How to Wear Tiered Maxi Skirt

How to Wear Tiered Maxi Skirt
Tiered maxi skirts are fashion-forward and versatile. This article offers insight into styling tiered maxi skirts for work, casual events, and formal functions.

One of the most fabulous skirts ever made is a tiered maxi skirt. Beauty Answered defines it as a type of skirt in which fabric is layered vertically to appear as if it’s made of different tiers. It is one of those rare outfits that work on every body type, and you can wear it casually or formally.

When I think about a tiered maxi skirt, what comes to mind is a lightweight white skirt I wear with sandals and a crop top in summer. However, tiered skirts come in various fabrics and colors that suit every climate and occasion.

Today I want us to look at all the other ways to style a tiered maxi skirt and explore a few different designs of this timeless piece.

The Summer Look

It will be unjust to jump into other looks without fully exploring how to style a tiered maxi skirts for summer. Pick any bright and lightweight tiered skirt and pair it with a crop top, sleeveless top or a knotted t-shirt and finish up with sandals or wedges.

This is my only alternative to maxi dresses during hot summer days, and it looks fun and stylish every damn time. You can go to the beach, attend pool parties or even rock up to a summer wedding with the right sunnies and a hat.

However, I also rock tiered maxi skirts for fancy events and evening outings. Instead of sandals, I wear stilettos and a classic purse. Of course, I jazz up the outfit with better makeup and jewelry and then carry a nice leather jacket or shawl for later. Dressing up doesn’t get easier than this.

The Bohemian Look

If we are being honest, a tiered maxi skirt, brown belt and lots of jewelry are what we imagine when we hear bohemian style. While this style is characterized by many other things, the eccentric vibe of the outfits and earthy tones really pop out.

I love, love this white outfit because it’s a light modern twist of bohemian style, but you can still see the colorful touches and the freedom these women exude.

This second picture is also modern but a little conservative. The simple sandals, a shawl on her shoulders and light, earth-tone jewelry are all perfection. And while both skirts are white, you can do a floral tiered skirt or any other color.

Spring and Shine

Spring is everybody’s favorite season for a reason. The flowers, the perfect weather, the scent in the air and the love, are all competing for our senses.

But what I also love most about spring is the fashion. We see a lot of bright colors, lightweight fabrics and denim around. This bright-tiered maxi skirt paired with a sleeveless top and a denim jacket says everything we feel about spring.

The dark patterned bag and jewelry tone down the light colors and add an aspect of mystery to the outfit.

But truthfully, my favorite way to wear a tiered skirt in spring is with sneakers, white sneakers to be specific. A colorful skirt, white t-shirt and white sneakers make you feel like you are floating in the air all day long.

Modern and Hip

Traditional tiered skirts are perfectly fabulous, but they cannot compare to the modern twist, also known as stair skirts. This type of tiered skirts add the oomph in every step you take and make you feel like a swan. I like the casual take with a simple top and either a leather or denim jacket, and then boots or sneakers on your feet.

You can also check out other ways to style a denim jacket with a maxi skirt here.

Alternatively, you can go with the more elegant blouse/shirt (tucked in) and high heels, preferably stilettos or pumps. This look is perfect for weddings or events, and you can carry a clutch bag and go all out with jewelry.

The Winter Selection

If winter tends to leave you feeling fashionably uninspired, a tiered maxi skirt can help. You don’t have to live in jeans, coats and boots throughout. Granted, you will need a heavier tiered skirt than those summer options though you can also wear leggings underneath.

Pair this with a turtle neck or a light sweater and a jacket over it. The one thing you can’t switch here is boots unless the cold is moderate enough to wear sneakers. Heavy sweaters also look great with tiered maxi skirts, and you can accessorize with a belt to cinch in the waist and throw on a scarf for good measure.

If the skirt is dark-colored, choose a light-colored sweater and brown boots. Something in the outfit should make you feel lively, and a white or beige sweater will do that.

Tiered Maxi Skirt for Work

Can you wear a tiered maxi skirt to work? Absolutely, and I’ve done it before on a whole Wednesday. Like every other maxi skirt, you must find the right top, shoes and the perfect blazer or blouse.

The orange-brown blazer works great with that floral skirt because the color is on the skirt. And as you can see, the top and the high-heel pumps also match the skirt’s color.

But if you have a plain tiered skirt, a matching blouse or something close tucked in will always do the trick.

How do you style a tiered maxi skirt?

Choose a simple top to style a tiered maxi skirt, depending on where you are going. It could be a graphic tee, crop top, sleeveless top or a button-down blouse, tucked in. After that, pick an appropriate shoe for the occasion and weather and finish with a jacket, blazer or shawl.

What top do you wear with a tiered maxi skirt?

Tiered maxi skirts look good with simple tops that don’t go past the waistline. A crop top, graphic tee, (knotted or tucked in) and blouse are your best options. You can also wear a turtleneck when it’s cold or a warm sweater.

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