How To Style A T-Shirt Maxi Dress

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T-shirt maxi dresses are as versatile as t-shirts. You can wear them for a chilled time, but there are other ways to style this dress for other events. find out

T-shirt maxi dresses are among the most versatile pieces of clothing. These dresses borrow from the basic t-shirt design extending the hem to full-length. Like with t-shirts, you can get a relaxed fit and oversized t-shirt maxi dresses. There are also short-sleeved options and A-line t-shirt maxis, the latter being quite flattering on any body type. And just like with t-shirts, these maxis use materials that are comfortable to wear.

A favorite for spring and summer, you can style your t-shirt maxi dress in various ways, depending on the occasion and your tastes. We will look at ways to style a t-shirt maxi dress.

Casual T-shirt Maxi Looks

As they are predominantly casual clothing, there are many ways to style a t-shirt maxi to look cool and casual. One option is to wear the dress as is and accessorize it with a necklace, a pair of sandals or doll shoes. It is a simple and quick way to create a casual yet classy look with your dress. I also find big sunglasses,a hat and sandals go really well with a t-shirt maxi for a pretty yet laid-back look.

A cute sweater worn over the dress with sandals or doll shoes is another way to dress down your t-shirt maxi. It can also add a pop of color and personality, especially with creative options like crochet sweaters. Add a cross-body bag, and you will look great running errands or attending a lecture.

Jeans jackets go perfectly with maxi dresses, and they are excellent accessories for a casual t-shirt maxi look. Wear it with a cute waist bag and a pair of sports shoes or boots for the perfect game-day look. Choose a cropped jacket that ends just at the waistline for some waist definition.

If you are really into a particular sports team, you could find a t-shirt maxi dress with their logo. Current athleisure options have some branded t-shirt dresses representing specific teams. Alternatively, you can find dresses with your favorite sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas and match them to your shoes. There are just so many options for a casual look with t-shirt maxis.

Official T-Shirt Maxi Looks

There are many ways to dress up the otherwise casual t-shirt maxi dress to look official. But before styling, remember to choose a solid color for your t-shirt maxi or one with minimal detail, as those are most appropriate for official settings. Also, choose a more fitting t-shirt dress for official looks. Oversize t-shirt maxis may not give off the professional look you would like. 

One simple styling option for the office is to pair your maxi dress with a blazer, open heels, and simple jewelry. This will give you a look of understated elegance that you can carry into an evening out with friends after work. 

Another official look is to wear a man’s dress shirt over the dress, roll up the sleeves and cinch it with a belt. Add a statement neckpiece and a pair of heels, and you are ready for a regular day at the office. However, switch the shirt to a colorful blazer if you have a job interview or a particularly important meeting. This will give you a feminine yet professional look that shows a bit of personality.

Dressed up T-Shirt Maxi Looks

Don’t count your T-shirt maxi out if you are looking for something to wear to a date or a wedding. There are several ways to dress it up, so you fit right in and look beautiful. Choose a brightly colored sleeveless t-shirt maxi, statement necklace, a belt, a pair of open wedge heels, and a hat for an outdoor summer wedding. That makes for a pretty wedding guest look while keeping you comfortable. You could switch out the hat for a scarf for those late afternoon receptions and wear a t-shirt dress with a beautiful floral print.

Another option is to pair the dress with a waterfall sweater and a pair of strappy heels. Put a belt over the sweater, get some bold earrings and a clutch bag, and you are ready for your date. You could also tie the ends of an open shirt with rolled-up sleeves and wear that over the dress with a pair of heels and a statement necklace as an alternative date night look. 

For a black tie event, get a fitted t-shirt dress with interesting back detail or a side slit. Add a pair of strappy heels, a clutch, and jewelry, and you will look perfect. 

The t-shirt maxi dress does not disappoint when it comes to versatility. Many designs range from tiered dresses to more form-fitting ones and maternity options. In addition, you can find branded athleisure-type t-shirt dresses and monochromatic options suitable for the office. T-shirt dresses come in all fabric types, from cotton or cotton blends to lace and sheer fabrics. As such, you could not go wrong with a t-shirt dress in your summer and spring collection.

Are T-Shirt Maxi Dresses Flattering On Any Body Type And Size?

Yes, if you choose the right size and cut for your body shape and size. A-line t-shirt dresses are always flattering on anyone, even a pregnant woman. But if you have a looser t-shirt maxi, use a belt to create some structure around your body.

What Makes A T-Shirt Dress A Maxi?

A maxi dress, of any kind, has to at least reach the ankles or extend to the floor. It is usually more form-fitting at the top with a flowing skirt. T-shirt maxis, like most maxi dresses, are commonly worn casually, but you can dress them up for the office or events.

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