The Full Guide to Style a Yellow Maxi Dress

A woman wearing a yellow maxi dress on the docks
Yellow is a mood booster and brightest your day no matter how gloomy it seems. If you want to rock a yellow maxi, these tips have the dos and don't to remember.

Happy fall, guys. I know fall this year doesn’t look so happy thanks to inflation, but we still have a lot to celebrate, even if it’s just the pumpkins and the fashion.

The biggest color this year has undoubtedly been yellow. We have seen all shades of yellow on red carpets, runways across the globe and even on the streets. Yellow maxi dresses have certainly come back from last year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

My favorite red carpet looks this year were Natalie Portman’s Prada yellow gown to the Golden Globes and of course, Angela Bassett’s Emmy’s look. They enforced my belief that yellow dresses are perfect for formal events like weddings and fancy dinners. But it’s also such a relaxed color for casual wear when running errands or having brunch with friends.

After all, yellow is a mood booster, bringing a little more light and fun into your life. And thankfully, it goes with any skin tone.

Colors that Go Well with Yellow

Before we even start styling that gorgeous yellow maxi you have, it’s crucial to know the right colors to wear with it. Yellow is one of the three primary colors, which means it will look good with many other colors.

However, it also comes in over a hundred shades, including sunlight yellow, mustard, lemon, tangerine, goldenrod, citrine, trombone, gold, royal yellow and cream. They range from a deep yellow to cream, which resembles off-white more than yellow. Knowing what color looks good with your particular shade of yellow is necessary. Also, consider if the dress has florals or patterns in other colors.

We have a lot of lemon, marigold and saffron in circulation right now, but we have also seen a lot of golden yellow and cream.

In essence, yellow looks amazing with white, black, blue, purple, brown and green. These colors tone down the brightness of color yellow and complement it.

Colors you should avoid when wearing yellow include green, pink, red (except lipstick and nail polish), turquoise and burgundy.

How to Accessorize a Yellow Maxi Dress

Accessorizing a yellow dress is a matter of choosing colors and pieces that complement and transform it to fit a certain occasion. You can accessorize using jewelry, a handbag, shoes, makeup and other pieces.


Shoes have to be the most important part of any outfit. It could be the difference between wearing a yellow maxi to your friend’s house and wearing one to a formal wedding. With a yellow dress, you can either go neutral on shoes or colored.

Black, white or nude shoes are perfect, but you can try purple, green or even yellow shoes to add a pop of color. For casual occasions, try embellished sandals or colored wedges to draw attention to your feet. I also find sneakers and flats to be perfect with yellow floral dresses.

Nude or colored pumps, platforms, stiletto heels or heeled sandals, on the other hand, will transform a simple yellow maxi into elegant formal wear for a wedding or red carpet event.


When it comes to handbags, neutral colors are the way to go. Brown is always my number one choice when choosing a handbag to go with a yellow dress, but bamboo or any basket-looking bag will also work.

Yellow or gold purses also work great because they don’t contrast with the dress.

But if you want a pop of color, go with a very light pink, lavender or white. They are neutral enough to go with yellow, but they still bring some color to the ensemble, especially if you can match the bag with your shoes or jewelry. Also, having something metallic or bamboo on the bag somehow draws attention to it so people can focus less on the brightness of your dress.

Now as far as occasions are concerned, pick a clutch or sling bag for formal occasions and a tote or wicker bag for casual wear.

Outer Garments

The only exception to wearing outerwear over a maxi dress is if you are attending an award ceremony or something fancy. Otherwise, you can always throw on a jacket or sweater over a yellow maxi dress if it’s chilly or you just want to tone down the yellow.

When picking an outer garment, consider whether the dress is floral or not. If it is, any primary color on those flowers can be repeated on the shoes or jacket. Anything brown or black will also work over a yellow maxi dress. If you have a tiny leather jacket in these colors, feel free to wear it with the yellow dress.

Interestingly, a blue or white denim jacket also complements yellow fabulously. I especially love wearing such a denim jacket with brownish shoes and a handbag because it introduces a lot of neutral colors to the yellow outfit.

Since we are in the fall season, a long brown or beige peacoat over a yellow maxi will bring enough warmth and color contrast to the outfit. But if coats are not your thing, a black cardigan will work. Rock this with some white sneakers, and you will be as fashionable as ever.


My favorite way to accessorize a yellow maxi dress has to be jewelry. Yellow is such a beautiful backdrop that any jewelry piece you wear will pop and shine against it. When attending a high-class event, always go with gold. Gold jewelry brings out the elegance and warmth in yellow and helps balance the outfit. You can add a statement gold chain or gold dangle earrings and a pop of gold on your wrist.

Matching your jewelry with other accessories works amazingly as well, provided you choose colors that go well with yellow. A light blue chunky necklace and matching earrings, for example, bring out all the loveliness of a yellow dress. Throw on a blue denim jacket over your dress, and you have a beautiful contrasting ensemble.

I also love matching brown accessories with jewelry. If your handbag and shoes are brown, get a reddish-brown necklace and matching earrings to go with them. This trick also works great if you wear a yellow floral dress.

Other accessories you can add to a yellow maxi dress include a white, black or brown belt and hat. Red lipstick and nail polish are also a fantastic way to make yellow pop, and don’t forget some statement sunnies to complete the look.

How to Wear a Yellow Maxi Dress Casually

The perfect casual maxi dress outfit includes comfortable shoes, a light handbag, simple jewelry and something to protect you from the sun. The dress should also be light and airy so you can freely walk and talk as animatedly as you like.

Look at this Hello Molly look featuring a yellow bohemian cut-out maxi dress, brown flip-flops and a simple chain on the neck. You can simply throw on a blue denim jacket in the evening if it gets chilly and hang a sling bag on your shoulder.

Casual can also be a little classy if you add a tote handbag, chunky heels and a classy watch or gold jewelry. This is a look you can go to a wedding or church in and then have a casual lunch with family later on.

Can you wear a yellow maxi dress to a wedding or formal event?

Yes, a yellow maxi dress sets the perfect foundation for a formal ensemble because it’s neutral, bright and elegant. Yellow is the color for happiness and celebration, so it works great for weddings. Wear the right high shoes, jewelry and accessories with it, and you can pull off a great formal dress.

How can you style a yellow maxi dress for a formal event?

To style a yellow maxi dress to fit a formal occasion, start by picking a black or nude high heel shoe. Other colors, such as green and purple, could work too, but black and nude are always safe options. A brown, black or gold clutch bag or sling bag will also be perfect for any formal event against a yellow dress. Finally, go with gold jewelry and some statement sunnies.

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