How to Pose in a Maxi Dress

how to pose with maxi dress
Wearing a maxi dress with pockets is fun, but if you love photos you must learn how to Pose in a Maxi Dress with Pockets. Here's how to do it.

Wearing a maxi dress with pockets or any dress with pockets, solves the age-old question, ‘what do I do with my hands when posing for photos?’ Of course, the answer is always to put them in your pockets. It’s easy, comforting, and looks effortlessly chic even if you are not otherwise so photogenic. Celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger advises clients to stand tall, put their shoulders back and smile if they want to look cool posing for photos.

But as lovely as it is to just put your hands in your pockets and smile, you can’t strike the same pose in every photo. A maxi dress with pockets may inspire you to use the pockets, but you have to get creative with it.

Ahead are 13 celebrity-approved poses you can hold when taking snaps in a maxi dress with pockets. We have divided the poses into three sections guiding you on what to do with your hands, legs, and the rest of the body when posing.

Positioning the Arms

1. Both Arms in Pocket

We agree that this pose should not be your only choice, but it’s still a damn good one. Simply put your hands in both pockets, stand tall, shoulders back and give them your best smile. How deep your hands go into the pocket is up to you, but celebrities have been doing just the fingers of late. Four fingers go inside the pockets, and the thumb will be outside holding onto the dress to keep the rest of the hand from going in. However, dipping the entire arm in is fine too, so it’s a matter of preference and comfort.

2. One Hand in

The second most popular photo pose when wearing a dress with pockets is putting one hand inside the pocket and leaving the other hand out. It looks better if you have a clutch or a handbag in your other hand instead of just hanging out there. You can also keep the other arm busy by holding onto something like a wall.

This isn’t to say you can’t just let the hang free, though. The advice is for people who struggle to have their hands free when taking photos. Again, you can decide to put four fingers in and a thumb out or slide the entire arm inside the pocket.

3. Thumbs Only

A great variation to both hands in the pockets is only to put the thumbs in. The rest of your hand will be visible from the outside, but the thumbs are inside the pockets. Again, you can either do both hands or just one.

4. Play with the Hair

Hands in pockets is not always a power or confidence pose. Sometimes, you want to take a picture where you look shy or demure. One of the best ways to do this is to put one hand in your dress pocket (half of your palm) and then touch your hair with the other hand. My favorite pose is pretending I am fixing the hair behind my ear and then look down with a shy smile. Alternatively, lift your arm completely and touch the top of your head playfully, messing your hair a bit.

Positioning the Legs

5. The Knee Pop

The knee pop is a pose many celebrities use on red carpets because of how long the entire scenario lasts. You start by standing with your legs straight and then turn one foot to the side and bend the knee slightly. This pose puts the weight of your body to one side (the side that’s popping away and bent), so you don’t get so tired after standing for too long. It also makes your legs and body look leaner and longer, which is always a good thing.

6. Legs Crossed

A personal favorite pose when wearing a maxi dress with pockets is to cross one leg over the other. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then take one foot and bring it across the other lightheartedly.

This works exceptionally well when both of your hands are in your pockets because they will balance you. You don’t even have to cross your legs all the way through; a simple cross near the ankles looks even better.

7.  Lean against a Wall

Another pose that brings that nonchalant flair is leaning against a wall. If both hands are in the pockets, lean against the wall with your back, looking straight in front of you or down shyly. I also like putting one hand in the pocket and resting the other on my lap while facing forward. To elevate this pose, lift one leg and step behind you at a 90-degree angle on the knee. You will place the free hand on the lap of that bent leg while the other hand stays in the pocket.

Alternatively, lean on your side slightly and move one leg forward. You can also cross your legs gently while one hand is in the pocket. I love this pose because you get to show your best side only and feel like a professional model.

8. The Walk

Ever noticed that celebrities walk slowly on the red carpet when the photographers are taking pics? That’s because walking is one of the best ways to get a good shot, especially if they take the photo from your side.

You have to walk very slowly not to make the photo blurry or simply put one foot in front of the other, pretending to walk without actually doing it. The idea is to capture the movement of the dress, catch a glimpse of your shoe and highlight your best features.

This pose will work whether you put both hands in the pockets or just one. It’s actually pretty great when one arm is in the pocket, and the other is holding a clutch.

9. The Angie Pop

Actress Angelina Jolie inspired this pose during the 2012 Oscars red carpet. It works better if your maxi dress or gown has a sultry slit at the front or side, but it will also work with a flowy maxi dress worn with heels. Simply bring one foot forward and pop the hip on the other leg. The pose requires some attitude which Angelina did by placing one hand on her waist, but you can achieve this with pockets. Put one arm in the pocket and pull the Angie leg pose like a boss.

Positioning Your Gaze

10. 45-Degree Angle

Most stylists agree that you should not just stand straight facing the camera like we did as kids. This does not present you in the best light, and it’s not comfortable. Instead, turn to your side a little bit (45-degrees to your side) and pop one foot forward.

If your maxi dress has a slit or an embellishment at the bottom, pop the foot on that side out slightly to show off that fact. As always, one or two hands are inside the pockets.

11.  Look off Your Shoulder

Have a dress with a bare back or decorations at the back? You need to show them off by striking a back pose. Turn your body almost all the way back (70-80 degrees will do) like you are temporarily looking behind you, and then turn your head forward to look over your shoulder. A good part of your backside will be facing the camera alongside your head and neck. You should also pop a foot forward Angelina Jolie style just to balance yourself and show off your shoes.

12. Side Look

If you love how the dress looks when facing the camera directly, you don’t have to turn your body to the side. Instead, turn your head only away from the camera as if you are shy and avoid smiling. This creates a mysterious look, and it’s more flattering and feminine than staring at the camera directly. I love striking the pose when carrying a clutch bag in one hand and sliding the other hand into my pocket.

13. Look Down

Finally, you can look down at your shoes or the ground just before taking a photo. Try to have a shy grin on your face as this pose creates a playful tone to the pictures. To pull this off though, you must have really striking shoes because people will be drawn to where you are looking when they see the photo.

This is a great pose when wearing your best heels or sandals that show off your toes. It also works great when walking or pretending to with one hand inside your dress pocket.

There you have it, 13 easy photo poses that will make you look and feel like a celebrity. Posing for photos when wearing a maxi dress with pockets has nothing to do with the pockets. Instead, you need to show off the dress, the shoes, and your face. If the dress has a standout feature, like a slit or a drop-down back, draw attention to it by turning your body and legs towards it. That’s all posing is all about, and pockets are only a bonus.

How do you pose for pictures in a maxi dress with pockets?

Pockets make posing in a maxi dress very easy and elegant. Simply put both your hands in the pockets, cross your legs or slightly step forward with one leg. Pull your shoulders back and smile. You can also put one hand in the pocket and hold a bag in the other hand and pose confidently like a model.

How do I look thinner in a maxi dress with pockets?

When posing for a picture with a dress that has pockets, the best thing to do is put your hands inside the pockets and cross your legs slightly. This pose elongates your frame and gives the illusion of a thinner, taller person. Hands in pockets also mean no one will see the bulge pockets cause on the side of the dress.

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