The Complete Guide for Jackets To Wear With Maxi Dresses

what to wear over a maxi dress
Wondering what jacket to wear with a maxi dress? Here is the complete guide for jackets to wear with maxi dresses.

A Jacket is one type of outfit that I cannot miss in my wardrobe. It is a wardrobe essential that I can wear with tights, leggings, a skirt dress, and even a maxi dress and achieve that smashing look. You can also wear them in all seasons without worrying about the weather. 

However, women sometimes find it hard to pair jackets with maxi dresses and rock them. The article will give you a complete guide for jackets to wear with a maxi dress or long dress and remain stylish.

Types of Jackets You Can Wear With a Maxi Dress

There are various types of jackets you can layer with your maxi dress and maintain a stylish vibe.  They include;

1. Fringe Jacket

I’ve had my fringe jacket for the longest time. At first, I was obsessed with it, then I retired it and contemplated selling it, but I’m glad I did not. Fringe jackets are back in fashion, and yes, you can pair them with your maxi dress for that cowboy or tomboyish look. 

The style is classic and relaxed all year round. Some of the most common fabrics are wool and leather. The common colors are tan and brown, but now you can find white, blue, and black fringe jackets. Choose a sophisticated style and fabric that suits your personality and style. 

2. Cardigan

Cardigans are your go-to look if you are looking forward to wrapping yourself with something soft. They are timeless fashion wears that are not going anywhere anytime soon, and you can wear them with a maxi dress.

Try a belted long cardigan over jeans or leggings or a short light one with a maxi dress and see how effortlessly you pull off a stylish look. A fine knit cardigan is great for warm weather, while a chunky one is for the chilly season. 

3. Faux Fur Coat

A fashionable, feminine faux-fur jacket that makes you stand out wherever you go is something you need in your wardrobe. Pink, blush, and other similar hues are some obvious choices for faux-fur jackets. However, colors like wine-red, yellow, and white can also appear chic and fashionable.

The jacket is suitable for the winter and falls seasons, and you can wear it with many outfits, including a maxi dress. Try pairing it with high heels and some classy jewelry for a glam vibe. Here are some tips to use when buying one;

  • Do Not Buy a Cheap One

A cheap faux fur is made of poor quality materials, making them look cheap. Besides, it doesn’t last long, and you won’t get value for your money. 

A high-quality faux fur coat is made from silk or cotton.

  • Choose the Right Color

A neutral color will go well with your maxi dress. If you are unsure, choose a black one, but do not wear a black fur faux with a black maxi dress because you will look overdressed. There are many colors in the market; pick the one that suits your skin tone to rock this look. 

  • Buy the Right Size

Choose a jacket that is your correct size. For example, If you are skinny, pick a small size for a good fit. The coat should be ankle length and fit to prevent you from tripping over or having difficulty walking.

You can also dress it up with some stilettos to add height to your look. To be sure if it fits well, try it out before buying. 

4. Shearling Jacket 

When the temperature drops in winter, you only want some warmth and more warmth. It is time to grab your shearling jacket! The jacket comes in various colors and shapes, from aviator shapes, biker styles and longline silhouettes.

They are pretty versatile and you can wear them with most of your outfit, from leggings to a maxi dress, adding a bit of flair to your look. 

5. Puffer Jacket

A shiny silver puffer jacket with full sleeves or the sleeveless red puffy jacket, curved at the hands, is a must-have. The jacket comes in handy in chilly weather and gives you extra warmth. 

Pairing a maxi dress with a puffer jacket can give an amazing look, especially when it’s short or waist-length to accentuate your figure.

 Try a black puffer jacket with a maxi dress and see how fashion-forward your look becomes. You can also pair it with high heels and classy accessories for an edgy look. 

6. Cashmere Jackets

Cold does not have to stop you from looking stylish, as you can wear cashmere jackets. The jackets are made from furs from a cashmere goat, combed thoroughly to get fine fur. 

Cashmere is significantly softer and more refined than sheep wool, making them the ideal jackets for a cold season. 

The jackets with maxi dresses give you a sophisticated look and warmth. If you are investing in just one piece of cashmere, choose a neutral color that will go with most of your outfits. 

7. Leather Jackets 

Leather jackets are an excellent choice when you want to look elegant but keep it casual. They are your go-to option for those occasions when you only need a layer on your outfit. 

The jackets come in more variations, and everyone looks equally gorgeous, whether buttoned, zipped, open, or belted. 

Although black is always associated with leather jackets, other fashionable options include brown, red, and gray.

8. Quilted Jackets 

Quilted jackets strike the ideal balance between keeping you warm, fashionable, and edgy all at once. These are especially useful in the fall and the first few weeks of winter when leather coats are insufficient, and the puffy jackets are too heavy. 

You can wear them with your maxi dress when going out for some errands or meeting your squad and still wanting to be warm. 

9. Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are ladies’ favorite jackets. The jacket is versatile, and you can pair it with pants, leggings, gowns, dresses, or a maxi dress. It makes every outfit excellent. 

Wear a short, fitting blue denim jacket with your maxi dress of any color and see how it transforms your look. White, sleeveless, luminous, and cropped denim are pretty popular. 

10. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been on trend for the longest time and are not going anywhere. Yes, you can wear them with a maxi dress and look great. This jacket is a perfect way to keep your feminine look while adding some edge. 

You can wear it with any maxi dress, but to avoid appearing overly effortful, I suggest wearing it with a shorter bomber jacket.

11. Blazers

A blazer is another jacket you can layer with your maxi dress to look all stylish. You can wear it to a formal event or when you are going for errands and you want to keep warm. They add polish and sophistication to any outfit effortlessly. 

You can also wear blazers with a maxi dress. A menswear-inspired blazer with a maxi dress is a great pair you can try in the evening during summer or the cold season. Invest in great blazers for a classy look with any outfit. 

12. Trench Coat

Trench coats never go out of style. They come in handy in the cold season to give you warmth and style. They are easy to wear and go well with almost every outfit, including maxi dresses. 

There are various designs and lengths in the market. If you want to keep it safe, pair a short-fitting trench coat with your maxi dress. Alternatively, you can wear a big oversized trench coat for a tomboyish look. 

A long belted trench coat with buttons is the ultimate transitional coat between spring and winter. They come in different shades of color. 

13. Jacket Vests 

Another choice that gives your outfit just the right amount of flair without going over the top is a jacket vest.

Vests come in various styles, including cropped, long, and short sleeves. Pick one that complements your style and your attire. Try wearing your maxi dress with a black or ivory vest if you’re looking for something more daring but prefer to keep things conservative.

14. Suede Jackets 

Every girl needs a suede jacket in their wardrobe. They come in various colors, and you can pair them with most of your outfits. 

A black suede jacket can be worn with formal and casual dresses, adding an edgy style to your look. It is also an excellent option for those who want to keep their dress formal but want to mix it up a bit. 

White suede jackets are another great option if you want something simple and chic. They effortlessly bring style to your look.

How To Wear a Jacket With a Maxi Dress

  1. Have a Black Jacket

When in doubt about your color options, choose black. Black color goes well with all shades of maxi dresses, whether it is floral, patterned, or just a plain color. You can also have a smashing look pairing a black jacket with a black maxi dress when you add elegant accessories.

  1. Choose a Jacket of the Right Length

Length is essential when picking any clothing. Go for a waist-length jacket when wearing a maxi dress with a jacket for a chic style. A waist-length jacket will create an illusion of a flattering figure. 

Alternatively, if you wish for a tomboyish look, you can try an oversized jacket. You need to wear this with boldness because it is your confidence that will make you look great. Otherwise, you may not pull this look. 

  1. Choose a Jacket of a Neutral Color

Neutral color jackets are a must-have in your wardrobe. Try wearing a floral maxi dress with a neutral color jacket for that edgy vibe. You can also try color in the dress pattern to complete your look. 

  1. Choose a Fitting Jacket

Fitting jackets are great with a maxi dress. They hug your figure, giving you that slim waistline. The dress is already oversized; you want to complement it with a layer of a fitting jacket for that stunning look. 

Here is how to know if a jacket is the right fit;

  • The Shoulders  

The shoulder is a vital area when shopping for a jacket. It should fit your shoulders, and the shoulder pad should not go outside your arm. You still want to be comfortable when hugging or stretching, so make sure it is not tight. 

  • Arms 

In most cases, if the shoulder fits, it will automatically fit the arms. However, it may not be the case for those who are petite or have short arms. The sleeve end should reach between the top knuckle thumb and the bottom of the wrist. If the arms are too long, you will look like a child wearing adult clothing.

  • The Waist

The waist is a significant area to determine if a jacket fits. Look for the darts and seams and notice where the smallest part is in the jacket. Check if it fits your smallest part, if it is a little higher, it could be more flattering, but a lower one is not appropriate. 

Also, check if there is excess fabric between the waist and your shoulder under the armhole. An excess fabric shows that the jacket is too long-waisted. 

How Do You Pair a Jacket With a Long Dress

  1. Pair your Long Dresses with Long Fitting Jacket

Long-fitting jackets such as trench coats and cardigan are great when you pair them with your long dress during winter. You can easily pull off this look for various events, such as a wedding party or office wear. 

 Try a nude long trench coat with a long maxi dress and stunning stilettos, then enjoy some good stare. 

  1. Pair Your Short Jackets With Long Dresses

Short jackets such as bomber jackets and long bodycon dresses are great for an evening date with your friends or time out doing errands in chilly weather. The look shout style and sophistication. 

  1. Pair a Patterned Jacket With a Neutral Color Long Dress

Pairing a patterned jacket with a neutral color long dress will give your style a classy contrast. You can also wear a patterned dress with a neutral color jacket. Avoid wearing both a patterned long dress and a patterned jacket, as you may look too overdressed.

What Jacket to Wear With a Maxi Dress? 

You can pair your maxi dress with most types of jackets. Some jackets that will look stylish with a maxi dress effortlessly include denim jackets, leather jackets, jacket vests, trench coats, bomber jackets, blazers, and cardigans. 

What Jackets do You Wear With a Maxi Dress in Winter?

In winter, you need to layer your maxi dress with a jacket that will add extra warmth; therefore, they should be long and heavy. Jackets that have long wool or are puffy are great in winter. Other jackets that can give you extra warmth include trench coats, cashmere jackets, or faux fur jackets. 

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