Maxi Dresses and Skirts That You Can Find on

Maxi dresses and skirts with you can find on
Are you looking for elegant maxi skirts and dresses? Something you can wear to church, work, or formal events? Click here to understand why has got you covered.

Maxi dresses and skirts are timeless and versatile. In fact, if you’re an avid reader of my blog posts, you know there’s a maxi dress or skirt for any occasion, weather, and body type. But even so, we still face challenges in finding something elegant for work, church, weddings, and formal events.

So, when I heard about, I was excited to explore their collections and introduce you to high-quality, elegant pieces. We delved into various collections, including Donna Vinci, church attire, first lady attire, and collections named after sororities. The site also includes accessories, suits, casual wear, and sportswear, but our primary focus was on maxi dresses and skirts.

About is a veteran in the game with an outstanding local and international clientele. The women-centered clothing brand began in 1998, designing upscale suits for women of all professions. Their high-quality ensembles and unique designs led to their success and features in top magazines like Essence, Vogue, and Fashion Today.

What’s more, the brand has appeared on several television platforms, dressing celebrated personalities like Oprah. With a bold business tagline, “Well Dressed, Well Blessed,” produces some of the best quality attires for church, work, formal events, and weddings. Every year, the online store designs original women’s suits in over 30 colors and their outfits are available for all sizes, ranging from size 6-30W and 3X.

I must also mention that some of their pieces are on display in various high-end boutiques, including the New York Fashion Boutique Show and Las Vegas WWD MAGIC Show. It is a phenomenal brand for women from all walks of life. And to top it off, the prices are very accommodating, and most outfits have pockets! You know we love a maxi dress or skirt with pockets.

Why Should You Shop at

Why Should You Shop at

Online shopping is a gamble, especially with the rising number of online stores. So, if you need more clarification about buying clothes from, we’re here to reassure you. Below are a few reasons why this women-ventured brand is worth your money.

  • Solid Reputation: There are many online stores for maxi dresses and skirts, but only a few are trustworthy. is a veteran in the industry, receiving high ratings since its inception in 1998. What’s more, the company has been featured in world-renowned magazines Fashion Today, Essence, and Vogue.
  • Impressive Shipping and Returns Process: has one of the fastest ship-out protocols compared to many online stores. Here, any credit card orders done before 4.00 pm East Coast time are sent out on the same day. In addition, the online store accepts returns for all outfits, including designer brands like Dona Vinci. Items ordered within the U.S. get a refund or exchange if your item gets to the Return Center within 14 days.
  • Hands-On Customer Service: As veterans in the industry, has perfected its customer service. I noticed they quickly respond to calls on their toll-free line, and email responses are done within 24 hours.
  • Versatile and Size-Inclusive Dresses and Skirts: The best part about this online store is the versatility of women’s clothing. You will not leave the store empty-handed, whether petite, curvy, or plus-size woman. In addition, there’s a dress or skirt for any occasion, including weddings, funerals, church services, work events, and holidays.
  • Flexible Price Range: Designer outfits are not cheap, but at, you can find an elegant Donna Vinci dress for approximately $250. Their prices are flexible, and if you can’t afford the designer ensemble, you’ll find dresses and skirts for under $100. Moreover, the site has a dedicated sale section where the prices are slashed to half-price.
Dresses Found on

Dresses Found on features approximately 200 dress designs on the site. These dresses come in different colors, patterns, lengths, and sizes. In fact, you can find anything from denim dresses to high-quality satin dresses. The dresses are categorized based on the designer, so you can buy dresses from Donna Vinci, Donna Vinci Knits, Love the Queen, and D.V Jeans. At the time of our research, Luxe Moda dresses were out of order, but it’s also a featured designer.

The dresses accommodate all sizes, from size 6 to size 30W, and the lengths are knee-length, midi, and maxi dresses. In addition, we also noticed there’s a category for church attire where first ladies and regular congregants can shop for decent dresses, including jacket dresses. If you’re part of sororities like Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha, there’s a section for these dresses based on your sorority’s colors and symbols. embodies elegance and class, so the dresses are of top quality. That means the prices are slightly higher than regular dresses, usually from $70 to $300. However, these prices are affordable, considering they retail designer outfits from world-class designers like Donna Vinci (an Italian brand).

Maxi Dresses on

The maxi dresses on are stylish and appropriate for a wide range of formal and non-formal occasions. The retailer offers over 100 design options with unique accentuations, including color, cuts, and prints. What’s more, all the maxi pockets have a functional pocket for your small essentials.

The dresses are primarily made with silk look, knitted yarn, and high-quality scuba fabric. The prices range from $200-$260, but you can find cheaper options (below$100) in the site’s sale section. Each dress has a designated section where you’ll select your color and size options.

If you’re unsure of your size, has created a handy size chart to help you determine your size before completing a purchase. In fact, the retailer has gone a step further to highlight varying measurements, depending on the designer.

Skirts on

Skirts on maintains the same standard for skirts as it does its dresses. We identified over 50 skirt designs and skirt sets that will look for any occasion. They’re categorized based on the designer, and you’ll find stylish sorority-based skirts set for your next reunion. The colors are phenomenal for all skin tones, and each skirt set has design accents that set it apart. We noticed that most skirts are midi length, but a few are maxi-style.

Maxi Skirts on

As mentioned above, doesn’t offer a wide range of maxi skirts. But that doesn’t mean you won’t find elegant maxi skirts on the site. We identified a few maxi skirts that come in as a set.

They’re primarily form-fitting but will accommodate all body types, so you’ll find something to wear, whether petite or plus size. We didn’t notice pockets on any of the skirts, but the material and patterns compensate for the lack of pockets. Hopefully, their subsequent designs will include pockets. Remember, they design over 30 new ensembles annually.

Pricing for skirt sets is similar to dresses, with most ranging between $200-$250. However, if you’re buying skirts separately, you’ll spend between $50 and $100. Also, keep an eye out for cheaper prices in the sales section.

Maxi Dresses and Skirts Which You Can Find on

Shipping, Delivery, and Returns prides itself on fast shipping and delivery, and we’re glad to report that they don’t disappoint. According to the site, the retailer ships out all credit card orders as long you pay before 4.00 pm East Coast time. So, your order will arrive on time whether you’re a local or international buyer. For U.S. customers, shipping takes 2-6 business, and international customers receive their orders within 2-3 weeks. Moreover, shipping for orders above $199 is free.

In addition, the return process is hassle-free, but only purchases done within the United States are eligible for returns. If your maxi skirt or dress makes it to the retailer’s Return Center within 14 days after the receiving date, you’ll receive a refund or exchange. Acceptable payment options include PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Visa, and Affirm. You can also order via phone call using their toll-free numbers.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews were one of the main reasons we chose to check out The retailer has created a solid clientele worldwide, with many positive product reviews. products have a 4.5-5 star rating across various fashion platforms. We also explored the testimonials section on the site, and the clients were happy, but we recommend checking out reviews on social media so you make informed decisions.

Are there maxi dresses and skirts with pockets on

Yes! Most maxi dresses on have pockets that blend into the dress designs. Unfortunately, we didn’t see pockets on any of the maxi skirts. The maxi skirts are form-fitting, and most come as a set fit for work, weddings, and church events. Nothing casual.

Is a legit online retailer?

Yes. We can confirm that is a legit, world-renowned retailer of high-quality women’s outfits. The brand has been in business since 1998 and has been featured in Vogue, Essence, and Fashion Today. Additionally, the site takes great care of all customer information using the latest Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) for encryption.

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