How to Wear a Chevron Maxi Skirt

How to Wear a Chevron Maxi Skirt
Pair a chevron maxi skirt with a fitted top, accessorize with earthy jewelry, and consider other skirt silhouettes for a stylish look.

Of all geometric prints found in skirts, chevron has to be the most common. It is the inverted V-shape print that looks like zigzags, and mostly found in black and white. But there are other colors available.

Before spring, I bought this Navy and Neon Pink Chevron Maxi Skirt from Saved by The Dress, and I’m completely obsessed. It is comfy and flowy, thanks to the rayon and spandex combo, and the length is just perfect for my height.

But every time I plan to wear this fabulous skirt, I find myself stressing over what to pair with it. I can’t be the only one going through this with their chevron skirt, hence this fantastic post.

I have dug deep into the internet and consulted my stylist friends for tips and different chevron maxi skirt looks, and here are the results.

What to Wear with a Chevron Maxi Skirt

Tank top, a denim jacket and sandals or wedges- that is the obvious go-to option whenever someone thinks about wearing a chevron maxi skirt. It is a fantastic ensemble, I’ll give it that much, but we can do better.

So what else can you wear with a chevron print skirt?

Well, how about a crop top on those hot days? You can also try a simple blouse or camisole and throw on a blazer for a semi-formal look.

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My favorite, though, is a t-shirt-like top and a cardigan over it paired with cute wedges. You can take this further by wearing a slim belt over a long cardigan to create structure.

Finally, try trendy tops and wear a belt to seamlessly transition between the top and the skirt. While leather belts work, I find rope-style belts even better because they bring a bohemian, earthy vibe.

The trick here is to wear plain, neutral colors or minimal print to tone down the chevron.

Tips for Wearing a Chevron Maxi Skirt

1. Let the skirt shine

When styling a peasant maxi skirt, we said it’s crucial to avoid tops covering the skirt’s upper part. This applies to chevron print skirts and most maxis as well.

You need to see the waistband unless a belt covers it. In other words, wear a top that stops right where the skirt begins or tuck it in. This step alone will save you from looking frumpy and old.

2. Accessorize

Yes, a chevron maxi skirt is a lot, especially if you get a multi-colored one. Doing away with accessories will not make the skirt less ‘in your face’, so to speak. In fact, I think accessories draw attention to other places and away from the skirt, which is important.

I recommend earthy and bohemian accessories like natural jewelry, knitted scarves, rope-style belts, straw hats, purses, and oversized eyewear. That said, dainty metallic jewelry like gold and silver still works.

3. Consider other Silhouettes

I’ve realized almost everyone who owns a chevron skirt has a straight, flowy design. This silhouette doesn’t provide so many styling options, and it’s very casual.

Consider other designs like wrap-style, round and A-line design. As we check out the different looks below, you will see how much better and stylish these designs are over the straight, flowy ones.

4. Don’t be afraid of color

Last but not least, do not be intimidated by colors. It is time for black and white chevron maxis to go, so we must embrace other colors. Personally, I love multiple colors in a skirt, as you have seen, because they lift my mood and stand out in spring. Plus, more colors mean more tops to combine with the skirt.

Chevron Maxi Skirt Outfits

Round Chevron Skirt and Heels

When you want an exquisite maxi skirt for events and even work, a round chevron maxi will do. Pair it with a decent, trendy top and wear a medium belt to structure the waist area. If you can find such a maxi skirt with pockets, even better because it looks classier.

The cherry on top of this outfit is the heels, pumps, or stilettos will do, depending on the occasion. Finish off with a classy watch, a few bangles, simple earrings and a clutch bag.

Straight Chevron Skirt and Sweater

This outfit needs no explanation. It is the same ensemble you style a denim jacket with a maxi skirt, but you do a long sweater instead. The color of this sweater is so cool that it makes black and white stripes look appealing. Again, minimal jewelry here and a clutch bag will suffice.

Pleated Chevron Skirt and Shirt

If you thought you can’t wear a chevron maxi skirt to work, you were wrong again. The trick is to find an appropriate design and colors. Pleated maxi skirts are always perfect for the office, and the subtle, neutral colors are very professional.

Just in case those weren’t enough, you kick it up a notch with a tucked button-down shirt, pointed-toe pumps and a formal purse. For accessories, a medium belt and a classic watch will do.

Flowy Chevron Skirt and Peplum Top

The only instance I would like to see a top cover the waistband of a chevron maxi skirt is if you do it with a peplum top. Just look how fabulously this black peplum accentuates the hips and structures the mid-section. Pair this with cute wedges and accessorize with modern jewelry and a clutch bag.

The Bohemian Cowgirl Look

 This multi-colored chevron skirt has big prints that make it look bohemian. Pair it with a tie-knot tee, ankle boots and earthy jewelry. The cowboy hat was the only thing remaining to complete this cowboy look, and she did it perfectly.

Flowy Chevron Skirt and Blazer

Another way to wear a chevron maxi skirt to work is with a structured blazer, formal shoes like low pumps and minimal jewelry. While A-line chevron skirts could work, straight silhouettes are much more formal-looking.

I advise adding a touch of color if you wear a black and white chevron maxi. The red top here makes all the difference, but you can try a lighter blazer instead.

What do you wear with a chevron maxi skirt?

A chevron maxi skirt looks perfect in a simple tee, tank top or crop top, especially if you throw on a denim jacket or cardigan. Minimal jewelry and accessories draw some attention from the skirt and make the outfit feel balanced. You can also wear this skirt formally with a structured blazer.

How do you wear a chevron maxi skirt without looking frumpy?

The secret is to tuck in the top or wear something that doesn’t go past the skirt’s waistband. This is why crop tops go so well with chevron skirts. Getting the right fit for you is also critical, especially around the waist and hips.

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