How to Style a Maxi Dress for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to showoff your maxi dress

I don’t know about you, but summer cannot get here soon enough. Perusing the new collection of summer/spring outfits is always fun, especially maxi dresses. But do we really have to wait that long to don a maxi dress?

Fashion expert Anna Wintour thinks not. If ever there was a time to boast a maxi dress, it’s wintertime. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Between the freezing temperatures and the numerous Christmas occasions you will be attending, a maxi dress is really the only option that hits that style and warmth balance. You only need to find a dress befitting the festivities and then layer it to suit the weather.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to get into the Christmas spirit with a maxi dress.

Christmas colors

Christmas has its own colors: green, red, and yellow. It’s found on every piece of Christmas merchandise out there.

It also has its prints: snowflakes, trees, and reindeer.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that you don’t have to wear all of them at once. But combining these three solid colors, or going for one of them as canvas and adding the other pieces with relevant accessories can be a very cute and stylish idea.

For instance, a white maxi dress with a green scarf, red coat and reindeer earrings would make a sweet yet not kitsch outfit.

Another common “color” for Christmas is shiny! Sequins are another popular Christmas wear. Here are a few tips about styling a sequin dress.

Be Practical

Last year, I bought this velvety maxi dress to wear on Christmas day. On the morning of, however, I noticed the dress had these gorgeous fluted sleeves- the kind that will get into soups as I try to serve myself Christmas lunch and soak in eggnog. Needless to say that dress didn’t see the light of day that Christmas.

My point? A maxi dress is a fantastic idea for Christmas day, festivity parties, and the entire winter season. However, you have to consider the situation. If the snow in your area is two-feet high, dragging a long maxi dress through the snow is not ideal. This is where a slightly shorter maxi dress works better.

Likewise, if you are attending a formal Christmas event, your light maxi dress will just not cut it. You need a formal or at least semi-formal maxi dress or gown to match the occasion. Wearing a maxi dress with pockets is also wise because you don’t have to drag a purse around all day long.

Layer Up

Again, Christmas time tends to be cold, which means you can’t simply throw on a maxi dress and sandals. You will need to dress for warmth, and there is no better way to do it than layering up. To start with, wear a turtleneck underneath the dress to protect your chest, hands, and neck from the biting cold. If it’s not too cold, a simple cotton t-shirt will suffice. Think about the color of your dress and outfit, and choose a tee that’s appropriate. White, black, navy blue, and maroon are always great colors.

For the cover-up, try a long structured coat. A combination of long warm coats and a maxi dress is regal, and it frames your body perfectly. Choose a coat that’s slightly longer than the dress or almost as long.

Finally, finish the look with a warm scarf around your neck. A scarf adds a feminine touch to an otherwise rigid look and can also add a touch of Christmas colors. Choose a scarf with a lot of white and a little red, black or green.

Go Snug with a Fur Vest

Speaking of layering, you don’t have to completely cover up if it’s not cold. A faux fur vest on top of a long-sleeved maxi dress is a great look for the Christmas period. The vest gives you that boho look, and you can choose a color that says you are ready for Christmas, such as snow white or light brown. Complete this look with some ankle boots and a winter fedora, and you will be turning heads all day long.

Don’t Forget the Legs

One of the reasons I love wearing a maxi dress during the cold season is because it’s long enough to cover the legs. But often, that is not enough to keep legs warm. This is why I do the same layering on the legs as I do on top. Usually, thick opaque tights or leggings underneath some knee-length or ankle boots work just fine.

Around the Christmas season, however, you need something festive like red or white to tie the outfit together. You can wear tights that resemble those Amazon Christmas stockings because they are warm and soft.

As for the feet, boots are always the best way to go. Boots are a warm and fashionable choice, whether ankle-length, knee-high or heeled boots. And depending on how riskee’ your personal style, you can choose between the neutral black and browns or go for something a little more wild like red or embellished silver.

But if the season is not that cold, a pair of platforms with an ankle-length maxi dress will work too. The idea here is to ensure you are stylish and comfortable enough for the festivities but also warm if need be.

Wear Trousers Under the Dress

This last style is somewhat contentious; some even consider it a fashion faux pas. But when done right, wearing a trouser underneath a maxi dress can be very fashionable, especially around the festive season. First, find a shirt dress with buttons from up to down because you will need to open up the lower part. I like to wear this with a pair of tight jeans that match the tone of the dress, but you can do any other material, including leather.

Wear a long coat or jacket on top, and you will be warm and classy. The look also goes well with high heel shoes like pumps or knee-high boots. Finish it with a belt to cinch up the waist and a small handbag.

Final Thoughts

Notice how we didn’t mention jewelry anywhere? That’s by design. Styling a maxi dress for Christmas requires a lot of other accessories like gloves, winter hat, and scarf, which leaves no room for jewelry. The least you can do is don some cute earrings and maybe a watch if it’s not cold enough to wear gloves.

What’s the best maxi dress for Christmas parties or church?

Any decent and bright maxi dress will do for the festive period. The important thing is to style it in a way that keeps you warm and comfortable without hiding the dress’s beauty.

How do you style a maxi dress with pockets for Christmas?

Styling a maxi dress for Christmas can be summarized into two sections; layer up and consider the legs. Wear a turtleneck underneath the dress and a jacket on top to ensure you are warm and stylish. On the lower part of the body, sexy boots and stockings or tight trousers are always the best choices.

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