Introduction to Gypsy-Style Maxi Dresses

gypsy style maxi dress

Roma is the Romani term used to refer to Gypsies. The Roma migrated to Eastern Europe around 1,000 years ago from the Indian subcontinent. The Roma’s fashion evolved alongside them. A Gypsy woman wore a simple dress draped almost like an Indian sari and accessorized with a turban in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Due to Roma’s nomadic lifestyle, they adopted native styles. The attire associated with Gypsies probably dates back to the 16th century, when tribes began adopting Renaissance fashions such as laced vests, breeches, and floaty skirts.

The Origin Of Gypsy Dresses

The Roma dress in ways that reflect their faith, customs, and ethics. Women must cover their legs to the mid-calf with a long skirt. Roma fashion has evolved over a period of time. Women dress to present an image associated with Roma’s ideas of purity and pollution.

The Roma place a high value on self-presentation through clothing and fashion. Women are interested in fashion, which reflects their sense of “shame” and their status as guardians of family purity. Because of this role, women are expected to cover their legs up to the mid-calf.

Married women traditionally wrapped a scarf around their heads and tied or braided their long hair. There was no shame in showing a low-cut neckline; in fact, it was uncommon to see a Roma woman who did not wear a low-cut top.

Traditional Gypsy Dresses

Roma clothing is always free and practical, reflecting the spirit of the nomadic people. Roma women wore long skirts or dresses and could not wear tight-fitting clothes. 

The dresses were floor-length and floaty. The Gypsy outfit was brightly colored and adorned with abundant accessories, and from the head to the ankles, everything was decorated.

The Gypsy dresses would be inconceivable without fringe, bright prints, rings, bracelets, and other eye-catching accessories. 

Something else, layering, is acceptable, and it was not uncommon to see a woman wearing a vest on top of a dress.

One of the most appealing aspects of style is the complete freedom of action. Gypsy dresses can be paired with incompatible accessories and styles but keep the outfit bright.

The Difference Between Bohemian Style and Gypsy Style

The Bohemian and Gypsy styles are quite similar. They are often confused since the difference between the two is not obvious. However, the terms Gypsy and bohemian cannot be used interchangeably because:

The Gypsy style is the Roma traditional attire, whereas the boho style is romantic. A Gypsy skirt is a multicolored skirt with large flowers reaching the heels, while a boho dress is a floral dress. The boho maxi dress can be paired with heels, while the Gypsy dress is paired with sandals.

Boho accepts or, at the very least, does not reject sexuality. Girls frequently project alluring feminine images, and they may even show off their stomachs. Gypsy fashion is restrained because it was originally a component of the traditional costume. Although modern fashionistas frequently break this rule, shoes with wedges or sandals with heels are perfectly acceptable for boho.

Modern Gypsy Maxi Dresses

The Gypsy fashion of today offers a chance to assert yourself and stand out from the crowd. It is crucial to note that the current Gypsy fashion has been modified to fit modern trends.

Fashion designers are increasingly creating outfits inspired by Gypsy people but using a serene color scheme of white, beige, and pastel as tranquility slowly gains popularity.

1. Tiered Maxi Dress

The trend of tiered maxi dresses is still very popular. The tiers of fabric used to create these maxi dresses give them a soft, flowing, and subtly voluminous appearance.

Due to its stylishly layered skirts, a tiered maxi dress adds volume for a floaty fit that can be worn both day and night. 

You can make a stunning impression at any event or occasion by wearing a tiered maxi dress. 

Tiered maxi dresses come in different variations;

A. Prints And Colors

Tiered maxi dresses come in a wide range of designs and colors. While some prints will draw attention to the seams between the tiers, choosing a solid color will make the tiers stand out more.

A tiered dress can be worn in just about any color or pattern. All color schemes—neutral, pastel, and vivid—work well. The dress will also stand out if it has floral, checkered, polka-dot, or striped patterns.

B. Tiered Dress with Sleeves

The sleeve types for tiered dresses range widely. The most popular style is sleeveless and makes for a summery look that’s perfect for the flowing style.

The tiered maxi dresses have short, mid, or long sleeves and the puffy sleeves enhance the dresses’ soft and romantic appeal.

2. Floral Print Maxi Dress

If you make wise choices, floral maxi dresses never go out of style. There is a floral maxi dress out there for everyone, which explains why floral maxi dresses are a timeless favorite.

The convenience of a dress as an all-in-one option is also something to be praised; they simply make getting ready simple, which is always appreciated. A floral maxi dress is ideal for every occasion, be it a first date, a vacation, or a wedding.

3. Empire waistline Maxi Dress

The empire waistline maxi dress is the most prevalent and versatile style. It is fitted with a bodice that drapes out under the bustline rather than at the natural waistline.

This shape’s effects are slimming and lengthening. If you are tall and lean, choosing large flower arrangements is a good idea when wearing Gypsy maxi dresses.

Can I wear a Gypsy-style maxi dress to a wedding?

Yes! Gipsy-style maxi dresses include several elegant pieces you can wear to a wedding and other formal events. In fact, you can take advantage of the occasion to pull off some elegant jewelry. A tiered Gypsy maxi dress is ideal for a formal wedding.

How should I style my tiered Gypsy-style maxi dress?

The ideal way to layer outerwear over your dresses is to add a leather jacket, blazer, or trench coat. It completely alters the appearance and is very adaptable for the workplace, daily life, or date night. Also, perfect on a chilly night when you need an extra-long sleeve layer to stay warm.

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