What Heels Do You Wear with a Maxi Dress?

A woman wearing silver heels with a red maxi dress
Heels are gorgeous, maxis are gorgeous. How to combine them? What type of heels do you wear with a maxi dress, and how to wear a maxi dress with heels?

If you ask me, the perfect wedding or evening outfit doesn’t get better than a maxi dress with heels. The combination of these two is elegant, regal, and so simple to pull off that all you need is a clutch bag and a touch of jewelry.

Any length maxi dress looks great with heels, but I find uniquely designed maxis look even better. Think about a high-low hem, a dress with a side slit, or a pleated maxi for that friend’s wedding or formal event. The heels add a touch of elegance, elongate your legs and allow the maxi to flow freely and look glamorous.

Nothing makes you look and feel like a Victoria Secret model more than a glam maxi dress paired with classy high stilettos. But as we know, heels also come with a certain degree of foot pain and discomfort. In fact, many of us can’t walk with a pair of stilettos without twisting an ankle or falling on our faces (and I am talking about myself here).

Thankfully, stiletto heels are not your only option. If you want to add glam and height to your maxi dress, there are a few other heeled options at your disposal. Most of these are more stable and comfortable than stilettos, and you can decide how high or low you want the heel to be.


As a short petite lady, I could always do with some height addition, as long as it doesn’t cost me my ankles. This is where platform shoes come in. Platforms have been on trend since 2016, and while you don’t see them often, they make the perfect heel for a long dress.

These high shoes come in two types: one that’s elevated all the way without a raised heel and the classic heel type. Both are more comfortable and safer than stilettos because the heel is a big block. The platform is also on the front and back sides of the shoe, so you get real stability.

I love platform sandals best because they resemble real heels but be sure to choose a shoe with a back strap so it can secure and stabilize your legs as well as ensure the dress doesn’t get caught between the shoe and your feet when you walk. I hate it when that happens.

Block Heels

As the name says, the heel on these shoes is chunky or wider. They are the closest thing you will come to a real sandal heel, except they are more comfortable to walk on. Chunky shoes also come in a variety of heights and designs, including this nude strap heel that goes great with white sundresses.

Unlike wedges and platforms, you will find chunky heels with thin sexy straps and even glass (transparent) chunky heels for those classy events.


Though wedges are not considered real heels, they serve the same purpose. These elevated shoes add height to your silhouette, elongate your legs and structure the dress better. Wedges are also much more comfortable and sometimes better looking than real heels, especially if you find one with multiple colors.

A great type of wedges that I love to wear during summer are espadrilles with a white sunny dress, a hat, and a wicker bag. Open espadrilles paired with flowy or tiered cotton maxis look great and are super comfortable on your feet. There are so many designs that you will have trouble settling for one.

If you want a more upbeat look for dinner or an event, go for embellished and thin-strapped wedges to add that glam.


Wearing casual floral maxi dresses with ankle boots is now as common as wearing one with sandals. It gives the look an edgy vibe, and it’s a great transitional style to colder months. The only thing that makes this look even better is when the ankle boots you choose are high-heeled.

Imagine a floral maxi dress with slits on the side, a black leather jacket, and a pair of high heel ankle booties. It’s the ultimate girl’s night out attire when your girls are strong independent kickass women. I especially love white ankle boots with a somewhat chunky heel because they create such a beautiful contrast with floral maxis.

But you don’t need to limit this to ankle boots. In fact, one of the coolest maxi dress looks I’ve seen so far involved high heel knee-length boots. The dress had buttons from top to bottom, and she had left some open at the bottom and threw on a leather jacket on her shoulders without putting in the arms.

Knee-length high-heel boots make you look taller and also give you a fierceness that no other shoes can provide.


Clogs are handy all-year shoes that only a few women appreciate. The bulkiness and seemingly tough nature mean they are an acquired taste, so you won’t find them with many girlish ladies, but they are very popular with bohemian women.

While I would not recommend clog mules or sandals for short dresses, I have to admit they look exceptionally good with maxis. They give a fierce look and add that much-desired height. Contrary to popular belief, clogs are not actually heavy, though they look like it. This is also a shoe you will wear for years to come because they are incredibly durable.


The last heel I want to introduce to my comfort junkies is heeled mules. This has to be the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn next to sneakers, and it looks amazingly good with any dress. The open toes and back do a great job of showing off your beautiful feet, while the chunky heel elevates you elegantly and elongate your silhouette. You will have no trouble walking around with heeled mules for hours, and they are also great for formal events where wedges and platforms wouldn’t be ideal.

Can you wear heels with a maxi dress?

Long dresses and gowns go incredibly well with heels when you want to add elegance and formality to your look. You can transform an otherwise casual maxi dress into evening attire with just a pair of stiletto heels or other types of heels.

What heels look best with a maxi dress?

The best heel to wear with a maxi dress depends on the occasion and the wearer’s comfort. If you are going to a high-class formal dinner, nude or black stiletto heels are the best if you can bear to walk in them. You can also wear heeled mules or chunky heels instead. For more casual events, wear wedges or platforms for that added height.

What length should the dress be when you wear it with heels?

When you stand up straight, your toes need to show, or at least the dress should cover only the top of the shoe. It definitely shouldn’t touch the floor. It looks bad.

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