How to Style a Denim Jacket with a Maxi Skirt?

Wearing a denim jacket with a maxi skirt
Denim jackets a classic with most looks from maxi dresses to maxi skirts. Learn how to style this classic staple and look fabulous. Click to Read.

Here at Maxi Pockets, we believe a denim jacket is a must have for every woman. A jean jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in fashion, and you can wear it with anything from dresses to skirts to leggings.

Personally, I wear a denim jacket at least once a week when I want an effortlessly cool style. One of my favorite looks is a denim jacket over a maxi dress. I have even written a full guide on how to rock this look here.

Today however, I’m going to share my second favorite look- denim jacket with a maxi skirt.

But first…

Different Denim Jacket Styles

To the surprise of many, the classic cropped jean jacket is not the only option you have. In fact, there are many denim jacket styles that you can try with different outfits for casual or semi-formal looks. What’s more, denim jackets come in different colors, not just blue so you have variety.

  • Classic denim jacket. The classic jean jacket is very simple and ordinary. Its length goes all the way to your mid buttocks and you can pair it with any look.
  • Cropped denim jacket. The only difference between a classic and a cropped jacket is the length. The latter stops right at the waist, making you look taller and slender. This is why it’s most girl’s favorite jacket.
  • Oversized denim jacket. As the name suggests, this jean jacket is bigger than the wearer. It’s a great option for jean pants and mini dresses but I do not recommend it for maxi skirts or dresses.
  • Distressed denim jacket. Last but not least is the distressed jean jacket, otherwise known as ragged. A distressed jacket can be cropped, classic or oversized but it has ragged patches for style. I love pairing ragged jackets with white summer maxis or other colorful skirts.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket with a Maxi Skirt

plus size black woman wearing maxi with denim jacket

1. Pleated Maxi Skirt and Cropped Denim Jacket

Pleated maxi skirts are all the rage right now and the trend doesn’t seem to die anytime soon. While the skirt is mostly worn in a formal way, pairing it with a cropped denim jacket is the best way to style it casually. Try a basic plain top underneath, flat sandals and minimal jewelry.

You can also do stiletto heels or pumps for semi-formal events such as weddings and carry a clutch bag instead. As always, statement sunnies will complete this look.

2. Flowy Maxi Skirt and Cropped Jacket

When I think about a farmland, sophisticated woman, this look comes to mind. She wears a long flowy skirt, loose tee or top and a cropped denim jacket over it. She keeps the look simple with flat shoes, loafers or sandals and keeps the accessories to a minimum. You will see a simple chain on her neck or a scarf and a single bracelet on her arm.

The style goes great with a handbag you can hold on your hand instead of shoulders but a clutch will look great as well.

3. Animal Print Maxi Skirt with a Classic jacket

I may not be a huge fan of animal print but even I admit animal print skirts look great with blue denim. It’s a look very few women can rock and one mostly suited for short petite ladies. One way to style this is to wear a white or graphic t-shirt tucked in the animal print skirt and a classic denim jacket over it.

Your shoe choice will depend on mood and occasion but you can try white sneakers or ankle boots. For a night out, stilettos and a clutch bag will work. Feel free to accessorize with earthy toned jewelry, especially big earrings and a belt to draw attention to your waist.

4.  Floral Maxi Skirt and Cropped Denim

Many women avoid floral or patterned maxi skirts because they are a tad difficult to style. I have found that the best way to solve this problem is with a simple fitting top and cropped denim jacket, preferably a ragged one. The simplicity of the jean jacket tones down the skirt’s busy colors and allows your lower body to shine.

Pair this with a pair of stilettos, heeled sandals, or wedges, and accessorize with statement colorful jewelry and a simple hand-held purse.

5. Striped Maxi Skirt and Denim Jacket

Again, the cropped denim jacket shines in this look. Get a figure-hugging striped maxi skirt, a tank top, and finish off with a denim jacket. Like the floral skirts, a denim jacket tones down all that is happening with stripes and makes you look taller and thinner.

I recommend flat sandals for this look and a necklace that draws attention to the upper part of your body. Patterns seem to be too busy already, so it’s good if you can keep accessories to a minimum.

6. Body Con Maxi Dress, Denim Jacket and Boots

Here’s the thing- sometimes I like to feel edgy and dangerously cool while still looking like a woman. This style right here is a top favorite. I wear a black body con skirt with or without a slit, a black graphic tee, and a black denim jacket. (Yes I know it’s a lot of black, but we are only getting started.)

After that, we slid on a pair of black open-toe boots and black sunglasses. Just to drive the point home, I apply dark lipstick and black nail polish. It’s very gothic but also very chic if you like such things.

7. Sleeveless Denim Jacket and a Flowy Maxi Skirt

The last look and my favorite combo during summer is the vest denim jacket, a basic top, and a flowy maxi skirt. It’s a really simple and light look, but it really sets you apart from everyone else wearing white sundresses and shorts in summer.

The only suitable shoe here is sandals or wedges, and of course you can’t forget sunglasses. This is also one of the best styles to accessorize, so feel free to go in with your boho or classy jewelry and a minimalistic handbag.

What’s your favorite denim jacket with maxi skirt style?

I have tried all of them and always settle for the cropped jacket with a pleated maxi or a bodycon with sneakers. My advice is to invest in a few different denim jackets and colors and add your variety of maxi skirts. This is a combination you can wear year-round without looking boring.

How do you wear a denim jacket with a maxi skirt?

Pairing a denim jacket with a maxi skirt is one of fashion’s greatest inventions. You can dress down the look by wearing flat shoes like sandals or sneakers or dress up with heels for a more formal event. Choosing the right type of denim jacket for the skirt is key.

Can you wear a vest denim jacket with a maxi skirt?

Absolutely. Your choices of skirts will be limited because the vest jackets don’t look good with any maxi skirt but it’s a great choice for summer. More often than not, a flowy maxi skirt works better with a sleeveless jacket.

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