How to Style Striped Maxi Dress: Vertical and Horizontal Stripes Styling Ideas

How to wear stripped maxi dresses
Striped maxi dresses are feminine, fun, and stylish. We have compiled essential styling tips and five unique outfit ideas so you stand out in your maxi dress.

Striped maxi dresses are classic, combining femininity and simplicity. In fact, unlike the monochrome maxis, these dresses add fun to your look, and the best part is they look good on everyone!

Once you understand how to style the vertical and horizontal stripes, you’ll look good in any striped maxi dress. So in this article, I’ll explain how to style striped maxi dresses and give five unique outfit ideas to make you stand out.

Tips for Styling Striped Maxi Dresses

1. Understand the Colors

Generally, the most common color stripes are black, navy, red, and blue on a primarily white dress. The stripes bring the outfit to life and work well against a white background. But you can also veer off from these color schemes.

Think outside the box and try different color stripes, multi-colored stripe dresses, or an alternative base that isn’t white (like black stripes on a grey maxi dress). However, consider your skin’s undertone and shade to find colors that appeal to your complexion.

2. Consider Your Figure

Everyone can rock a striped maxi dress, but wearing the wrong stripes will make the outfit unflattering on your body. For example, wearing vertical stripes makes you appear taller, whereas horizontal stripes will accentuate your width, so you appear shapely.

Therefore, if you’re already conspicuously shapely, horizontal stripes will make you appear bigger. The same applies to taller ladies and vertical stripes. However, if you’re hell-bent on wearing horizontal stripes as a shapely person, go for thinner stripes because thick stripes only make you look wider.

On the other hand, skinny ladies will benefit from thicker stripes on bodycon-style maxi dresses. The dresses hug your figure in all the right places as the stripes widen your physique, making you appear shapely.

3. Can You Wear Horizontal Stripes with Vertical Stripes?

This question is quite common, and the short answer is yes. Mixing horizontal and vertical stripes is daring, unique, and fashionable. However, overdoing the stripes will make the outfit look confusing to the eye. The secret to pairing horizontal and vertical stripes is giving the eye a break.

What does this mean? For example, go for maxis that use one stripe print for the top part and a different one at the bottom. Horizontal stripes always look good at the top, and vertical stripes will stand out at the bottom part, but the reverse also looks good. 

Lastly, when you wear double-striped maxi dresses, keep the accessories minimum, so the outfit stands out. A simple necklace, earrings, bag, or sunglasses are enough to enhance your outfit.

4. Pick Out the Right Accessories

Accessories and maxi dresses go hand in hand. In fact, when styling a maxi dress, it’s okay to go all out with statement jewelry pieces, sunglasses, and creatively-designed bags. But does the same apply to striped maxi dresses? The answer is yes.

You can pair statement pieces with striped maxis, but you have to exercise a bit of caution to avoid looking overdone. The best accessories for striped maxi dresses include chunky necklaces, sunglasses, floppy and cowboy hats, wedges, mule sandals, simple bags, and jackets.

Remember, you can only pair some of the accessories at a time; pick only those that gel well with your outfit. For example, if you wear a chunky necklace, pair that with simple earrings.

5. Identify What Looks Good with Stripes

Striped maxi dresses are enough to make you look good. However, now and then, we pair our dresses with other pieces to enhance the look or adhere to weather conditions. For example, wear your striped dress with a jacket and scarf in cold weather or throw on a cowboy hat for a fun look.

Sometimes, finding the right pieces to pair your dress is challenging, but it becomes easier once you understand your style preference. As you already know, maxi dresses allow you to experiment with extensive style pieces.

Below are five creative ideas that you can use to identify a fitting style.

Striped Dress Outfit Ideas

1. A Simple Necklace, Bracelets, and Woven Bag

This look is perfect for flowy striped maxi dresses. The dress itself is a statement, especially if the stripes are thinner. So, a simple necklace, stud earrings, and one or two bracelets will suffice as cute accessories. If you’re wearing a collared maxi dress, you can find a cute choker necklace.

The woven bag is also a stylish addition to the look, making it more casual than formal. For shoes, you can wear sandals, wedges, or sneakers.

2. Statement Earrings and a Pair of Heels

The stripes make the dress look phenomenal, meaning you don’t need much to stand out. Stiletto heels and a pair of statement earrings are great if you’re feeling flirty, going on a date, or attending an event.

Alternatively, you can rock the look for brunch with the girls or your weekly church service. Add a simple clutch and a pair of cute sunnies for a more feminine look.

3. A Hat, Statement Belt, and Boots

Striped maxis gel well with floppy hats, cowboy hats, or fedoras. So, experiment with your favorite hat and pair it with wedges, sneakers, sandals, or boots. For this look, combine a sexy pair of high-heel boots, a statement belt, and a cowboy hat.

Usually, the statement belt cinches your waist area if you’re wearing a flowy maxi dress. So, pick a big belt with a unique design on the buckle for a fashionable finish. A small necklace and sunglasses will accentuate the look further.

4. Denim Jacket and Mule Sandals

Sometimes, less is more when styling striped maxi dresses. You don’t need statement pieces or bags, especially if the dress has unique details like a belt or ruffles. So, for this look, pair your flowy maxi dress with your favorite mule sandals and a denim jacket.

A short denim jacket that sits right above your waist adds more style. In addition, let your hair down or tie it in a ponytail, depending on your preference. A pair of stud earrings will complete the look if it’s in a ponytail.

5. A Jacket and Sneakers

Sneakers are a must-have if you enjoy creating casual looks based on your maxi dresses. So, dust off your favorite sneakers and pair them with your striped maxi for a simple yet chic look. Moreover, the sneakers will pair well with bodycon and flowy dresses.

White sneakers are my go-to shoes when wearing maxi dresses, but style is subjective, and you can pair the dress with sneakers in any color.

A denim or leather jacket is also a great addition to the casual look. Pick out smaller jackets with a monochrome color because the dress is the statement. Lastly, carry a sling bag or cute backpack, hand jewelry, and sunglasses.

Can I wear a shirt over my striped maxi dress?

Yes, shirts pair perfectly with striped maxi dresses. Once you find the right shirt, tie a knot, belt up, or wear a button-down shirt as an open shirt. There are many styling ideas for pairing a maxi dress with a shirt.

Are the striped maxi dresses in-style in 2022?

Yes, striped maxi dresses will always be in style. These dresses are simple yet stylish, and the stripes add a feminine touch to your look. So, keep wearing your striped maxis because your fashion sense will never be outdated.

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