Introduction to Hawaiian Muumuu Dress

hawaiian muumuu dress
A muumuu dress is your ultimate summer staple. It is unique, eye-catching, and super comfy. Learn all you need to know about the Hawaiian muumuu dress

A Hawaiin muumuu dress is a wardrobe staple for every woman. The reason? It is incredibly comfortable, lightweight, attractive, and unique. You can be sure that no one will wear the same outfit as you in any event!

Hawaiin muumuu dresses are also perfect for many events, including date nights, festivals, and weddings. When styled right, you could even rock your muumuu dress to the office!

Muumuu dresses are also designed for all body types, so you can dorn the outfit, whether petite, medium-sized, or plus size. Since the muumuu dress does not restrict the waist, it is also perfect maternity wear. 

Let’s look at everything you need to know about the Hawaiin muumuu dress.

What is a Hawaiin Muumuu Dress

If you are unfamiliar with the culture, you may ponder what a muumuu dress is. 

A Hawaiin muumuu, also known as a moo moo dress, is a long, loose dress that hangs from your shoulders. It is often like a cross between a robe and a shirt.

Like aloha shirts, Hawaiin muumuu dresses are brightly colored with unique and eye-catching prints. 

If you like experimenting with fashionable outfits, you should try the comfortable, loose, and colorful muumuu dress!

The History of the Hawaiin Muumuu Dress

The Hawaiin muumuu dress was first introduced in the 1820s when protestant missionaries arrived in Hawaii. It was invented to play the role of a cover for ladies dressed in skirts only to help them cover as much skin as possible. 

The name muumuu, or muʻumuʻu, means “cut off.” The dress was named muumuu because it did not have a yoke. 

Initially, the muumuu dress was a shorter version of the holokū. The holokū was a loose-fitting formal outfit with long sleeves and high-yoke neck collars. 

Over the years, the holokū evolved into a more fitted dress without a yoke and often shorter sleeves: the muumuu. 

The traditional muumuu dress was often reserved for formal events such as festivals like the Merrie Monarch hula competitions and weddings. 

Today, this loose-fitting dress is a wardrobe must-have for most women, thanks to its comfort and versatility. Modern muumuu can be worn to weddings, date nights, and beaches, among other events. It is also suitable for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. 

Hawaiin Muumuu Dress Types and Styles

When it comes to Hawaiin muumuu dresses, you are not limited to a specific type or style. Depending on your taste and preference, you can invest in a muumuu dress that best compliments you.

The following are the different muumuu dress types and styles. 

1. Holomu

This traditional muumuu dress style features a nicely fitted bodice and shows off your curves. Unlike the standard muumuu style, a holomu dress is not loose-fitting. An holomu dress is popularly worn to Hawaiian parties and weddings.

2. Holoku

This is a formal full-length dress with long sleeves and a train on the back. Today, the holoku is available in various styles, including fitted, ruffled, and mid-length muumuus. 

3. A-line Dress

The A-line muumuu dress style flows from your shoulder to the largest bottom hem measuring in a straight line. A-line muumuu dresses have no waist and are flattering to all body types.

If you want to hide the extra winter weight, an A-line muumuu dress is your go-to outfit. It is also suitable for pregnant women, thanks to its comfort.

4. Fitted Ruffled Muumuu Dress

The fitted ruffled dress clings to the body slightly, allowing you to show off your curves. It has ruffles that add glamor to your otherwise simple outfit.

5. Ruffled Neckline

These Hawaii muumuu dresses come in simple square, round, or V necklines that add class and elegance to the outfit.

Why Buy the Hawaiin Muumuu Dress

With the numerous maxi dress style options, including mermaid-style dresses, kimono maxi dresses, balloon dresses, and bodycon dresses, why buy a Hawaiin muumuu dress? The following are reasons to choose an Hawaaiin muumuu dress for special events. 

  • Comfortable and functional
  • Unique fabrics and prints
  • Inexpensive
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for all ages, sizes, and body shapes

How to Style a Hawaiin Muumuu Dress

Like other maxi-style dresses, you do not have to do too much to make your outfit turn heads your way in an event. Your muumuu dress is a statement piece by itself. But you could make a few tweaks to help your outfit stand out. 

Here is a guide to styling a Hawaiian muumuu dress.

1. Belt it up

One of the primary reasons most women shy away from rocking the Hawaiin muumuu dress is because it lacks structure. A muumuu dress often hangs from your body, which can be unflattering. Why not belt it up? 

A belt gives your outfit definition. 

However, be careful with your belt color selection. Most Hawaiin muumuu dresses are brightly colored and have bold floral prints. For this reason, you should pick a belt with a solid or dark hue.

2. Add Layers

Since most Hawaiin muumuu dresses are short-sleeved, they are perfect for warmer months. However, you can still rock your muumuu dress for an evening party or during winter. You just have to pair it with other clothes for warmth.

For instance, you could pair a Hawaiian muumuu dress with a cropped jacket when attending a casual event. Pick a jacket that hits your waistline or slightly above to give the impression of a shape. 

A kimono can also make your casual outfit look stunning.

For a formal event, pair the Hawaiian muumuu dress with a blazer to give your shoulders structure, making you appear proper, polished, and sophisticated.

3. Thrown on a Hat

Give your outfit the Hawaiian vibe by pairing it with a giant hat. However, since your dress is already bright, avoid colorful hats. Instead, opt for a classic gray or black hat. A nude color hat can also complement a Hawaiian muumuu dress.

4. Pick the Right Footwear

Shoes can make or break your outfit. Consider the occasion, your dress’s length, taste, and preference when choosing the right shoes.

For a casual event, rock strappy sandals to glam your outfit. Consider matching your purse and heels when dressing up for a formal occasion like a wedding.

What is a Hawaiin muumuu dress? 

A Hawaiin muumuu, also known as a moo moo dress, is a long, loose dress that hangs from your shoulders. It is often like a cross between a robe and a shirt.

How can I spice up my Hawaiin muumuu dress?

Glam your Hawaiin muumuu dress by throwing on a hat, belt it up, pairing it with other clothes, and choosing the proper footwear. However, consider the occasion, the dress style and color, and your taste when selecting suitable accessories. 

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