How to Style Floral Maxi Skirt

How to Style Floral Maxi Skirt
Floral maxi skirts are a wardrobe staple for every woman. We will explore different styling options, including tips on how to rock your favorite floral maxi skirts.

Where trending women’s skirts are concerned, nothing compares to a floral maxi skirt. Something about the beautiful flowery print, the flow, and the accessories that go with it make a woman feel gorgeous.

I believe every woman should have at least one floral maxi skirt. It brings a festive, bright look to your wardrobe, and it’s something you can wear all year round to any event.

If you have landed here for inspiration on styling a floral skirt, we have just what you are looking for.

How to Wear a Floral Maxi Skirt

Like flowers, floral maxi skirts come in diverse colors, sizes and designs. They can be pleated, straight, flowy, A-line and even flared circle skirts. The prints can also range from large bold flowers to tiny clustered florals or bright, spaced flowers. You can check the flower types in this floral vocabulary list.

Paying attention to these two aspects will guide you on how to wear and style the maxi skirt. Ideally, the floral skirt should be the main point of attraction in your outfit. Everything else from the top, the coat and the accessories should just complement the skirt and make it look better.

I usually start with identifying the right color and dimensions of the top and accessories you want to wear with the skirt. This way, the entire outfit will be coherent and visually appealing. (We have a great guide on accessorizing here.)

From experience though, I have learned that plain, contrasting colors are the best to balance the look. I sometimes go with the riskee option of mixing patterns with something like poker dots, geometrical patterns or plaid, and it works well. And since the floral skirt is too much for the eyes anyway, a well-fitting top is preferred again to create balance.

Tops to Wear with a Floral Maxi Skirt

Again, your best option when choosing a top to wear with a floral maxi skirt is plain colors and a slim fit. You can pick any color on the skirt and wear a top in that color, or play it safe and go with black or white.

Some great top options I love for a floral maxi include;

  • Button-down Shirt

A plain neutral color button-down shirt ups the feminine effect of a floral maxi skirt. Any button-down shirt be it chiffon, silk, men’s shirts or even denim will work great here.

If it’s a formal occasion, wear a chiffon shirt and tuck it loosely into the skirt. For casual wear, you can do a denim or men’s shirt and tie the ends on your waist instead of tucking in. Fold back the sleeves and wear your favorite watch to complete that look.

  • Trendy Tops

If you are dressing up for summer or spring, wear trendy feminine tops. Think crop tops, frilly off-shoulder tops, lace body suit, tank tops, camisoles, halter-neck tops and lightweight t-shirts. You can do neutral colors with any of these tops, but you can also take risks with bold colors matching the skirt.

The important thing is that the proportions must be right. If the skirt is wide, choose a well-fitting top that stops right where the skirt’s waist begins or before. The alternative is to tuck it in or make a knot at the waist.

  • Sweaters

Knitted sweaters or pullovers are also great partners for floral maxis. It is the perfect way to dress in cold weather and still feel feminine. Choose the thickness of the sweater depending on how cold it is, but you have the option to layer it with other items for warmth. Again, the sweater should fold around the waist, or you can tuck it into the skirt loosely.

Layering for Floral Maxi Skirts

What do you wear with a floral maxi skirt when it’s cold beside a sweater?

Well, I would like to settle for denim jackets only if I could. (See how to style a denim jacket with a maxi skirt). These two are a match, especially if you combine them with sexy stilettos or white sneakers. The colors on the maxi skirt will determine your choice of a denim jacket, but I find that blue works for most floral patterns.

However, there are other layering items you can combine with a floral maxi skirt. A leather jacket, for example, works really well with dark-colored floral maxi skirts; you can pair this with boots or heels.

And if it’s really really cold, a neutral-colored trench coat will work. Wear a light sweater under the coat or wrap a scarf around your neck for extra warmth.

How to Accessorize a Floral Maxi Skirt

Floral maxi skirts do not need much in terms of accessories because they make a statement all on their own. Once you get the right top and jacket, the next step is to find the perfect shoe. Maxi skirts work well with most shoes, from pointed boots to stilettos, wedges to flats and most especially with sneakers.

The occasion and the weather will determine the shoe you pick. Depending on the top, you can wear a dainty necklace and a watch. Jewelry provides a perfect opportunity to add color and glamor to the outfit. It’s the only place, besides the top, where you can repeat a color on the skirt.

For example, you can do a necklace and earrings with some blue in them if the skirt has traces of blue. I like to pick the color that is most invisible on the skirt.

Finally, feel free to accessorize for weather purposes. If it’s cold, a hat, scarf and gloves that complement the skirt are a good idea. Conversely, statement sunnies and a sun hat do the trick when the sun is up.

What do you wear with a floral maxi skirt?

A floral maxi skirt requires a top that tones down and balances the outfit. In summer and spring, go for well-fitting trendy tops, t-shirts and button-down shirts. For cold weather, wear a sweater or turtleneck and layer with a trench coat, denim or leather jacket.

How do you make a floral maxi skirt look professional?

For a floral maxi skirt to be professional, it first needs to have the right design. Long slits, A-line silhouette and asymmetry, have no place in the office. You need a formal-looking skirt and then dress it up with a blouse or button-down shirt, and high heel pumps. Straight and pleated floral maxis are always an excellent professional choice if you pick the right top.

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