Website Review: How is the Maxi Dresses You’ll Find on Ursime?

Maxi dresses you can find on Ursime
Ursime has affordable quality dresses. Learn what dresses you can find on Ursime, their prices, reviews, and order and cancellation policy.

I love a brand that has some sort of personal story behind it. You can tell this from my review of popular online clothing stores like Monkees and Modily.

If you want a story that tugs at your heart strings, Ursime has the perfect one. This Asia-based online store is taking internet shopping by storm with all things female clothing. 

If you want a maxi dress, with or without pockets, Ursime would be a good place to check out. The store has everything from colored, patterned, ethnic, bohemian, and t-shirt maxi dresses.

Their collection of pocket maxi dresses is also impressive, with selections from new entries and trending styles. Once you grab one of these, you only need sunglasses and a purse to complete that weekend look. 

Here is more you need to know about Ursime, and since their designers claim ‘You are Sun In My Eyes,’ this is your time to shine brighter than ever.

About Ursime

Ursime is an international online shop dealing in high-end apparel and fashion accessories. The company is in Shenzen, China, but mainly targets markets in the United States, Europe, Australia, etc. According to legend, Ursime was a beautiful and kindhearted daughter of a local tailor whose lover went to the army and did not make it back.

Even when a bully tried to force her into marrying him, she stood strong with assistance from the villages to defeat the bully. However, Ursime still waited for her lover to return. The Ursime brand reflects the awakening of the feminine consciousness from the story. The range of dresses they offer affirms women’s right to pursue truth, beauty, goodness, happiness, and liberty.

Dresses on Ursime

The brand is very particular about the vibrancy of colors and details representing femininity. Each dress is skillfully designed and tailored, ensuring every little detail tells a story. To achieve fashionable touches on textures, processes like embroidery, silk weaving, and printing come in handy.

Ursime has five top dress categories, including maxi dresses. The retailer has some of the most affordable casual dresses costing from $20 with lucrative discounts. Besides the maxi dresses, you will also find

  •  Midi dresses
  • Trending dresses
  • Casual dresses
  • Short dresses

Maxi Dresses on Ursime

When shopping for maxi dresses on Ursime, expect nothing more than quality dresses. These dresses come in hundreds of designs but mostly for casual fashion. There are better spots than Ursime if you want a maxi dress to rock in the office or at work. They are, however, perfect for daily wear and especially in summer.

From the website, it is notable that the retailer has the best selection of printed, patterned, and colorful maxi dresses. These dresses are mostly cotton, with a few options being t-shirt maxi dresses. Ursime has the best color selections if you wish to add color and vibrance to your style. Explore your elegance with the ethnic print maxi dresses when labor day comes around.

While these loose-fitting colorful maxi dresses are more reserved for younger female buyers, there are a few plain colors that older women can rock. With fabric options like cotton, silk, chiffon, spandex, and polyester, you cannot miss a favorite dress to bring home. There are sizes from small to XXXL, and there is a size chart for confirming your size before you hit ‘add to cart.

Some options to consider include;

  • Tube dress
  • Hooded
  •  Boho style
  •  Puff sleeve
  • Sleeveless
  •  V-neck
  • Pleated
  • Long sleeve

Maxi Dress With Pockets on Ursime

Clicking the Ursime ‘dress’ section and selecting maxi dresses opens you to a world of colors. The designers meticulously design the maxi dresses with intricate colors that communicate different fashion statements. From the images, you will notice that a few models are pocketing, which is a clear indication of pocketed maxi dresses.

Even on the product images, the descriptions will indicate whether a dress has pockets. Ursime’s style is more about boldness and attraction, with loose, bohemian clothing symbolizing freedom. Even if you are among the aging generation that likes to keep it cool, there are a few looks from Ursime to try.

You will have a camp day on the website if you prefer to rock dresses with patterns, large pleats, and wearable with belts. These casual designs, especially the floral ones, are great for a girls’ day out, a beach date, or any fun day off duty. With these pocket dresses, you may leave your purse home and stash your lipstick and keys in the pocket.

Remember that these pockets also make you feel confident and free to explore. Unfortunately, there are only a few options for plus size women. 

 Orders and Shipping

The dresses on Ursime cost from $20 to $50, which is getting superior quality at a bargain. Use this referral link to land great discounts to shop for more dresses. Before purchasing any dress from Ursime, you must create an account with your details. You will also have to fill out your shipping information for easy checkout in future purchases.

Another option is adding dresses to your cart and proceeding with checkout. Then, give your shipping details to complete the order and move to the next step. Ursime accepts payments from debit/credit cards and online wallets.

The store ships to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Globally. Therefore, the destination determines the shipment costs. For US and global buyers, standard shipping takes 10-25 days to deliver at $9.99, with orders above $79 getting the free shipment. Express shipping costs $14.99, and delivery takes 7-10 days.

Ursime review on Trustpilot

Order Cancellation and Returns

Considering the multitude of dresses at your disposal on Ursime, your best choice might sometimes fail to work out. Luckily, Ursime has a 30-day return policy for unsatisfied customers. Contact customer service for a return request if you have alternative thoughts about your order. The customer service communicates further by providing an address where you will send the dress. Note that you will cover the shipment costs for the return.

If the support team never approves your return request, you are out of luck. If they approve, however and receive your returned order, it takes 3 to 6 days to assess its condition. Once they reach a refund decision, you will receive your funds per your payment method. For example, wallet refunds take 24 hours, PayPal refunds 48 hours, and card refunds 7-14 days.

Resume Customer Reviews

On TrustPilot, Ursime gets a 3.6 rating which is average for a clothing store of its kind. However, a few buyers have great things to say about the retailer. Some touched on fast delivery, quick response from customer service, and the great shopping experience.

The big discounts and fair prices attract many buyers who have promised to purchase again from Ursime. However, quality is a big issue because buyers complain about the disparity between the product description and the ones they receive. The product descriptions are also misleading, with products labeled embroidery turning out to be print-on.

Dealing with a business whose location or owners are unknown also proves to be a challenge that hurts the website’s credibility.

Bottom Line

If the pictures Ursime uses on their website for advertisements are anything to go by, they have the most impressive maxi dress collection. It brings all the attractive maxi dress styles under one roof to accommodate different markets. So whether you want a casual, floral, or bohemian dress for the weekend, there is only one place to consider.

As you look for dresses to attend brunch, also check out the accessory section to see what they have.  And if you want to jump on the best offers on maxi dresses, use this discount code to get your favorite dress at a throw-away price. 

Are there maxi dresses with pockets on the website

Yes. Ursime has a variety of pocketed maxi dresses in all designs and styles. Get yourself a hooded maxi dress with pockets or a boho-style dress to dip your hands in when it gets cold. When you click on the page with maxi dresses, you will see models with their hands in their pockets.
There is a search bar on the top-right corner of the page. Type in the maxi dress you want and add ‘with pockets.’

What is your overall impression of Ursime?

Ursime is a legit online store and a great website with hundreds of buyers ordering dresses daily. The website is easy to navigate, with impressive colors that give you an idea of what to expect. The dresses are also elegant and colorful, embodying female fashion and style.

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I love clothes with pockets and dresses, and I think any woman can pull off a good maxi dress.
I believe women's clothes with pockets make the world a better place.