How to Casually Accessorize a Maxi Dress

casual accessories for a maxi dress
Accessories are a big part of your outfit. Learn the best way to accessorize your maxi dress in all seasons to bring that oomph to your look.

This year has been the year of maxi dresses. The wardrobe staple has somehow gotten even more popular thanks to the generally warm weather we’ve experienced lately and the need to be comfortable. But while wearing a maxi dress casually seems easy, it’s common to get trapped in the sandals and sunglasses rut.

Thankfully, maxi dresses are known for their versatility, meaning there are literally endless ways to style and accessorize them. If you are just getting in on this fashion masterpiece or are looking for new ways to spruce up your good old maxis, keep reading to learn how you can casually accessorize a maxi dress.

How to Casually Accessorize a Maxi Dress in Summer

Maxi dresses are considered a summer staple because they are breezy, absorbent, and comfortable. It’s also pretty easy to wear a maxi when it’s hot outside because you only need sunnies and a pair of sandals.

Boho Chic

Sometimes you want to look casually chic, especially if you are meeting someone for a meal or attending an event. In this case, I go for the artsy, boho look by adding a floral scarf around my neck and donning a simple bracelet or silk wrap cuff. Trendy sunglasses, a carry-all bag, and bohemian sandals complete the look, and you can take it up a notch by throwing on a fun fedora if you’ll spend the day outdoors.

Cool and Elegant

Alternatively, you can kick things up by wearing sexy wedges instead of sandals. Tie the look together with a simple straw bag and aviator shields while finishing with multi-coloured jewelry pieces. Feel free to go big on jewelry here and fill your arm with gold bracelets but keep everything classy.

Effortlessly Warm

Unless you live in Florida, summer is not always suffocatingly hot. Sometimes it’s just warm enough, especially when nearing the spring season. I find this to be a perfect time to layer up the maxi dress with other fun clothing instead of jewelry and shoes alone.

For example, throwing on a denim shirt over the dress is a great way to wear the same dress differently. Pair this look with sandals or wedges, sunnies, and a few statement rings on your fingers, and you are good to go. A white or brown tote bag will pull this look together perfectly. You can also fold up the shirt sleeves just a little bit to get a more casual feel.

You can also do a white crop shirt and tie a knot just below your bust, giving your body some length. This is a very casual look, so wear sandals and simple jewelry so you can be free to run around without anything wearing you down. Finish it up with a crossbody or a tiny sling bag.

How to Casually Accessorize a Maxi Dress in Spring and Fall

When the days are neither hot nor too cold, you can accessorize a maxi dress in a myriad of ways. My favorite thing is to throw on something else over the dress just to give it that fresh look.

Your accessories here will depend on two things; warmth and occasion.

Day Look

The number of casual day looks I can create with one maxi dress is mind-blowing. I would start by picking the top(s), which include a denim jacket, a leather jacket, a button-up shirt, and a wrap. If you know me, you know that a denim jacket over a maxi dress paired with some white sneakers is my ultimate comfort zone.

The only thing that beats that is wearing a white button-up shirt over a maxi and some sandals and then tying knots on both lapels of the shirt. These are both elegantly stylish looks, yet so casual and easy. A simple necklace or two, a nice watch or statement bracelet, and a tote bag are all you need here.

If the day is warm with the possibility of getting cold, I carry a wrap or a pashmina in my bag. This looks great if you wear sandals or flat shoes and a nice carry-on bag. For an edgier look, wear a leather jacket, but keep the same shoes and bag. You can throw on a hat and some sunnies with this look and also wear bright, elegant jewelry.

Night Look

I prefer a military jacket over a maxi dress and flat shoes for a moderately warm night look. You can alternate the military jacket with a light cardigan and then do a tote bag, bright earrings, and a cool watch.

If it’s really cold, throw on some boots and a leather jacket when going to a casual party or even dinner with friends. The denim jacket and sneakers look is also great for cold evenings, and you can add a scarf for some warmth.

How to Casually Accessorize a Maxi Dress in Winter

Finally, winter doesn’t mean you need to look flab and overdressed. With a maxi dress, you can throw on a bright chunky sweater and don sneakers. Feel free to wear leggings or tights underneath the dress and a t-shirt to keep warm as long as they are inconspicuous. You can also do boots, especially ankle booties instead of sneakers, and grab a sling bag and a warm scarf to complete the casual winter look.

To dress a maxi dress casually in winter, wear a leather jacket over the dress, a turtleneck underneath, and then don some ankle boots. This look goes well with a sling bag as well, but a carry-all bag is also okay. Because you aren’t wearing a scarf or a coat, you get to show off some beautiful jewelry on your neck and hands, even in winter.

I also find it fascinating when ladies wear the turtleneck over a maxi dress and then throw on a leather jacket. It looks like a long skirt outfit which is pretty cool.

This look is a last result when it’s really cold. A warm coat, a scarf, and a pair of sneakers or ankle boots. You can throw on a hat and some gloves and finish with a carry-all bag.

How do you accessorize a maxi dress casually?

To accessorize a maxi dress casually, focus on bringing attention to other parts of your body instead of the dress. You want to use shoes, a handbag, sunglasses, a hat, a scarf, and even jewelry to brighten and jazz up the look. Be sure to follow the less is more rule even as you accessorize to avoid looking overdressed.

Can you wear a maxi dress casually during winter?

While it’s harder to wear a maxi dress casually when it’s freezing cold, it’s very much possible. Try to layer up from within by wearing leggings and a turtle neck underneath so you don’t have to overdress the outer part. A military jacket or wool jacket will suffice if you have something else underneath, and you can throw on a scarf, gloves, and a hat.

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