How to Style a Boho Maxi Dress

boho maxi dress
Bohemian style is on trend now, but pulling off the look can be challenging. Here is how to style a boho dress if you want to pull it off effortlessly.

Boho is to be socially unconventional in a creative artistic way. A Bohemian fashion is more than just a fad. It is a distinct culture with a specific ideology and a rich history. 

Bohemian style can be traced back over 100 years from writers and artists. The style began as a counterculture and is closely linked with the free-spirited hippie fashions of the 1960s and 1970s. During this period, artists wore loose-fitted clothing items and casual accessories, adding overall artistic, creative mishmash aspects to their look. 

Bohemian dresses are all the rage right now. They’re fun, flirty, and easy to wear. 

So how do you style a Bohemian dress?

How Do You Make a Dress Look Boho?

Boho style is a laid-back, carefree, relaxed artistry look. The style is characterized by long flowing dresses, tiered skirts, peasant shirts, and tribal touches like tunics. 

Also, this style includes wood accessories, embroidery, embellishment with beading, beaded handbags, and jeweled or embroidered flat sandals. The style is frequently layered and colorful.

Not any dress can be a boho dress. Boho dresses are floral, have tribal designs, and are loose-fitting. Here are some steps you can take for a boho-looking dress;

  •  Choose a bold color dress. The bohemian style is all about fun. If you want to dress bohemian, leave the dull-looking dresses and choose vibrant colors such as orange and vivid red. 
  • The dress can have fun patterns. If you are going boho, you have to love patterns. Boho dresses should have retro prints or tribal designs.
  •  You can also choose a floral dress. Any floral piece of clothing can easily achieve the bohemian theme. Therefore, choose that colorful, floral dress, and the bolder, the better. 
  • The dress should be loose-fitting. Bohemian style is characterized by comfort and relaxation, so any body-hugging dress is out. Billowing dresses can do the trick. 
  • Buy an oversized dress. When in doubt if your dress is loose enough, buy a large dress. Go a size up when it comes to Bohemian style; there are no too big or too long dresses. A size bigger will give you the look. 
  • Layer your dress. Another way of making your dress boho is by layering. You can wear your floral dress over a pair of jeans or leggings or a loose sweater over your floral dress. While layering, choose bright colors and great patterns. 

How to Style Your Boho Dress

Bohemian dresses are perfect for women who love to mix and match different looks. They can be worn with various accessories and even color combinations, making them one of the most versatile styles you can wear.

Here are various ways you can style your Bohemian dress:

1. Add Inspired Headwear

One way to accessorize your Bohemian dress is by wearing a floppy hat. A relaxed, fun sun hat will bring some elegance to your Bohemian dress. You can also try flower crowns for that edgy look. Here are some of the bohemian headwear you can add to your clothing; 

  • Straw hats
  • Turbans
  • Floral headbands
  • Fedora hats
  • Floral hairpins
  • Bandanas in boho prints

2. Bohemian Dress with a Belt

Adding a belt to a dress is one of the ways you add some class to your look. Your Bohemian dress will look more classy if you add a belt. If you are wearing a floral dress, add a plain textured belt to achieve this look, and if wearing a plain boho dress, you can try a different color of belt. 

3. Add a Scarf or Shawl to Make The Look More Stylish

Scarves are perfect for this style because they can be worn in various ways and with different accessories. Look for scarves that have fun prints and colors. Throw the scarves around your neck, or mix it up. You can also tie a scarf around your waist and another on your head for an interesting look. 

4. Wear Your Dress With The Right Footwear

There are various Bohemian foot wears you can wear with your dress. Gladiators, strappy sandals, Clunky heels, Lace-up flat boots, Ethnic print boots, or sandals with beaded decoration will be great for your Bohemian dress. 

Beaded flat shoes or Suede ankle boots with your dress will do the trick in chilly weather. You can also try cowboy boots with a dress. Boots are a great way to add height and extra personality to your look. Look for something stylish and comfortable because the boho look is about fun and comfort. 

5. Bohemian Dress with Chunky Jewelry.

Accessorize the bohemian dress with jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces for an extra feminine look and sparkle. When going for bohemian jewelry, forget about being a minimalist. Bohemian accessorize is a whole maximalist look. They are big, layered, and colorful jewelry. You can look for pieces that combine tassels, gems of the sea, and other boho elements. 

Wear them by layering multiple colored bangles or necklaces. Combine different materials and colors of bangles, layer some necklaces, then add a stone ring on your fingers. 

For a dressier event, choose pearls. They will elevate your dress, giving you a boho chic look. If you prefer more precious metals, use those that are not glossy, such as natural gems. Selecting the right jewels to use will give you a more polished vibe. 

Layer Your Dress With Sweaters and Jackets

You can add some layers to your dress in chilly weather by wearing a jacket or sweater. The sweater should be colorful or bright color for a boho look.  

Denim jacket allows for a cool look

boho maxi skirt dress with denim jacket

How to Achieve a Chic Boho Look

Here are some tips if you do not want to go overboard with your boho look or feel overdressed.

  •  Avoid too many accessories in one dressing. You can select a boho earring with a dress or a statement bag with a boho dress to avoid clashing patterns and clothing.
  • Wear bohemian headbands, bandanas, and turbans with retro glasses and a fedora hat.
  • Avoid wearing boho from head to toe. Incorporate your dress with other accessories, such as a pearl necklace or a gemstone ring.
What is considered a Boho dress? 

A boho dress embraces bright colors and mixes different artistic expressions and cultures. They are designed to be fun and bold for a free-spirited look and appearance. 

Is boho style trendy in 2022?

The boho style is one of the ancient styles that is still trendy in 2022. It’s considered bold, fun, and a great way to reconnect with nature. 

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