How are the Maxi Dresses You’ll Find on Onecozyday?

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Onecozyday is an excellent online store that's known for its curated collection of unique maxi dresses and other outfits. Check out our review!

Onecozyday is an online store selling women’s products such as dresses, trousers, shirts, jewelry, accessories, and skirts. The company has been operating since 2012 and has gained a good reputation among customers for its high quality and excellent products.

Onecozyday strives to make the shopping experience seamless for its customers. The store has great pieces of dresses that you can wear on numerous occasions and look stunning. Their maxi dresses are edgy and unique. 

Dresses Found on Onecozyday 

They have a wide range of dresses for different occasions, from wedding dresses to party dresses. Their dresses are made from high-quality materials and are affordable.

They are also categorized into sizes of, maxi, mini, and midi dresses. They also have different categories of style, which include, urban, casual, cool street, minimalist, or vintage style.


Maxi Dresses at Onecozyday

Maxi dresses are great for numerous occasions and fit most women’s sizes. You can find great pieces of maxi dresses at Onecozyday that are of high quality, great fabrics, and beautiful. 

If you want to buy a maxi dress, click on the dresses section on the top left of the website, then select a maxi dress. You will have over 500 maxi dresses to browse through and choose your favorite. 

Here are some factors to check if shopping for a maxi dress at Onecozyday.

1. Pricing

When buying clothes, price is a major factor in deciding what to buy, especially when you are on a budget. At Onecozyday you will get some of the most affordable maxi dresses in the market. You can get a good quality maxi dress for as low as $16 or a high price of $70.

2. Quality

Onecozyday does not compromise on the quality of their outfits, including maxi dresses. They know that customers only return when given quality products at affordable prices. 

The maxi dresses are made from different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and chiffon and we are sure you’ll find something that appeals to you 

3. Are the Maxi Dresses Solid Color or Patterned

Onecozyday sells both solid-color and patterned maxi dresses. Most of the maxi dresses are of solid colors such as green, brown, black, green, blue, red, and many others. You will also find a few pieces of maxi dresses with prints and even polka dots. 

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4. Occasions to Wear Onecozydays Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are versatile dresses. You can wear them on almost any occasion and still look great. At Onecozyday, they have maxi dresses for almost every event.

  • Maxi Dress for Everyday Dressing at Onecozyday

You can easily get your favorite and affordable everyday maxi dress from the collection. A simple loose lapel maxi dress will be great for running errands or meeting friends for a barbeque.

  • Maxi Dress for Office Wear at Onecozyday

A maxi dress for office wear should be of solid color and a good length that is not too flowy. Onecozyday has a variety of this type of maxi dress. 

You can buy a black maxi dress on Onecozyday and pair it with a bright-colored blazer and high heels for an office dress-up. Remember to accessorize with your diamond studs for more class. 

  • Maxi Dress for Wedding at Onecozyday

There are also a few pieces you can wear to weddings, buy a floral or patterned one for a casual wedding event or a solid color but bright for a formal wedding. Pair it with stilettos and a clutch bag for more elegance. 

You will look fashion-forward when you buy some pieces of maxi dress on this website. They are not only classy but are also of unique designs that will give you a chic look.

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 5. Can Older Women Wear the Maxi Dresses

Older women are usually more conscious of how they dress, they want to wear more covered-up, decent but classy dresses. By browsing the Onecozyday website, you will get numerous maxi dresses that meet this description. 

They can easily look stylish when wearing some pieces from Onecozyday because most of their maxi dresses are long-sleeved and have a way-up neckline. 

Maxi Dresses with Pockets at Onecozyday

If you are also a lover of maxi dresses with pockets, then Onecozyday has your back. They have a variety of maxi dresses with pockets of great colors, fabrics, and designs. 

Shopping at Onecozyday

1. Search the Official Website

When you want to shop at Onecozyday, search their official website and browse through the website to see if there is something you like. The store has various women’s fashion wear, from dresses, skirts, shirts, jewelry, and scarves.

2. Register Your Details 

If you find something you like and want to buy, register your details to create an account. The details needed for creating an account are full names, email, and unique password.  You also have an option of registering with Google or Facebook. 

3. Choose the Item

Choose the item you want to buy and decide the color and size, then click add to cart option. 

4. Recheck Your Cart

The product will be in your shopping cart. You can change your cart quantity, color, or size and then update your cart. Click on the checkout button when satisfied with your selection.  

5. Fill in Shipping and Payment Details

You will be prompted to fill in details such as payment method, address, and shipping method.

6. Complete Your Payment

Choose the payment method you would prefer and the billing address. If using PayPal, you can click on PayPal and fill in your account. If not, you can use debit or credit cards. Enter your card information and complete the payment.

You will receive a confirmation email to your account after you have placed your order. It will also reflect on your account. Wait for the shipment.

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Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges at Onecozyday

1. Cancellation of Orders

You are advised to ensure that you choose the right size, color, quantity, and shipping address before making payments. It is difficult to change these details once you have placed your order, and you cannot cancel an order once it is shipped. 

Email customer care at to cancel your order. 

2. Returns 

The store only accepts returns within 14 days of receiving your outfit. The item should also be in its original condition, unused, and with its original packaging. 

Contact customer care before returning any item, and you should note that items such as bikinis, lingerie, tankinis, and swimwear will not be accepted for return. Please read their return policy before making your order to be on the safe side. 

3. Exchanges

You have to contact the customer representative to inquire if you can exchange the ordered item. 

Customer Reviews

Onecozyday has bad and good reviews in equal measure. Trustpilot has given the website a 1.8-star overall rating, with most complaints on delivery and shipping delays. And scam advisor gave the site a low score of 1.

Site jabber is rating the store with a 5-star. Here customers are praising the quality of dresses and customer care. The store needs to win the trust of its online shoppers to get better reviews and more traffic. 

Are there maxi dresses with pockets at Onecozyday?

Yes, there are beautiful and good-quality maxi dresses with pockets at Onecozyday. A browse through the option of maxi dresses will show you a variety of those with pockets. 

How is your overall impression of the Onecozyday website?

The site is user-friendly, and customers can easily go through the items to choose their preferences. Items being sold are categorized into different categories, making it easier and simpler for shoppers to quickly get what they want instead of going through all the items in the store. 

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