How to Wear a Peasant Maxi Skirt

How to Wear a Peasant Maxi Skirt
To wear a peasant maxi skirt, opt for casual simplicity, choosing minimal tops, natural accessories, and comfy shoes to balance the flowy skirt.

You know what I like about fashion? Things keep coming back in style for new generations to try. One such style is the peasant skirt, redesigned by Yves Saint Laurent in 1976, and it comes back every summer without fail.

This loose-fitting, colorful and unstructured skirt, also known as the gypsy skirt, is a dream for those of us who love comfort or the bohemian style. Even so, I still see women, especially over 40 women, looking all frumpy in an otherwise gorgeous peasant maxi skirt.

And that’s what we aim to end today.

Hopefully, these few pointers on how to wear a peasant maxi skirt will help someone take this timeless piece to the next level.

What to Wear with a Peasant Maxi Skirt

The simple answer when someone asks what to wear with a peasant maxi skirt is casual simplicity. And yes, the tiered skirts we have discussed here are a type of peasant skirts.

Peasant skirts are long, flowy and attention-grabbing, and you should let them remain the center of attention.

Here are a few ideas.


As a rule, we pair flowy bottoms with minimal, well-fitting tops to balance proportions. And NO, tucking in your loose top will not work- it only creates a bulge below your waistline.

My best top options include crop tops, especially in the same fabric as the skirt or a lighter color. All types of tank tops, peplum tops, halter tops, and off-shoulder tops are perfect.

See how crop and halter tops leave the focus on the skirt?

You can also do a well-fitting t-shirt, a ruffled top or a small button-down blouse tucked in and covered with a wide belt. You should do this with extreme caution to avoid looking frumpy, but a denim or fitting button-down shirt also works if you tie a knot at the waist to make a crop top.


As with any bohemian-style outfit, accessories are the highlight. Peasant skirts go well with natural jewelry like wood, geodes, crystals and copper. Layering the pieces or wearing an extravagant earthy piece also works.

But we don’t stop at jewelry. Consider wearing a thick leather belt, rope-style belt, knitted purse, straw hat, bohemian scarf and denim jacket.

For a modern look, go with statement eyewear, layered jewelry, a belt and a colorful purse.


The best shoes for a peasant maxi skirt are casual flat sandals or wedges. Gladiator sandals, slides, espadrilles and block boots also work well with these lovely skirts. You want to avoid formal shoes like pumps, Mary Janes and ankle-strap heels.

When choosing shoes for this skirt, however, look for something cute and sexy. These long skirts draw attention downward to your feet, so you want to stay away from ugly, earthy shoes.

Tips for Wearing a Peasant Maxi Skirt

1. Get the Length Right

I get it, today we have midi peasant skirts, and they don’t look so bad either. If you are wearing a maxi skirt however, try to get the right length- ankle level or touching the top of your feet.

A mid-calf skirt that ends at the broadest part of your legs will make you look short and dumpy, which is not flattering at all.

2. Accentuate the Waist

The number one mistake women make when wearing peasant maxi skirts is to hide the waist area with flabby, loose tops and sweaters. I insist on wearing a cropped top/jacket or tucking in so the entire skirt length is on display.

I want to see the skirt’s waistband or at least a belt covering it.

3. Don’t Wear the Skirt too Low

The opposite side of hiding the waist is overexposing it, something I see younger women do. Even with a flat, pierced belly, a low-hung peasant skirt looks sloppy and frumpy. I recommend wearing it on your natural waist and pair with a crop top if you want to show off the belly.

4. Try Different Styles of Peasant Maxi Skirts

Peasant skirts have come a long way since the 70’s, and now they have different designs. If the flowy, tiered look doesn’t float your boat, try something more contemporary, like a wrap style or a high-low design.

You also don’t need to wear cotton or linen fabric because peasant skirts now come in other fancier fabrics. Pure white peasant skirts also look pretty modern and they make you look so fresh and summerly.

How to Wear White Peasant Maxi Skirt

White is a relatively new color in peasant skirts. In the 70s and 80s, peasant skirts were only made of dark, earthy tones because the wearers worked in fields, and it was a nice trick to cover up dirt. But we don’t have that problem anymore.

White, being such a pure, neutral color goes with anything really. You can try a solid color, a crotchet top or even a white top to get straight lines. The idea is to keep it simple, casual and have those fresh summer vibes.

How to Wear Printed Peasant Maxi Skirt

Bold prints are also a fresh revolution of peasant skirts. And as so, you need to balance them with solid-colored tops and simple accessories. You do not need to look like a gypsy woman in modern times, so keep it simple. That said, nothing looks better with boots than bold-printed long skirts.

As for softer prints, a simple tee, tank top or button-down blouse will suffice. This is a great ensemble for layered accessories, straw hats and cute simple shoes like espadrilles and sneakers.

How to Wear Floral Peasant Maxi Skirt

Yes, florals are different from printed skirts. Flowers are more feminine and soft, and they allow more styling options. For example, if I had to choose a maxi skirt for a summer wedding or event, a floral peasant maxi skirt paired with a silk camisole-type top and silver layered jewelry would be perfect. Add to that a colorful purse and cute sandals, and you have an ideal ensemble.

Here’s a post on how to style a floral maxi skirt.

Florals also make a great spring outfit. Pair it with a thick sweater, brown boots and a scarf around your neck. As you can see, tucking in the front of the sweater makes the outfit look chic instead of flabby.

And on a happy summer day full of friends and errands, a simple white t-shirt with a floral peasant skirt and sandals looks very sober. You can dress this up with a denim or leather jacket and sneakers later on when it’s chilly.

How to Wear a Peasant Maxi Skirt for Work

I would not normally recommend such a casual maxi skirt to work, but there are a few exceptions. If you can get your hands on a soft, plain-colored maxi skirt and pair it with a similarly soft blouse and wedges, you have a winner.

See how the black belt adds structure to the outfit and makes it look more formal.

How do you wear a peasant maxi skirt?

The trick to pulling off a peasant maxi style is simple, casual tops and bohemian-style accessories. Think crop, tank or halter top and pair with wedges/sandals and a denim jacket on top. You should also accessorize with natural, earthy jewelry, and a belt, hat or straw purse where necessary.

Are peasant maxi skirts still in style?

Peasant maxi skirts come back in style every summer. However, you can wear plain-colored skirts any day of the year if you style them correctly no matter your age.

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