool and comfy vibe to your style, pair a t-shirt with your maxi dress. Round neck tees in solid colors look perfect under spaghetti sleeve maxi dresses. You can either match the tone of the t-shirt with your dress or go for any bold colors to bring some drama to the style. You can even wear your t-shirt over your maxi dress and look cool. Pick a tee that is at least one size larger than your actual size and tie it in a knot at the side and enjoy the chic look. 

Style your maxi dress with a denim jacket    

When there’s a slight nip in the air pairing up your maxi dress with a denim jacket is the way to go. The best thing about denim jackets is that they work with almost everything and pairing them with your favorite maxi dress will give it a dash of classiness. A body-hugging maxi or a flowy one, a denim jacket can always add something more to your style. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers and chunky bangles.  

Style your maxi dress with a blazer 

Want to give your maxi dress a formal touch? Wear it with a blazer and a pair of heels. The combination perfectly blends the casual and formal look creating a unique statement.  Blazers in pastel shades look great on maxi dresses with pockets. Pick a blazer with lapels for a more formal look but keep the front buttons open to maintain the casual touch. Maxi dresses look not only stylish but also exceptionally smart when paired with a blazer.  You can also add a belt over the blazer for a statement look.        

Style your maxi dress with a leather jacket 

Leather jackets never go out of fashion and so are the maxi dresses. Teaming these two timeless styles together can never go wrong. Both cropped and long leather jackets look classy when paired with a maxi dress. Pick a leather jacket in any color of your choice and wear it over your maxi dress to feel the difference. Styling your maxi dress with a leather jacket not only uplifts the style game but also keeps you cozy during the colder days. A pair of boots and a sling bag will complete the look.  

Style your maxi dress with a kimono jacket 

Give your maxi dresses with pockets the perfect spring vibe with a kimono jacket.  These flowy pieces are light and bright and capture a unique style that always stands out. Printed or embroidered kimono jackets are a top trend of the season. They provide the perfect lightweight coverage to pair with your dresses during the warm summer days. Casual, chic, and playful – a kimono jacket will take your maxi dress styling to the next level.    

Style your maxi dress with an oversized sweater 

Team up your maxi dress with a sweater and ward off the winter chill in style.  A flowy dress or a body-hugging piece – will look equally stylish paired with an oversized sweater. Match your accessories with the sweater if it contrasts the dress color. Pair it with a boot and some chunky pendant necklace.   

Accessorize it 

The right accessories can make or break your style game. Here’s how you can style accessories with your maxi dresses to complete the look. 

Belt it up

Wear a belt with your maxi dress and see how it uplifts your style quotient. A belt will highlight your waist area and add a new dimension to the look. Waist belts work well with maxi dresses of every style and help to define your figure perfectly. You can pick a sleek belt or a wide one with a chunky buckle to add more definition. A clutch will work best when you are styling your maxi dress with a belt.  

Add a Scarf

A neck scarf is a perfect accessory to glam up your maxi dress. Pair your dress with a scarf that creates a contrast and brightens up the look. A printed scarf will look great on a plain dress while a solid color makes the right choice for a printed maxi. Scarves are also ideal to add a little more comfort and warmth when the weather turns colder. 

Jazz it up with some bangles 

Either layer multiple slim bangles or go for some statement piece to jazz up the look.  Gold or silver toned bangles will work with most maxi dresses. If you are opting for a colorful piece, try to match it with your dress or other accessories like your necklace or handbag.  If you want to keep it simple, instead of bangles just put on a chunky watch. 

Get a necklace 

A gorgeous elaborate neckpiece or a simple pearl chain – both can add a perfect party vibe to your maxi dress. Pair it with a long chain pendant or a boho necklace for a chic and casual look.  Layering your necklaces is always a good idea. 

Bling for your ears 

If you love wearing jewelry, feel free to put on some earrings with your maxi dress. Chunky drop and dangler earrings look cool with maxi dresses. Sleek hoops also make a good choice. Pair a sleek shoulder duster earring with your maxi dress for parties and special events. 


Adding a fabric headband with whatever hairstyle you are donning with your maxi dress will quickly uplift the mood. Go for a bright printed band or a solid color according to your dress. You may opt for bejeweled headbands if you are going to an evening party and want to add up some bling to your look. 


A shoulder bag, clutch, satchel, or sling bag – all works well with maxi dresses. Leather handbags or the quilted ones look great too. Choose a handbag that compliments your dress and other accessories. If you are dressed in pastels or a single solid color, get a bright and big handbag to add some drama.   


Hats are perfect to style with maxi dresses. They bring the right spring-summer vibe to your style. You can go for any color as per your dress or choice but always keep it simple. A sunhat will protect your face from the harsh rays of the sun and also look lovely with your maxi dress. 


You have amazing options when it comes to shoes that you can style with your maxi dress with pockets. Sneakers to boots, wedges to stilettoes – the right shoe will complete the look. To know more about the shoes, you can style your maxi dresses with pockets, read this blog.  

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